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I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go
Walking with a dead man over my shoulder

Waiting for an invitation to arrive
Walking with a dead man over my shoulder

It’s a dead man’s party
Who could ask for more?
Everybody’s coming
Leave your body at the door

Recognize those lyrics? They’re from a song called “Dead Man’s Party” by Oingo Boingo. It’s a fun, giddy 80s song (despite the subject matter!) and I’ve danced around the house to it lots of times.

Listening to it brought to mind one of my friends who recently lost a family member. She asked me if this person was okay. I mean, yes, they’re dead and all but are they okay??

Here’s the answer now and for all time:

They may be dead but they’re just fine.


This is one of those things that I know but I don’t know how I know. I just know it for certain. Probably because I’ve done this work in other lifetimes and got proof there or something. Whatever the reason, I just know this.

Regardless of how they died in this physical world, once someone transitions to the other side, everything is fine. Like perfect fine. Really awesome fine. Fine to infinity. (You get my point, yes?)

Life on that side of the veil is easy and a hundred million times better than it is here.

Then why incarnate? Why come here with all the limitations of the physical world?

Lessons, baybee!

We have to have them in order for our soul to move forward in its evolution. It’s also a way for our soul to play.

There are as many reasons to incarnate into the physical as there are people walking around. We each have our own desire for doing so.

But once we shift back into Spirit we take the lessons (learned and unlearned) and fly away, maybe to return, maybe not.

So, don’t be worried about your loved ones who have left the physical. There is no pain, no worry, no sadness on the other side.

We grieve because we miss them so – my goddaughter’s been gone almost 7 years now and there’s not one single damn day I don’t think of her and miss her being in this world.

What helped me so much during the time of her illness and death was the knowledge that this was her soul’s desire – she had completed her work here – and that I WOULD *without question in my mind* be with her again.

Really – they’re fine.

In the immortal words of the all great and powerful Oprah: “This I know for sure.”