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According to Jean Sarauer at WeBlogBetter, one of the best ways for your readers to know who you are is to be as open as you can be (without veering into TMI-ville). And so, readers dear, it’s “Get to know Lisa a bit better” day here at ye olde Practically Intuitive.

Five kinda-sorta interesting things about me

1. Dogs tell me their name telepathically as I pass them on the street. It’s true – in addition to being able to hear Angels and Guides in Spirit, I can communicate with pets also. The first time I heard my cats, I was deep in meditation and I heard the words “I AM A CAT. I’m a cat. C-A-T, cat” I peeped open my eyes and there was my goofy cat Midjull right in front of me, looking at me quizzically. It made me laugh because that is so something he would say. Not the brightest light, my dearly departed Midgie. Each of my other three cats jumped onto the wavelength and shared something with me that evening. It was really an experience. I called my mom later and excitedly relayed it all to her. Her response? “Honey, are you sure you’re not insane?” (LOL Only a mom could say that, right?)

2. Silence restores me. It’s probably because of the clairaudient thing and my hearing all kinds of under-the-radar sounds but I am happiest in the silence. I’ve never been one to need noise around me all the time. In fact, I get squirrely if there’s constant blaring televisions or people talking and occasionally make a dash into a place of silence. A week at a silent retreat doesn’t scare me at all. In fact, I think I’d like it.

3. Although I’ve written all my life (journals from the age of eight, newspapers that my cousin and I made up each summer, various and sundry short stories, it wasn’t until I got online that my real voice came out. Stream-of-consciousness writing seems to be my forte and I rarely have to do a lot of editing. My dad also wrote a bit when he was on his high school newspaper and I was amazed to see how similar our styles were when my aunt showed me some of those articles and yet he and I never spoke about it. (He died when I was 15 and was a huge influence on me in many ways, not just writing.)

4. If I get into something, I get WAYYY into it.  I will read, study and learn all I can about it until I know it in-depth.  Then, I move on to something else.  By the way, you really cannot learn all about ice hockey by reading the rules in a book. I learned this after my husband laughed at me for getting a “Hockey for Dummies” book.  It was only after watching every game of the Washington Capitals hockey team for two seasons that I started to understand it.

5.  I love babies and I must seem trustworthy because I can talk just about anyone into letting me hold their baby.  (Either that or the mom needs a break and my timing is stellar!)  It’s well known in my family that I will hog the baby-holding and it takes a lot for me to give the baby over to someone else. There’s a picture of me when I was four years old holding my cousin’s baby and I remember that moment very well.

Care to tell me one interesting thing about yourself? It’s only fair that I know *all* about you, right?  🙂