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Over the past few months, I’ve done about 50 readings and in almost all of them, the Guides have been very helpful in giving specific information that will assist the person for whom I’m reading to finding the next step.  Whatever that step may be.

Just off the top of my head, in one of the most recent readings, the Guides were clear that the individual had something *big* to deal with and that all steps were predicated on doing that one thing.  They did not share with me what it was nor was it mine to know.  The client knew when I shared that bit of information with her and said that yes, she had been procrastinating on doing it for quite some time.  Her Guides made it clear that staying in the energy of procrastination was holding her back on several different levels.

Here is what they said (this is just an excerpt but the most relevant one):

There are lessons: two of them, in fact.  One – be open to help.  Right now, you are lost but you are making it worse by retreating into yourself.  The reason you cannot accept the help is because your hands are over your closed eyes – and if you would just open them, you’d see what’s around you and while you’ll be in the forest, it’s true, you will know that you are NOT alone.  You feel alone, do you not? Remove your hands and open your eyes.   Lesson Two: hours stretch into days and still you are not doing what is before you.  What is it that is hanging over you that you are avoiding? …..

(Lisa says: your Guides are adamant that you deal with whatever you are avoiding. Their energy now is like a wall – a STOP AND GO NO FURTHER! sort of thing.  Interesting. Most guides are very gentle and while yours are not mean, they want you to stop “farting around” (their words) and get on with it already.)
Her reply to me?

“Yes, i do know what I’m avoiding.  Avoidance is my coping mechanism.  I need to know that things will turn out okay if I tackle this particular problem. Pretty childish of me, I know.  A part of me says that with God all things are possible.”

Guides can help pinpoint where you might be stuck or just sitting in the middle of the road.  They can nudge you just enough so that you know what the next step is.  Sometimes, they can give you a perspective that you may not have even considered. For example, in a reading for another individual, the word ‘relationship’ popped up and this is what her Guides had to say:

AH! The fear is about the relationship, yes? Let us bring into the light just what that is – your fear of being left behind as another starts on a path that is unknown to you. Consider please the fact that there are two paths adjacent to each other and you can wave to the other person as you walk on yours and they walk on theirs. Different paths do not always take you away from one another, dear one. It’s hard to even put that into words, we suspect.  And that’s okay. Allow it to sit in your consciousness and simmer a bit. Different paths do not have to mean separation. Stretch out your hand and ask for theirs in return so you can feel the love.
What might your Guides tell you? What is YOUR next step?