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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

According to the Michael Teachings, I am what’s known as a scholar.

“Everything is of interest to the Scholar as an object of study. Scholars are the perpetual students of the world, always seeking to learn more.”

librarySo true. I am almost insatiably curious and have long turned to books to quench that thirst. And, as you can imagine, I love love love the internet! I can sit on my butt and wonder about the most arcane (and often inane!) things and go right to Google for an answer. There’s almost nothing better for a scholar.

In my quest to know every damn thing in the world, I’ve read a lot of books, listened to many (many!) audio courses and of course, taken twelve bizillion workshops and classes in the past fifteen years of delving deep into the woo side of the pool.

Now, let me share some of that knowledge with you.

I often speak about those who have influenced my thoughts, perceptions and values over the years and I thought I’d take this opportunity to pull all that together.

Robert Ohotto: I consider Robert Ohotto one of the foremost spiritual teachers around these days. His podcasts, classes and his book Transforming Fate Into Destiny: A New Dialogue with Your Soulare all well worth your time and money. He’s down-to-earth, refuses to sugar coat anything and has a way of helping you understand how to view things with a high degree of consciousness. His life has been a tough one (sensitive child of addict parents) but it’s really given him an understanding of the wounds and hurts we all encounter. I don’t always agree with him 100% (he has a particular disdain for Law of Attraction followers) but whenever I listen to him, I always come away with something to think about or a perspective I didn’t have before.

Caroline Myss: And I needn’t tell you that one of the prime influences not only on my education but on my own personal growth has been Caroline Myss. Her book Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing is, in my opinion, simply stellar. It weaves together an understanding of the seven chakras, the seven Catholic sacraments and the seven branches of the Tree of Life. In it, she shows how energy flows, what stops it and what you can do to heal your wounds.

I’d say that any of her books are worth reading although some are much more dense than others – for example, I couldn’t get through Sacred Contracts and consider it more a reference book than something to read cover-to-cover.

If you want a good foundation in energy work (and personal development) and can handle another no-nonsense teacher, Myss is the go-to guide for that work. (And no surprise to me that Ohotto considers her one of his greatest teachers as well. Their styles (no BS, hella direct) are very similar.)

Rose Rosetree: One of the earliest influences on my path was Rose Rosetree. I remember learning about her in a Healing Touch class I was taking and several people there had worked with her as well and commented “yeah, she’s definitely connected UP somehow!” – that was enough for me to seek her out. Rose taught me how to become a skilled empath who no longer takes in everyone’s STUFF, how to remove energetic cords of attachment (the most healing work I offer) and many energetic practices I use (and share) to this day.

Her books on empathy (particularly Empowered by Empathy : 25 Ways to Fly in Spirit and Become The Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment are excellent and once you get past her quirky writing style, contain tons of exercises that you can do to work with those energetic gifts. She’s a gifted teacher and healer and I am grateful for her influence on my early personal and professional growth.

(Note: I took many classes and workshops that Rose taught but am not an official “Rose Rosetree Mentoring Student”. We parted ways about three years ago over this distinction so I wanted to make it clear that while I had teaching sessions with her and attended classes, I am not officially representing myself as one of her mentoring students.)

David Neagle: Finally, the most recent influence on my growth and learning comes from David Neagle. He’s a powerhouse of a spiritual teacher wrapped in a working-man’s body and one of the best coaches I’ve ever seen. His particular strength is explaining esoteric Universal Laws (and ages old books written on them) in terms pretty much anyone can understand. I have never seen anyone take such dense, archaic material (such as Wallace Wattles “The Science of Getting Rich”) and make it relevant like David. And having seen him coach in person, I was riveted by his laser focus on the person in front of him. His four CD course “The Art of Success” is free on his site and it lays the groundwork for all the rest of his teaching. Highly, highly recommended.

So there you have it! These individuals in their own way have helped shape my worldview and my abilities as a channel, a coach and a spiritual teacher. Learning and growing is, for me, imperative. If I’m not growing, I’m dead. You will always find me with my head in a book or my earbuds in, listening to a class online. That’s what sustains me and helps me do my work in the world.

Who’s your favorite teacher and why? I’d love to know – please leave a comment and let us know.