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It’s Sunday night as I write this and I’m listening to a podcast from two ladies who call themselves “The Psychic Teachers“. I like listening to them because they cover all kinds of topics from crystals to mediumship to ghost hunting. But I find I don’t always agree with them and particularly so just now (hence this post).

Here’s what Samantha Fey (one of the Psychic Teachers) said:

“When you start to open up, 99% of the time you will have creepy, weird, scary experiences. That’s it. You just will.”

I actually said out loud “That is so not true!” (My cat, Lucie, agreed.)

Because it’s not.

It’s just not.

Are there scary things that *can* happen to those who have psychic/intuitive abilities? Sure.

Are there scary things that *can* happen to people who don’t have those abilities? Sure.

Just because you are psychic doesn’t mean you will immediately be visited by demons and rattling skeletons and whatnot. That is all Hollywood BS. I’ve been honing my skills for almost ten years now and not once -ever- have I been scared of what came to or through me.


You all know I often talk about free will. You have the free will to shoo away anything you don’t like. (Psychic and otherwise!)

I’ve written before about astral entities who occasionally make their presence known while I’m doing a reading. They’re not scary, just not in the right place. So I shuffle them off to where they need to go. I don’t engage with them, hear their stories, give them my energy, nothing. I move them off to their next plane of existence and we’re done.

It’s really important to keep your energetic boundaries in good shape so as not to allow astral entities to freely come and go.

I did a reading for someone who spent a fair amount of time tripping on a well-known drug. The “stuff” this person accumulated in their aura from the astral world during those trips almost made me vomit as I cleared it out. That was new for me but not scary. I just did what I know works, called in Archangel Michael (with whom I do much of my work) and it was done. Not scary. Just icky.

Yes, there are those who choose to engage with low-vibration entities (exorcists, for example) to assist others in a healing capacity but I am not one of those and I do not choose such an experience.


End of story.

I have free will to choose what I get and what I allow within my well-protected aura.

Don’t allow those who hang out in a fear vibration to scare you about what being an intuitive/psychic really means. You have every measure of control over your skills and abilities.

(Can you tell I feel strongly about this??)

I value the work these two ladies do to shine a light on matters metaphysical or I wouldn’t listen to their podcast.

But it is also a reminder to be discerning about just taking what one person (or group of persons) says is true and believing it wholesale.

Even me! If something I have said here or even in a session doesn’t resonate with you, pay attention to that.

It’s your inner sense saying “Hmmm, maybe this isn’t true for me.” And find what IS true for you. That’s what intuition is all about!


I live by my intuition every day and my life is going places I’ve only dreamed about. Yours can, too! Let’s talk about how you can get there..