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Intuitive Readings

At the Fall Yoga Retreat

Mandala Healing


I’m so excited to be joining you all at the Fall Yoga Retreat here on Kent Island. This is my hometown and I hope you enjoy it during your stay here. There’s a peacefulness once you get over the bridge that you can’t find anywhere else.

RixieMy good friend and colleague Rixie Dennison asked me to offer intuitive readings at the retreat and I was happy to say yes. I’ll be there on Saturday, offering 30 minute intuitive readings for a good part of the day.

How my readings are different

I am a crystal clear Spirit Guide channel which means I can tune in and bring through messages from your Guide team. Which is cool, right? But that’s not the best part!

I have an agreement with the Guide teams that everything they give me has to be useful and actionable for you. “Your aura is pink and that means you have lovely warm energy” is interesting but really, how does it help you move forward in life?

(Hint: it doesn’t which is why you won’t hear that from me and the Guides!) I promise you down-to-earth, grounded and practical guidance so you’ll walk away with clarity and action steps. The Retreat is a great time to tune in, listen deeply (to your Guides?) and go home with a mind-body-spirit connection fully engaged! That’s when you’ll start seeing change!

More about the Retreat Readings

1. Each reading will be 30 minutes in length.

2. The investment for the reading is $50.

3. Please pay ahead of time by clicking this link (This link right here!)

4. Once you’ve paid, come back here and reserve your spot on my calendar by clicking this link (More links, Lisa? Oh heavens!)

5. Be sure you get a confirmation email letting you know your space is confirmed. If you don’t get an email right away, the space isn’t saved. Should that happen, email me (one more link, sorry!) and I’ll make sure you’re on the calendar for that day.

6. Any questions or concerns, please email me: Lisa@practicallyintuitive.com

It’s going to be a great event and I’m excited to be there as part of your “feel good” team!lisasig3