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Yes, really. What? You didn’t think it worked that way? Well, come on out of that box, Myrtle! We’re doing things a new way now.

You know how you can tell how your mother is just by the way she says “Hello” when you call? That’s your intuition at work. I knew all I needed to know about my mom’s state of mind by that one word. Or rather, the way she said that one word.

(What’s that? Not everyone’s like that, you say? I say they are if they’re paying attention – the thing is, lots of people aren’t.)

Well, I can do that same thing with email. As an empath and clairaudient, I can hear and feel the tone of the words you say and the energy behind it. I can also hear what you cannot say underneath the words. It’s what makes me a good coach by email.

I don’t have to hear your voice to know what’s up. It’s all in the energy.

E-mail Coaching Benefits

  • Easier for some people to express their thoughts in writing
  • Don’t have to find a quiet place to do a phone chat
  • Can e-mail any time of the day at a time that works best for your schedule
  • Easier to stay focused
  • Sometimes easier to be honest in writing rather than talking
  • You have a written record of your progress
  • E-mail coaching usually takes less time for you
  • You’ll be working one on one with me
  • Gives you time to think over your answers
  • E-mail coaching works best for people who:

  • Prefer writing to talking over the phone
  • Prefer to be in contact more than once a week
  • Don’t have much time to spend
  • Have difficulty finding a quiet place to talk on the phone
  • Find that e-mail relationships can be personal
  • I’ve always been a great advocate for others. Need encouragement? You’ve got it. Need a bit of a nudge? Right there with ya, baby. How about a hint about your next step? Your Guides and I got you covered.

    Because really, it’s not just me and my awesome intuitive skills working with you. Uh Uh! Your team of Guides are looking over my shoulder, offering ideas, suggestions and little signs here and there that you’re on the right track.

    Each week, your Guides in Spirit and I have a little chat where we review your goals, actions and thoughts (as shared in your emails to me) and send you back some of our thoughts and suggestions for the week ahead.

    When I do a reading for someone, a LOT of information comes flowing through. For many, it’s hard to take it all in AND do something with it. Coaching by email works much better in that bits of information come through at a time and you have an opportunity to put it into practice right away.

    Your investment for one month of coaching is $150. And for a limited time, if you book two months of coaching, the second month is just $100. (See the “Work with me” page for paypal links)

    If this sounds intriguing to you, email me and let’s talk. No cookie cutter coaching here – each plan is designed individually so you get what you need. Your Guides and I wouldn’t have it any other way.