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Happy Friday to you!

The wind is whipping around outside, my dogs are playing in the leaves and it’s a lovely November day here in Maryland.

All I need is a #PSL and life would be darn near perfect!

The other night during a conversation with one of my Level One Professional Intuitive Certification students, we touched upon the topic of whether you had to ‘go all in’ and quit your day job to show the Universe that you’re serious about getting an intuitive or healing business going.

Some coaches and mentors will tell you YES! Do it! Jump off that cliff! Others will suggest a more conservative approach  – segue into your business by building it part time while you have steady income.

What’s the right answer?

There isn’t one. Really. What works for me may (or may not) work for you.

There is a big difference between trusting the Universe to support you as you do your work AND leaping because ‘well, the net will appear, right?’ – a world of difference, in fact.

The good news: YOU CREATE THE NET!

The bad news: YOU CREATE THE NET!

Translation: it’s up to you how you do it.  Or even *whether* you do it.

No matter what, the important thing is that you think it through.  Make sure your decision makes sense for your life AND your business.  I’ve known people who have planned it out meticulously and I’ve known people who just said “I’m outta here!” and somehow made it happen.

It’s entirely up to you.

You get to choose how and when to make the shift. 

Sometimes you’re ready but can’t quite pull the plug out of fear so the Universe helps. (After getting laid off from my job in 2012, one of my co-workers said “Is this the Universe telling you it’s time to go?” to which I replied “Yep – loud and clear!”)

Other times, you’re ready and feel completely supported by the Universe to go do your work.

Remember: YOU get to decide when that is.  So, go. Make a plan. Dream your dream. It’s one step closer to the life you truly want!