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If you’ve worked with me at all or even if you just know me in my personal life, you will recognize the name Slade Roberson because I consider Slade one of my greatest teachers.  In fact, I wrote about him here and he’s also featured on my Resources page.

The reason I’m mentioning this today is because he has a fantabulous offer going on and you should jump on it right away because it’s only available for a short time.

To celebrate the first anniversary of his program “Automatic Intuition” which teaches you to learn how to use your intuitive skills professionally, Slade is making an offer you cannot refuse!

His Automatic Intuition course is available for $500 – that’s $350 off the usual price!  Almost one hundred people have taken this course over the last year and this offer is good for the next four people who get in on it.   (Might that be you?)

Here’s what Slade said about it as an introduction to the course:

Now, I intend to teach you how to develop your own intuition the same way I have — by using it in service to others. You see all these healing arts practitioners out there… Where did they all come from? Did they just wake up one day and start spontaneously offering themselves to the world as psychics?

We all learn how to do this — we learn best from one another. We study, we practice, and we learn from mentors. I’d like to be one of the mentors along your path to spiritual development and finding your purpose.

Let me share with you what I liked best about this program (besides all the information he shares from how to do a proper Spirit Guide reading to what kind of clients to work with to how to set up and structure your intuitive business) – along with the information and mp3s, you get THREE HOUR-LONG sessions with Slade himself!  We talked about a million things and he gave me so many ideas and suggestions about my business, my practice and just everything.  We could have talked (and sometimes did!) for hours.  I adore Slade, as you can tell.  (I’ll never win a poker match, alas.)

If you are at all inclined to begin your own intuitive practice or really just want to learn this stuff for your own edification, this course is well worth the money.  For a more detailed look at the program, I’ll send you over to Alex Wu’s blog “Intutive Wu“.  Like me, Alex is listed in the directory of practitioners on Slade’s page and had done a thorough review of the course – pros and cons.   You might find it of help in deciding if it’s something that resonates with you.

I can’t say enough about Slade and his courses.  He really helps make the woo-woo concrete and does so in such a warm, real way.   The tag line on his blog drew me in immediately:  “83% fewer hearts and flowers than the leading New Age blather” How can you not love that??

I’m happy to answer questions about the course and you can post them in the comments below or email me if you wish.  If you do decide to take the course, tell Slade I sent you!