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… that there is so much more on the other side and that life doesn’t really end, it just changes form.

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One of my good friends from my early 20’s died yesterday from a particularly virulent kind of breast cancer. I haven’t seen her in many years but we often chatted in email once we got back in touch and I was there for this part of her journey. As a writer, she chronicled her illness with brutal honesty that bypassed pretty pink ribbons.

And even though I know that I will see her again, I am carrying a sadness about all of it that I can’t really name.

Before she died, she came to me (telepathically). I knew it was her because she greeted me by my maiden name as was our habit back in the day. I could hear her voice so clearly telling me not to be sad, that she was finally free and loving things now that she was out of that body. Her soul spoke to me with joy and peace and a calm that felt to me like floating on top of the ocean.

Being able to communicate with those on the other side and knowing in my heart that we continue on IS a great comfort to me.

When I *finally* accepted the reality that my goddaughter was dying and it was her soul’s wish to leave, I found comfort in knowing that I’d hear from her.

Same with my mom – the last thing I told her before she passed away was “You know I can hear you so come talk to me.”

And they do speak to us in so many ways if we are willing to stretch and BELIEVE it is from them.

With all my heart I believe there are no coincidences. The song that plays at exactly the right moment or the oracle card that falls on the floor that holds a message you need to hear – messages all.

If you are feeling the loss of someone you love, ask them to make their energetic presence known. Don’t dismiss what shows up. Open your heart and receive the gift you’ve been given, the gift you asked for. It might not come as a bolt out of the blue but it comes.

It comes.