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So, I think it’s time to have “the talk”.  No, not the one about the birds and bees.  I’m pretty sure you know about that.

I want to talk about Spirit Guides and how to work with them in an appropriate way.  

 What Guides are not:

  • all knowing, all seeing over everyone and everything
  • here to tell you what to do
  • able to wave a magic wand and make things happen

What Guides are:

  • here to guide and teach when you are willing to learn
  • able to communicate with you through several different mediums
  • able to share perspective and wisdom on how to create what you want
  • trusted advisors who have an overview of what your soul came here to experience

So, why am I laying this out for you?

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of people who hang on to what their Guides say, waiting with bated breath for their next transmission.  And it seems to me that once they get the words, they are sated.  But they don’t take action. They just take words.  

Words are nice and fluffy. I like words a lot. But from a spiritual perspective, if you take no action based on those words, it’s just information.  Almost like you picked up a book in the library, perused it and put it back on the shelf.  Information.

Wisdom, on the other hand, is information acted upon which creates a transformation.  And that’s where your free will comes into play.

You decide to take action on what you get. You can choose to put the book back on the shelf and walk to the next aisle.  Or, you can take the book off the shelf.  Then you read it and most importantly,  integrate what comes through those words into your life.

And POOF! Something changes.  *YOU* change.

See, here’s the thing:  I get why you’d want to know what’s coming.  And why you believe that your Guide not only knows what’s coming but what you should do about it.  You know what, though? That’s totally (and I mean totally) giving away your power of free will.

Yes, your Guides know a lot of stuff.  Especially about your reasons for incarnating and your soul purpose.  But it’s not their place to create how you express that.  It’s completely up to you.  

There are no shortcuts to the lessons you’ve chosen to learn in this lifetime. I should know – I’ve been looking for that damn shortcut for years!  And your Guides are here to do just that: GUIDE YOU.  Not tell you what’s ahead (because you create that so they don’t actually know), not wave a magic wand to make things better and more comfortable for you and certainly not what you should do (there is no “should” in the spiritual world).  

You control what happens (or doesn’t) in your life.  Step up and take the reins and watch the transformation happen before your very eyes!


I’ve done that successfully in my life and the information I get from my higher self and Guides in Spirit is so well integrated that I act on it easily.  My life got so much better when I became aligned with my path and purpose.

Yours can be, too!  Contact  me and let’s talk about ways to make that happen for you.  It’s not as hard as you think (and lots of fun, actually).