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Last year, ’round about this time or so, I wrote a post about what Caroline Myss called “Soul Stamina”.

Listening to her lectures on self-esteem (Self-Esteem: Your Fundamental Power) and its relationship to intuition, I was reminded again of this topic and wanted to share a few more thoughts about it.

Dr. Myss said this: ” …. the whole ability to hear your intuitive voice has everything to do with whether you respect what your intuition says and whether you have the courage to do what your intuition just told you to do.”

Interesting, isn’t it? I wouldn’t have said that the ability to hear your intuitive voice is dependent on your self esteem but when you think about it, it’s kind of true. It does take a boatload of courage to follow through on what you get when you tune in and most especially when it goes against the grain in your family, your community, your friends …. that’s when it gets really tough.

In order to stay in your center, follow through with *action* on the guidance you receive, you’ve got to have a healthy sense of trust in your (higher) self. Otherwise, you’re looking outside for validation, yes? And you’ll never respect what you get if it’s always coming from outside you.

When Dr. Myss talks about “soul stamina*, she’s referring to exactly that: can you choose to listen and ACT upon the guidance you receive in the face of the world telling you otherwise? I can now but I will tell you that didn’t happen overnight. It was done in tiny, tiny steps each one moving me just a bit further on that path.

So, if your self esteem isn’t where you want it to be (because we ALL have areas for improvement, don’t we?), don’t think you won’t be able to bring through and trust your intuitive guidance. I found that the more I trusted my intuition, the more my self-esteem grew. It was like they were hand-in-hand, you know? One helping along the other.

Do you think your self-esteem has to be in good shape before you can bring through and trust your guidance?

Or are they independent of each other?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below and look for me to discuss this topic a bit more on the weekly podcast coming up this Monday. I think it’s a juicy one!