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Actually, they’re neither. And what the heck are these astral entity things anyway? And further, why am I writing about them?

You ask some good questions, Gentle Reader!

This topic is pretty important to understand even a little bit if you are going to be accessing your intuitive skills, whether for yourself or professionally for others. Also, I’ve had about four clients lately who have these energies so strongly within their auric makeup that I have to clear them before I can do a reading. A pattern like that will usually get my attention.

So, let’s talk about them for a bit but I want to emphasize something before I jump into the topic: Most, if not all, astral entities are harmless. They aren’t little evil monsters you cannot see hanging on to your energy field, causing you to do bad things. Don’t go getting all into the fear vibration. Just know they exist and they can be pretty easily removed often creating a noticeable difference in how you feel.

Here’s a pretty decent definition I found for what an astral entity is:

Astral Entities

You might have heard this term before – it’s pretty common in the world of energy work. Astral entities defined here on this page about ghosts and entities:

Entities are often found attached to the life force of humans. Though in many many cases the host will never know they have a foreign piece of debris attached to them. But a pernicious entity can create food cravings, addictions and emotional swings. However, before you blame the entity on all your troubles, be aware of the saying like attracts like. An entity will be attracted to a host it can feed on, meaning if it’s life has been one of disappointment and sorrow and so is yours, you will make a good match. If you do not have these issues then you need not worry too much.

Entities are parts of a deceased’s astral body (mind or emotional body) that did not dissolve after death. It remains earthbound and awaits a new nest. Hospitals are a nice playground for pesky entities, as are cemeteries and funeral homes.

This is but one reason why I close off my aura to “all but my own higher self and those beings of only the highest vibration who are with me at the choice of my soul” (part of the Self-Authority Affirmation) when I go to hospitals, nursing homes and funeral homes.

I learned how to remove astral entities  in an intensive workshop taken several years ago. In it, I learned ways to release negative thought forms, move out astral entities and psychic coercion removal. You’d be surprised how handy it’s been (even as a non-professional intuitive) to know those skills. In fact, the Self Authority Affirmation is one I say before each and every reading and I cut psychic ties after each and every reading. She taught me well in the matter of spiritual healing hygiene!

It was about this time last year that I realized a pattern in some of the readings I was doing. Sometimes (a lot of time) it was when I put fingers to the keyboard to start bringing through a message that I’d get these words: “There are things you know not of …” and I just knew that was my alert for astral entities. Don’t ask me how I knew, I just did. (It’s one of those there intuitive thingys.) I use the verbiage I was taught  which calls on Archangel Michael to do the work with me (okay, fine. He does all the heavy lifting, it’s true. Props to AA Michael.) What I do a bit differently, though, is work with my pendulum in moving these guys out. You don’t have to do it that way, of course. It’s just how it’s evolved for me.

Here’s my process: once I get the hint that entities are clouding things up (and that can be the words above, it can be something like static on the line when I tune in, it can just be a feeling), I check with my pendulum to verify. As soon as I get a yes, the pendulum begins to swing in a counter-clockwise motion. I call in Archangel Michael and we get to work. Once the entities are gone, not only is there a noticeable difference in the energy around me but the pendulum stops and swings in a clockwise direction. Depending on what’s going on with the person I am clearing, this can take five minutes or thirty-five minutes. I did a clearing for someone who is an active alcoholic and it took a good thirty minutes of counter-clockwise swinging to get the entities to depart.

After someone has been cleared of these energetic beings, they may feel lighter or clearer or nothing at all depending on how sensitive they are to the energies around them. Healing of this kind is done on a whole different plane (as I understand it) and the effects may or may not be immediately felt. That’s something to gauge on a case-by-case basis.

Clearing astral entities and cutting cords of attachment are healings and are very different than a reading.  That’s why I will be adding spiritual healing to my services in 2011. I pay attention to who shows up as a client, what issues they come to me with and how I can be of service. My last four clients have all had some serious issues with entity attachments and I take that as the Universe reminding me that I have these other skills as well.

Bottom line, though: these dudes are nothing to be afraid of. They just need to shuffle off to the next plane of existence and stop using your energy to hang out down here in the third dimension. I’m sure you’ve got better uses of your light than that!

Here’s a good page for some further reading on astrals: Alchemy Realm and  Teachings of the Inner Christ and Dr. Susan Shumsky’s work.