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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

easy when done

That line, from a song called “Therapy“, has long resonated with me. (And not just because sekrit boyfriend is singing it, either!) I think I understood the deep truths shining through those seven words.



You need both to grow spiritually.


Self-authority, the ability to discern what is truth *for you*, is imperative to guide you through the many faces of everyday life: religion, politics, sex, relationships, raising children – you need to be able to look inside and know, with enormous certainty, what is right for you. That deep inner knowing that comes without much intellectual analysis – the knowing that just ‘is’.

You can’t truly grow and ripen into your soul without this.

You can’t.

Because you need to be able to discern inner truth and allow it to guide you. If you are constantly at the sway of other voices, you’ll be pulled into things that may not fit you. And how can your soul experience true growth if you are not listening to its call?

And you need perspective– the ability to view things through a different lens. “it’s easy when it’s done being hard” is just that. You decide when you’re done allowing the “hard” to rule your life.

A while back, my coach suggested that I stop pushing so hard to make things work in my business. She said “why not step back and ALLOW the Universe to do its part?” I didn’t much like that. If I didn’t push, who would? Who would make things happen??

Turns out, the Universe, when allowed to step in (and I allow myself to step back!) can work miracles. That’s perspective. I gave up the need to push and decided to look at things a bit differently.

You were given free will by Creator of All. How can you use it wisely to support you? Self-authority and Perspective are just two keys but two pretty big ones clanging around on your spiritual keychain.

Are you done with it being hard?

Ready for it to be easy?

You’ll find that working on the energetic and spiritual plane (like what we do releasing cords of attachment) are amazingly easy. The changes, though, are BIG!

What are you ready to release with ease? Email me and let me know. Help is as close as your fingertips!