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I have. Everything feels to me as if it was put in a blender and then turned on high. Whirrrrr! Nothing is as it was before.

(You want proof? I’m still sticking to my new eating plan with ease. Yeah, the Universe has totally shifted on its axis!)

I have a friend who is an amazing astrologer and she helps me see the trends that affect not only me but the world at large. Things are katty-whompus all over – the stock market, the government (well, that’s always in some sort of maelstrom, right?), the weather …. lots of changes that affect us all.

How do you stay centered and on track when things get crazy? Well, here are a few ways that work for me:

1. Sticking with a daily routine helps keep you grounded. My cat wakes me up at 6:15am every morning, rain or shine. I can count on that no matter what’s going on. Things that are a part of your daily life offer a sense of safety – that things are still alright. Hold on to those routines as best you can and they’ll help you feel more in control.

2. My office is always a good barometer of things because we are attuned to the financial world. When things start to get manic and rushed, I know that the market has gone down significantly and that’s causing people to feel unsafe – clients especially. I try to be the one who keeps things in perspective (for coworkers and clients) and just listen to them – creating a space for them to share their fears. When things are in flux, stop and give a listen to others and see if you can offer them a shoulder. Being fully present for someone is a great gift AND it totally grounds you. You both benefit!

3. Stay out of the fear vibration. Whatever it takes for you to do that, do it. Fear makes you do some, uh, not-well-thought-out things (she said, delicately) because you’re acting from a very primal place. Breathe. Remember it will all be okay, no matter what happens. Go in the bathroom and cry if you want. (Oh, that’s just me? Never mind then.) But act from a place of calm and you will see things much more clearly.

When things are moving too fast and you feel you can’t keep up, go outside and hug a tree. Really. I’ve done that many a time and it always brings me right back down to earth and helps me get my bearings. Don’t forget to thank the tree for sharing the nice energy, too!