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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

If you’re on the PI Facebook page, you’ve probably seen me share quotes by the Reverend Deborah Johnson. If you’ve not heard of her, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. I only recently became aware of her through a telesummit given by Sage Levine. But that short sixty-minute call with the “Rev D” (as she’s known) was all it took for me to become a fan.

Rev D is a channel for Spirit in a way that really resonates with me. She receives “Letters from the Infinite” in a similar way that I bring through Guides in Spirit and her connection is so clear and so high vibration that I could float on it forever.

the sacred yesThe quote in the title of this post is from a series of calls she’s doing based on her first book called “The Sacred Yes“. While she had planned one agenda for the call, Spirit had another.

The theme of the call turned out to be that “more is required of you”. More dedication, more commitment, more action.

And that it was time for the training wheels to come off. “Training wheels” to me meant the 9000 classes I wanted to take (and have taken) and the foot-dragging I’ve been doing about stepping out into the Light with my Spirit Guide mad skillz.

For a long time, I thought that “one more class” or “one more training” would be all I needed to then go do my work. I was really reluctant to take off those training wheels because what if I fell and hurt myself?

As Rev D (and Spirit pointed out) “you can’t go far with training wheels” and that was hella true. And, at some point, if you’re still using them, they not only do not help you go faster, they hinder you from moving forward.

And not just in small ways, but in large life-changing ways.

I learned that lesson the hard way back in January when I reaped the consequences of not taking off those training wheels. Guided to let go of them last year, I chose instead to dig my heels in and invest more money and more energy chasing more help and more information.

Thing is, none of what I got was right for me. Not one bit of it.

Thinking that someone knew better than I did about things not only didn’t move me farther, it set me back big time.

It was time for the training wheels to come off and I refused.

And I paid the price for that decision made out of fear.

If you hear the call that it’s time for those training wheels to come off (whatever the “training wheels” are for you), pay attention to that.

Even if you’re scared.

ESPECIALLY if you’re scared – that could mean it’s past time and you’ve been coasting on them way longer than you needed to. (Like me.)

Because eventually you will find out that those wheels, meant to be temporary until you learned how to ride on your own, are the very things that cause you to stumble and fall.

(Go ahead, imagine yourself riding your bike to work with the training wheels still attached. It would probably take you twice as long to get there even if it’s a short distance.)

If you’re reading this and feeling that deep recognition that “yes, this is me”, consider this an invitation from the Universe to release that which no longer serves you and free yourself up for what is to come in its place.

As I’ve learned, what comes is so much better than you could imagine. And now I look back and wonder why I was so scared to let go.

Lose the training wheelsIs it time for your training wheels to come off?

Just say YES and trust.