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Please welcome L. Marie of “Closed Lids” to Practically Intuitive. I met her during the “31 Days to Building a Better Blog” challenge over at The Blog Frog. L. Marie was kind enough to allow me to guest post on Closed Lids and I am returning the favor today. She’s got some good tips on learning how to work with your dreams and I know that’s always been a favorite subject of mine. And if you get a chance to visit her site, there’s lots and lots of good articles and ideas about all kinds of things, not just dreams!

“Closing eyelids does not necessarily mean lacking knowledge; it can mean one is reflecting upon the knowledge acquired.” – excellent point, L. Marie!

And now, without further ado, let’s turn it over to L. Marie and Dream Journaling 101.

Dreamers often ask me for tips on how to recall their dreams. More or else, I give the same responses. My top response is to get a dream journal and to record dreams as often as possible. I have come to realize that the issue may be that, individuals do not know where to start.


1. Obtain a notebook/ journal of your choice. One of pleasant appearance or decorate a notebook to your pleasing.

2. On a nightstand next to your bed place pen, paper, tape recorder(optional), book light(optional)

3. Inside the journal notate the date

4. Prior to bed write 1-3 sentences describing your day and mood.

5. While lying in bed before sleep, meditate, pray, repeat mantra or affirmation (whatever you desire) Ask your higher self for assistance in your dream recall.

6. When awake lie still and recall your dream from the last thought back to the first. If you awake in the middle of the night, still record the dream, do not try to commit it to memory for the morning.

7. Write your dream as you remember it all feelings, persons, settings, anything that comes to mind. Don’t try to make sense of your dream, just write what you remember in details.

8. If you do not recall your dream , write 1 sentence of whatever was in your mind as you awoke

9. For every dream give a title and record date and time

10. Repeat this step every time you have a dream. Over time you will begin to notice themes

Example Notebook Page (optional, design to your likes)
January 28, 2010

Day Notes:
Today, I worked on my website and researched for my new article. I made fresh juice and pledged to get back into my exercise regimen. It was a pretty relaxing day and ended with me watching Project Runway and NBA on TNT. Before bed I thought about ‘James’ I wondered if he was okay and when I would hear from him again.

Mom Buys Groceries (dream title)
My family and friends were in my house getting ready to go out. My mom and aunt piled into the car and left me in the house to myself. I felt free from all the people that were in the house. As I walked back into my house after saying goodbye to everyone I noticed my little cousin ‘Trina’ on the computer. I asked her ‘what are you doing here?’ And she replied ‘I wanted to play on the computer’ My mother came back into the house and in her hand she had grocery bags filled with almond milk, rice dream, and fruits/vegetables. The scenes switched to ‘James’ falling and saying I love you L.

I need to continue on my journey of eating healthy. I may become distracted by things, like my computer. I should ignore these distractions and eat healthy in order for me to stay focused. ‘James’ has been on my mind lately, because he confided in me that he has been feeling a little troubled. I have not heard from him in a couple of weeks. My worries are transpiring in my dreams and I feel that he may be in trouble and he wants to let me know he loves me.

Reviewing the Journal

When reviewing your journal it is best to ask yourself a few questions:

1. Look for connections between life experiences and your dream
2. What is the message in your dream
3. How can this message apply to your life
4. What will you do to apply the message to your life
5. What are some themes
6. What memories or feelings come to mind when recalling the dream
7. Who in the dream do you recognize, and how do you relate to them in waking life.

Life Experiences Journal/Pages

I am reading a book called Dreams: Exploring the Secrets of your Soul by Marilyn Barrick Ph.D. She made an interesting suggestion that I felt can add to the understanding of dreams. She suggests that a separate journal be made notating major experiences, activities, happenings, etc from birth to present.

“Record the major happening of your life from birth up to the present time. Include such things as physical events, emotional happenings, intellectual achievements, family, school and work experiences, special activities, dreams, unusual or notable events, spiritual highlights, soul lessons or anything else you consider to be important. You might even want to make this a separate journal, you life journal.

You can continue to record meaningful events and experiences as the months and years roll by and correlate them with the entire in your dream journal. Chart the events chronologically from birth. List each year on a separate page or pages… leave several blank pages after each year . You will find those pages useful for recording memories as they come to mind or for adding events that friends or family may remember… Write a brief summary of the trends you see running through your experiences. Place this summary in your dream journal as a point of reference to help you connect your dreams to your waking life.” (Barrick, 96-97)

Dreams guide and help us after we set our goals and ideals for our lives – Edgar Cayce

Dreams have messages that can assist in all aspects of our lives. Take the time out to record and understand dreams and learn from the messages of the subconscious. I hope this basic guide will assist you in your journey through the dream world.