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Thanks to all those who were kind enough to take the survey I posted below. It was a treasure trove of information for me and I hope will bring you more of what you are interested in!

Who was our lucky winner of a free 30 minute phone reading?

That would be “randomactscomics” who was kind enough to hip me to issues with my podcast a while back so the Universe gives some goodness back! Congrats!! I’ll be contacting you shortly to schedule a time for our reading.

What did I learn from the survey?

Lots of you (84%) are interested in learning more about cutting energetic cords of attachments, clearing astral entities and other healing work.

Almost 75% of my readers are interested in learning how to work with their Guides and Teachers in Spirit. One of the things I see most often in those with whom I work is the inability to trust what they get. So many people think it’s their imagination or that they are just making things up. I will be writing more about this in the months to come as it’s probably the biggest stumbling block out there. I was blessed to have a mom who demonstrated clearly for me the connection between what she was getting and what was actually happening so that trust came easily for me. I know that’s not the case with most and I’m here to help you figure that part out.

Right behind that at 68% were those who are interested in learning how to receive their own guidance and put it into practice. I can help you with that as well. Although I came to this with a pretty good trust level, early on I’d just hear the guidance and kinda-sorta listen. Maybe once in a while I’d act but mostly I just used it as informational. Somewhere along the line, I got it. I had to do something to make other things happen. (Duh, I know. I can be dense occasionally!) Once I started putting it into practice, things dramatically shifted for me. Dramatically.

And more to that point, as a giveaway for those who signed up for my email list (as well as those who will be signing up in the near future), someone suggested a short document called “I got a reading. Now what do I do?” I loved it. I could probably talk for an hour on that topic but will somehow manage to get it down to one page for now. Many thanks to the astute reader who came up with that one.

So, lots of good things coming down the pike: adding healing services in addition to reading and coaching, shifting some of what I’m offering now (adding a 30 minute reading option in addition to the 60 minute session, for example) and taking things to a new level in 2011.

Thanks again to all my readers who participated in the survey. If you have any other thoughts or suggestions, please always feel free to email me.