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How darling is this girl, I ask you?? This is Lindsay and you can find her over at The Daily Awe – Intuitive guidance for real life.  I met Lindsay in my travels this past year and clearly we have a lot in common.  She’s a woo-woo chick too and a most talented one at that.  Authentic, joyful and full of wonder and love – that’s how I see her.   Check her out – I think you’ll understand what I mean.

Birds of a Feather

A few months ago I was perusing the Internet and happened upon Practically Intuitive. As I eagerly read as much as I could, I marveled over the wisdom that was in each article. I admired Lisa – she was someone with a gift and was using it for her highest good and was enriching the lives of others.  I thought to myself, “I want to be like Lisa!” followed up with a meeker thought, “Well, I kinda am like Lisa”. But, I was embarrassed and shy about it at the time.

Somewhere along the line, Lisa and I became email pals – I guess we could call each other blogging buddies or psychic sisters or some other clever alliterative name I can’t come up with right now. Although she doesn’t know it (until now) Lisa helped pave the way to me no longer being embarrassed by my gifts, but instead, proud.

Telling people about my intuitive gifts used to be scary, embarrassing and even intimidating. Many people think anything to do with intuition or giving readings is weird, crazy or completely delusional. While I think a good dose of skepticism is healthy, those people and their beliefs didn’t make me feel any better about myself! The path I (and Lisa and other intuitives) have chosen in this life is so far from the mainstream. But it feels so natural and brings me immense joy.

Part of what I’ve come to learn is that it is paramount that I release any fear of judgment when people either look at me like I’m the new attraction at the circus or start questioning the validity of my gifts. In a sense, vulnerability and non-resistance helps us to move on and be invulnerable to judgments.  Make sense?

For me to honor my own truth, and out of respect for the gifts I’ve been given, I’m pretty open about being an Intuitive these days. And I’m incredibly grateful for the Internet for allowing me to have fantastic friends like Lisa who share these gifts and “get it” without explanation. Birds of a feather flock together…even when they live hundreds of miles apart!

(Blushes) Wowza! I didn’t expect that but appreciate her words with all my heart.  We ‘Sisters of the Woo‘ definitely flock together!  She’s right, though.  If you’ve chosen the path of an intuitive, it’s definitely not a mainstream one.  But the skills you learn  *will* allow you to express your purpose even more regardless of the profession you choose.

Check out Lindsay’s site  – The Daily Awe – and see if what she shares resonates with you.  (Sends hugs through the ether to a true soul sister!)