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♥ Imagine a sacred space of like-minded entrepreneurs who wanted to see your business grow as much as their own.


♥ Imagine getting everything done you say you will because you’re being held accountable by others.


♥ Imagine a group where you shared ideas freely in the spirit of collaboration not competition.


♥ Imagine having a wealth of resources right in front of you.


♥ Imagine where your business will be six months from now.

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely at times. You’re the only one responsible for your actions and for what happens (or doesn’t) in your business.


Wouldn’t it be nice to work together with people who really ‘get it’? They understand the challenges of creating a business, the fears, the joys and the enormous personal growth that comes as part of the package.


Where can you find a dedicated, committed group of intuitives and healers who are working toward the same goals as you? People who are in the same place in their business as you are in yours?


 You know I’ve got you covered, right?

Introducing the Practically Intuitive Mastermind Program

Coming in September!

Business Growth


Different Perspectives



Collaboration not competition

All the help you need by those who truly get you

(and your business!)


→ Accountability – Telling someone you’re going to do something is a powerful motivator!

→ Growth – Focusing on the ‘business side” of your business helps you grow faster without a lot of wasted effort.

→ Specific Knowledge – Learn what’s working for other intuitives and healers and ways to align your marketing efforts to who you are naturally.

→ Resources – Find out the easiest apps, programs and ideas that will support your business goals.

→ New Perspectives – Get new eyes on your business to see what you can’t.

→ Support – Be in a non-judgmental space to vent, ask for help or lend a shoulder to someone else.

The Practically Intuitive Mastermind Group 

This is a facilitated group and I will be working closely with the members on the calls. In addition to the twice-monthly online meetings, you’ll receive bonus training on marketing, sales calls and creating bite-sized-offers. There will be two small groups because the challenges at each level are very different:

  • those who are new to the entrepreneurial space (less than 2 years in the business)
  • those who have a solid business but want to up-level (2+ years with consistent growth)

Here’s how to know if this is right for you:

Are you:

  • Willing to take action on what comes from the group meetings?
  • Committed to the success of others?
  • Committed to your own success?
  • Willing to be held accountable?

If so, let’s talk! Click this link here (this one) and fill in a few details about your business. Then we’ll get a call and chat. (No pressure, no obligation. I’m so not that type!)


The details, please

☑ Two 90-minute recorded calls with other members of your mastermind

☑ Private Facebook Group (or another private forum) to connect between calls for support

☑ Bonus training calls on marketing, creating sales pipelines, bite-sized-offers and more.

☑ This is a four-month commitment after which you have the option of continuing or opting out.

Listen in to the training call happening Monday June 8th at 7pm eastern

Listen live


When the replay is posted, you’ll be able to listen to it here.

Want more information on upcoming mastermind groups?

Just pop your name and email address here!

Let's talk and see if this is your next step!

I recently decided to take advantage of Lisa’s offer for a free 30 minute Business Breakthrough call and LET ME TELL YOU…I am truly thankful that I did!

Not only did Lisa offer valuable advice and guidance related to my new business endeavors; she released a huge blockage, deep within my psyche that had been filling me with fear, affecting my ability to feel comfortable with my true self and tell the world that I am a Tarot Reader.

After the call my confidence rose and I quickly launched my website. I look forward to working with Lisa in the future and I would HIGHLY recommend her services.

Steph Sweet

Elemental Tarot Reader

If you’re intrigued by this idea and want to know more, here’s what to do next:


1) Go here >>CLICK ME<< and share a bit more information about yourself and your business. It will take just a few minutes of your time.

2) I’ll review your information and contact you with a time to talk more about it and answer your questions.

3) If we both feel like it’s a good fit for your business at this time, we’ll discuss the details on the call.

There’s no obligation when you and I speak. I want this to be the right thing for you and you can trust me to tell you if I feel this group is not it. 

Investment: $250/month x 4 months commitment ($1000)

(Monthly payment plan is available.)

Take a chance! See where this can take you!

Go here >>right here, yo!< and share some info with me. Then we’ll talk.

It’ll be fun and you’ll come away with more clarity around your business even if you decide not to join the mastermind.

How does it get better than that?

* September 2015 is the slated start date for the groups.

I had been a closet intuitive, hiding my feelings about all things spiritual. I wasn’t even sure I had intuitive gifts.

Lisa brought my gifts, my dreams, and my business out into the open. The special combination of her savvy business sense and connection to the Spirit Guides pushed me to a level I never knew I could reach. She provided me with action steps that I could follow, which helped me to launch and market my business.

I would not be at the level I am without her guidance and direction.

Cheryl Pastor

Who am I to lead a Mastermind?

Hi! I’m Lisa Wechtenhiser

(don’t worry about that last name, no one else can pronounce it, either!)

I’m a business strategist for intuitives and healers who are 100% committed to creating a business that’s aligned with them on a soul level.

Are you overwhelmed by so much conflicting advice that you’re not taking action?

I’ll teach you the right next steps so you can confidently put yourself out there and make real money doing what you love.

Want to know more about me? Here’s the short version:

♥ By sheer chance, I’ve spent thirty-two years in the financial services industry and am a licensed stockbroker (that was a rather long detour, wasn’t it?) But it taught me how to run a professional business that focuses on taking good care of my clients.

♥ I built Practically Intuitive from the ground up in 2009 while working full-time until 2012 (I really had no clue what I was doing – thought I’d offer readings and see where that went.) I’ve worked with three different business coaches, been in two mastermind groups, and trained and mentored over 30 people in my Professional Intuitive Training Program. In August, I’ll be officially certified in the Archetype Alignment process by Beth Grant and will be using that process to help my clients market themselves in an authentic and non-icky way.

♥ Have been online since before there was an official ‘internet’ and love running my business through it (I’m a geek on the DL. Shhhh!)

♥ I’m really fun! (You should come hang out with me!)