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I was listening to a podcast the other day by psychic Ellen Mahloy and she went into some detail about the difference (as she sees it) between an intuitive and a psychic. Her thought is that an intuitive is the less focused version of a psychic. Both can use their sixth sense(s) but a psychic is able to tune in (and out!) at will.

Hmmm. I’m not so sure I agree with that definition.

I call myself an intuitive. Why? I like the word. It doesn’t quite have the baggage that the word ‘psychic’ does. We have lots of scam artists to thank for making that word sort of skeevy, you know?

But does that mean I can’t tune in at will? Nope. I can tune in as easily as thinking about it. I can tune out that fast, too. Like when I’m in a nursing home, a hospital or even a mall. Skills be off! 🙂 Otherwise, I’m in and out of everyone’s energetic fields (as empaths often are) and that is not a good place for this chick.

Author of The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness, Penney Peirce says:

“Intuitive ability is much more than predicting the highs and lows of the stock market or communing with spiritual entities. Psychic phenomena, as it turns out, are often just the first signs of a much greater and all-encompassing wisdom. …. Eventually you’ll discover what I’ve discovered: intuition is not just about knowing who’s calling you on the phone – it’s about attaining crystal clear perception.”

Now that I agree with! The search for deeper intuitive skills is really about become clearer in your understanding of what’s going on inside you and around you. When you connect the inner as it’s reflected in the outer, things begin to make a whole lot more sense.

Whether you call yourself an intuitive, a psychic or just someone who knows stuff but isn’t sure how you know it, it’s all about seeking clearer perception.