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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

I’ve spent 28 years in the financial services industry – more by happenstance than planning. I’ve always prided myself on being the “Go-To” person who could fix anything or point you in the right direction.

In fact, my work persona and performance have long been the primary source of my self-esteem because I just didn’t feel that competent in my non-work life.

That has changed a lot over the past ten years and the balance has shifted so that my non-day-job life has blossomed with my spiritual growth and my work as an intuitive/psychic/healer. Being the very best Lisa I can be is what now fills me up and keeps me moving. The day job is just a placeholder until my I make the leap into this work full-time.

Yet, that need to do everything perfectly, to be the one who can fix things with clients or make everyone happy is such a part of me that letting go of it has proven to be a very difficult task. My coach Jaelin reminded me that I’m not indispensable and I responded (a bit defensively) “I know that”.

Ah! Knowing it on a mental level and on an energetic level are very different things.

My intention is to truly step out of that line of work and embrace this one fully so I have to surrender my need to be the “Go-To Girl”. I have to choose to allow that part to take a back seat (or perhaps get out of the car entirely!) and acknowledge that holding that energy is no longer serving me.

Although out of habit, I’ve created a situation where I’ve gone back into making myself indispensable. I own that.

And “ownership before change”, right?

Jaelin offered me some clarity when she said: “You’re broadcasting two different intentions to the Universe and what you’re getting is wishy-washy results.”

She’s right.

So, dear friends and wondrous Universe: consider this my intention to release the need to be the “all knowing, ‘I can fix it for you’ good mommy” of the office. Done with wishy-washy. Done.

From here on, I align my actions with my intention. Results always happen when you are in alignment. I’ve seen it in my own life and in that of others.

What patterns in your own life are you holding on to that no longer serve your highest good?

Please share below if you wish or email me if you want some help moving through them. We all get stuck in these – there’s no shame. Only consciousness and alignment. I’m ready to do it if you are!