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Yep. Pilates has moved me about ten steps forward on my spiritual path. I suppose it could have happened walking on a treadmill or riding my bike but when one studiously avoids those activities, it’s not terribly likely, is it?

Official Backstory

Once upon a time, there was a girl (okay, me) who hated any form of exercise. Hated it with a passion and in fact, used to come up with all kinds of mystery illnesses to escape gym class. She much preferred to read or write or listen to music. And even now, when she sees people who run marathons or triathalons, she is still puzzled. Who would do such a thing? Get all sweaty and tired? Oh hell no. This girl and her body – from different planets, completely.

Groupon saves the day!

Three Pilates sessions for $40 – that’s a deal, she thinks and signs up. Loves the instructor but sad  that she is so not in her body.

When it came time to use various parts of said body to do pushing or stretching, the connection between mind and body was. not. there. She went home and cried.

But she returned. And each week saw herself get a bit more into a body that has served her well even as she pretended it didn’t exist.

Getting Grounded for real

She has tried many things to move down into those lower chakras – eating seemed to be the preferred method but Pilates was the only thing that truly helped make the connection between mind and body and in doing so, bridging the soul between it. And as she learned that it was safe to be inside her body (instead of wishing to be out of it much of the time and flying around on high vibrations), her life started shifting. First in small ways but soon, in larger ways, too.

Why Groundedness matters

When you hang out in those vibrations as much as I do, it’s so easy to lose touch with the every day things: bills to be paid, errands to run, etc. Why? Because things at that level are fast and easy and things down here at this level are often slow and plodding and sometimes really hard.

But see, the thing is this: when you incarnated, you chose a body AND a soul. Not just one but both. Because the body is needed to hang out down here in the slower, denser vibrations. You can fight that all you want, but you won’t win that battle. To do your own work, all the pieces-parts of “mind-body-spirit” have to work together.

The spiritual teachers I look up to and learn from (Andrea Hess, Slade Roberson, Caroline Myss and Robert Ohotto) all have this in common: they are grounded and do their work from down here in the third dimension. Yep, they all can pop in and out of the high vibrations but they understand (and in turn, help us understand) that we cannot do one kind of work without the other.

Pilates, and my wonderfully kind instructor, Noelle, has helped me come back into my body. And in doing so, have moved me down my path in a big, big way.

Connecting my mind and my body, always a work-in-progress, feels easier now.

I look forward to my weekly class – not for weight loss or toning up or anything someone else might want from it. I go because it keeps me connected to my body and if I aspire to be a spiritual teacher in my own right, then there’s no getting around that part, eh?

The winner of last week’s contest is: LISA

(And not because she knew who David Cook was, either!)

I’ll be in touch with you to schedule your 30 minute session, Lisa.

This week’s contest to finish out

the month of August

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A reading/healing package of two sessions:  

one 30 minute intuitive reading and one 60 minute cord cutting session!

(Package value: $210)

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