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Last night, I did an Akashic record reading for someone and, as always, their Akashic Record Guides came through and answered their questions.

She then asked if we could contact her starseed group called “Blueprint Technicians” (definition and lots more info on starseed groups at this great site by Akemi Gaines). I hadn’t tried anything like this before but I’m always game to push the limits of my ability to connect.

Holy cow! Both she and I were taken aback at how they came through, the way they spoke, and the information they shared. We laughed about it afterward because there was no way to even put words to the experience. Just none. There was wisdom, kindness and most of all, full and complete presence.

When I bring through your Guides, they talk to me almost at the same time you do so I am really the mediator between you both. I have to listen and absorb what they are saying while listening to you. No problem – I can do that with ease.

These beings, though – when my client spoke they were totally and completely silent and present. No babbling in my ear, no noise. Just pure calm and silence. It blew me (and her!) away. As she said “This is so trippy!” (and it was – big time!)

My work as a channel is really to just step aside and allow the energy and presence of those with the highest vibrations to come through. The wisdom they share and the very practical guidance that comes through amazes me even as I speak the words.

I don’t know how I got to be so good at it, but I really am. The work of your soul will always be like that – you might not know how you know to do it, but you just do. And do it well.

I am surprised all the time because as I sit down to do a session with someone, I have no idea what will come through. None. And when an experience like this happens, it reminds me even more that there’s so much out there we don’t know and can’t begin to understand at this point.

Want to talk to your home team? I’d love to experience that with you because truly, words cannot describe it. You just have to be there.

Check out my Akashic Records Reading page for more info and to sign up for a session.