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So, here’s a thing about me: I really like to know what motivates someone’s word or actions. Most of my life is spent wondering “what’s THAT about?” because there’s a reason people say or do things (or don’t say or don’t do things). Always, there’s a payoff. ALWAYS.

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Looking at what that payoff is can be tough. Especially if you’re not doing something that you know is the right next step for you. In those cases, the fear often outweighs the perceived reward. Some of my own fears were about the fear of being judged, of being seen (and judged!) and of saying something that will piss people off (and being shunned and ridiculed).

Just yesterday we had a wee discussion in the Business of Intuition Facebook group about how most of those fears live in our head. And they get bigger over time, especially if we even think about moving past them.

No matter what you’re doing, if you’re swimming in fears and judgment, your outer world will reflect it. You’ll choose the safe, the easy and the familiar because you may not know how to process what comes up for you when you make a different choice.

Being willing to look at those choices and  that payoff to see if it’s aligned with who you are is challenging. If you’re in a marriage of cruelty and chaos and you crave peace, there’s some inner work to get done to understand why you’re choosing that. If your business is floundering, looking at why you’re choosing to stay invisible may be what’s needed.

All of it is a choice, sometimes made consciously, usually not so consciously. And if you can choose fear, you can also choose confidence. Or joy. Or peace. Every single one of us has our fears and our challenges, true. But if we are willing to find out “what that’s about” and walk through it, our choices become a lot bigger. And happier (even if not in the short-run).

What will YOU choose today?