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My mom was a hard-core chatter.  She and my wonderful Aunt Connie would get on the phone every Saturday morning for a good three hours talking about this or that thing they saw on television or whatever.  All of my mom’s sisters have this wonderful ability to chat about any and every thing – no matter how trivial the topic.  (They used to call it “chitty-chat”.)

Me? I did not inherit that trait at all.

blah blahGood lord, I hate to just chat about the weather or what someone’s kid ate for lunch or which color is the “in thing” nowadays.

It makes me want to stab myself in the head a thousand times over.


(I only wish I were being overly dramatic; alas, no. This is really how I feel most times. Don’t even get me started on cocktail parties!)

Perhaps it’s a trait of an only child (of which I am one) or that of an introvert (ditto) – whatever the reason, I am not a fan of small talk.

So, who am I?

I’m the chick you go to when your world has fallen apart and you need a shoulder.

I’m also the one who will be there to celebrate your biggest wins and successes because nothing thrills me like seeing others accomplish whatever makes their heart happy.

Bring me your sadness and I’ll help you figure out what’s going on three layers underneath.

Bring me your confusion and I’ll walk you through to clarity.

Bring me your secret desire and I will channel your Guides and get you moving in the right direction to make that dream a reality.

Just please, I beg you, do not bring me an in-depth discussion of your breakfast or what Kardashian is pregnant or divorced (or both!).

Okay, fine. I have been known to discuss the minutiae of David Cook songs should the topic arise but that’s not chitty chat, yo! That’s some deep stuff there! (See, it’s all in the perspective, right?)

What’s something YOU don’t “do”?  Can you make peace with it or does it still bother you?