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Have you ever attended a weekend workshop and came back brimming with ideas and inspiration? And then watch it all ebb away as you resume your day-to-day activities? This kind of thing happens to us all, at one time or another. It’s hard to carry that high vibration back to a life that doesn’t match that new vibration. Much easier to just let it slide away, slowly, into the ether of “if only I had time” land, isn’t it?

When I think about all the things that happened in my life this past year, I can see that the thread running through it all was about taking action. No longer content to daydream about my intuitive practice, I got real about putting myself out there in the public eye. I learned the basics of manifesting and how it all comes down to doing something in the physical to anchor the energies. This year was all about “Doing”.

And that’s the key to maintaining that vibration that comes back with you from workshops or classes or even your twice-a-week yoga class. Taking action. Grounding that vibration into the physical because that’s where we live. In the physical.

It was Andrea Hess’s Money Manifesting Mastery that really taught me that part about doing something to anchor the energy. With each class I’ve taken (whether from Andrea or another teacher) I’ve tried to integrate what I’ve learned into my life. Sometimes easy, sometimes not so easy. But change cannot come from doing the same thing. It can’t. Change comes from stepping outside the every day and trying something different, even uncomfortable.

And that’s the theme I’m taking into 2011 – trying something different, even if it scares me. ESPECIALLY if it scares me! 🙂 How’s that for a New Year’s resolution, eh?

I invite you to join me in my year of living outside the comfort zone – if you’ve been wanting to create something new and different in your life, working with a coach (me!) is a great way to have a partner in that process. (One of my clients even told me that she’s had more breakthroughs in the months we’ve worked together than in years of therapy!)

If you need some quick action steps, an intuitive reading (email or a 30 minutes call) might be a good place to start. But remember, YOU must take the action. No one, not even your loving Guides, can do that for you.

I’ll be adding some healing modalities to my services in 2011 – cutting cords of attachment and astral entitity healings in January and others to follow. If you’re interested, check out the WORK WITH ME page for more information.

I’m gonna step out of that comfort zone for sure. Care to join me?