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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Or does it?

I came from a very very apolitical family. We never spoke much about it, there were no heated discussions over the dinner table and for the most part, I grew up thinking “Who cares?” I sure didn’t.

Looking back now, I can see that my dad would have been labeled a “bleeding-heart liberal” because he was very much one for serving and helping wherever he was called. (In fact, he was a Brother in a monastery for quite a while until he got so sick from caring for others that he couldn’t function any longer in that way.)

But politics were not in the top ten things discussed in my family. (Or at all, really.)

Somewhere around 2003, as I got more into the spiritual world and saw how things worked together, I found a burgeoning interest in politics. And so it came to pass that my growing spirituality and my interest in political matters became inextricably linked. I read and read and read some more on different sides of issues that pinged my radar and formed my opinions based on facts, yes. But I also formed opinions based on what I intuitively know is true for me.

I mentioned in my last post about that CLANNNNNG! sound I get when I hear things that are not true *for me*. I hear that a lot when I tune into the political world. Clanging every damn place. It feels so noisy and discordant. (Hurts my ears some days and I know that’s my signal to step away and go ride my bike or something.)

It’s my feeling (born of the knowledge that the Universe operates in a Divine Order) that shit doesn’t just randomly happen. I don’t think it does. Each event has a purpose, even if we cannot see (from our limited human perspective) what that might be at the moment.


Viewing the world through spiritual eyes has helped me better understand things that are going on around me politically. And further solidified my resolve to be a participant in our democratic system where I never would have done that before.

My spirituality calls me to bring change in the way I can do it best and to bring a higher vibration to the mix. It’s the calling all Lightworkers hear. Raise the vibration. Stay out of fear. Keep humanity moving.

Who I am at soul level and what I believe and work toward for the future of our world is one and the same. They cannot be separated. One birthed the other and for that I am thankful.

What does your inner spirituality call on you to do? Have your political views changed as you’ve evolved or have they stayed the same? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

From the booklet “Living the Sacred Yes – Affirmations for Action” by the wonderfully amazing Reverend Deborah L. Johnson

I have a vested interest in my community, in my nation, and in the world. I am a full-fledged citizen of them all. My every thought, word and deed has an impact on those around me and leaves a legacy for those who will follow.

I never underestimate the importance of my existence. I am fully aware of the power to either create change or support the status quo. I accept my personal and collective responsibility to make choices about how society is ordered and governed.

I use my time, my resources and my voice to make this world a better place in which to live. This day I support the individuals and organizations that empower all people to be their higher spiritual selves.