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Had enough yet?

There’s nothing like a cold splash of water on your face to wake you up, right? My cold splash came in the form of pictures from this past holiday season. Holy cow. Who is that person who only vaguely looks like me? Gaining weight seems like a skill I was born with. I *am* Italian, after all! This past year and a half, though, I took it to new heights. And feel really unhappy about it all.  (Talked about it here and here and even here.)

While I’d love to blame my whacked out thyroid for all of it,  I can’t. If you’re going to take responsibility for all the good that happens in your life, the flip side is taking it when stuff you don’t like shows up.

So, I’m owning the weight gain. I’m owning that I have three pairs of pants that fit me and even those are tight. I’m owning that I have chosen to gain this weight for reasons I can’t even grasp right now.

And I will own the conscious choice to release this weight. My bestest buddy Kara joined a program called “Weight Loss for people who feel too much” by professional intuitive Colette Baron-Reid.

Kara’s enthusiasm for the program nudged me into doing it myself and I’m glad I did. In a nutshell, it’s learning how to be in the world without being engulfed by it (the “feeling too much” part) and managing to have a healthy relationship to that emotional environment.  (i.e.: stop eating to ground yourself after feeling everybody’s feelings.)

Do what you’ve always done, get what you’ve always gotten.  If you read those three posts linked above, you can see that while I tried to step out of my zone, it was really hard to do. Unconsciousness is easier, isn’t it? But you can’t go unconscious when you see the pictures.  (I wish I could. It’d be easier than having to admit this is where I am.)

Nope. No more. I’m done with that.

I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something different. I’m going to be managing my emotional eating in a whole new way. Trust me when I tell you, it’s very different. And even thinking about it creates a wicked resistance inside me.  Yet, what would I tell one of my coaching clients to do when that happens? Jump into it even more.

And so I am. (EEEK!) With both feet (albeit in trendy shoes).

What about you?

Want to step out of your own comfort zone and try something new in 2011?

What does that even look like for you?

Here are a few ideas:

* An intuitive reading might be able to help give you action steps toward your goal. My intention for the reading is to bring through information you can put into practice and see some change right away. Otherwise, what’s the point?

* Coaching offers a way to to hold yourself accountable for those goals and get some understanding and perspective on what might be in your way. Together, we look at those obstacles and find ways to tunnel through them. (Not go around them, not ignore them but acknowledge and go through it to the other side. The only way out is through.)

New for 2011:

Cutting Energetic Cords of Attachment – a wonderful tool of spiritual healing, cutting these cords can make an immediate difference in your life.  Most of the heavy lifting is done by Archangel Michael but the results sure do show down here in the physical.  Free yourself from toxic people and feel the difference!

I’d love to work with you in what ever way meets your highest good in the coming year. Whether it’s a one time reading, an on-going coaching relationship or assisting you with spiritual healing, I’m here to be your partner in creating change that really brings joy to your life.  Contact me either in email or by phone 410-929-5472.

Wishing each one of you all the very best in 2011!