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Geez oh pete!

What is going on today?

I’m not usually one affected by the energies swirling around (or at least, if I am, I’m not conscious of it) but I feel like I got caught in a tornado of yuck the past couple days.

Yes, I know.

Full moon.

Tail end of Mercury Retrograde.

But what the hell??

I don’t usually get angry. Pissy? Yes. Angry? No. And today I was walking around just SEEEEEETHING with rage and yuck. That is really unusual and definitely caught my attention.

Then I remembered. The work that my coach suggested I do to start releasing some of the “shunning” stuff? Guess who hadn’t done it? (Still?)

(Isn’t resistance fun?)

Once I made the connection between the swirling clouds of rage and the work I needed to do (at least one layer of it), I stopped dilly-dallying around and did it.

I went to a local cemetery and turned it all back over to Alice.

Who is Alice?

She is me. Well, my soul, anyway.

Once upon a time, in a life far away, there lived a chick named Alice. She had some mad prescient intuitive skillz, yo. She also had a mad ego, too. And unlike our beloved Glinda, the good witch of the North, she did NOT use her powers for the highest good.

When the village realized this, she was told to leave. And never come back.

She misused her powers and people turned their collective back on her.

Shunned her, as a matter of fact.

I’m still carrying around a layer of that life somehow. And it needs to go so that I can bring my mad skillz out and use them for good this time.

Sitting at the cemetery near a tombstone adorned with an angel, I gave Alice back that lifetime.

I claimed THIS lifetime as mine.

And I claimed that the work I do is always, always in the full light of the Universe / Creator.

As I drove away, drying some residual tears (because I cry at just about everything), I felt lighter and happier. What I wanted to hear was some happy, peppy music. Maybe even my favorite goofy song: “Call Me, Maybe” (Yes, I’m 12.)

One guess what was playing on the radio as I pulled onto the main road.


I waved goodbye to Alice as I sang that song in my loudest, happiest (if not very melodic) voice.

This part of my work is done.

(How can you NOT smile through this dorktastic version with Jimmy Fallon??)

The winner of the 30 minute reading is (drum roll) Mariner-2-Mother!

She’s a faithful reader and commentator here on ye olde Practically Intuitive.