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one_size_fits_allHave you seen those dresses in the store labeled “One size fits all” and you just laugh and laugh because that one size? It ain’t fitting your all! (Just me? Okay then.)

(Wait! Not just me! Check out this article called “This is what One Size Fits All looks like on all” and thanks to Lindsay for sending it to me!)

I find the world of coaching (business, life, etc.) is like that, too. What’s perfect for one person may be all wrong for another. In my Business of Intuition Facebook group we were discussing the merits of Marie Forleo’s B-School program.

One of the group members mentioned that she was a B-School alumni and found herself overwhelmed by all the information but not a lot of specific guidance on how to put it into practice.

What she’s found “to be the most helpful in my business is having a strong connection to your intuition. And having a personal business mentor that’s connected to their intuition and guidance.”

YES and yes and oh gosh, YES!

My first real business coach flat out told me she really didn’t trust her intuition much. Red flags aloft! My business went south quickly because she was guiding me to ignore my own intuition (which was screaming loudly at this point). I trusted her over my own intuition and got a good and very costly lesson.

I didn’t make that mistake the next time I hired a coach and have worked well with her because she listens to her inner guidance AND knows the strategic pieces to put into place.  Finding her felt like Goldilocks sitting in the exact right chair and being able to exhale.

My point to you is this: whether it’s in business, a relationship, or something else entirely, find what fits FOR YOU.

It doesn’t matter that all the cool kids do it or if every single person you know does it this one specific way.  You MUST find *your way* and someone to support you in the way you need that support.

If you’re an info hog and just want to do it all yourself, an informational based program is likely a fit for you. If you love info but get tripped up on the implementation, then a hands-on coach will work better than a large group program.

It’s all in what works for you and you won’t know that until you try something on for size. I’ve taken enough DIY courses to fill a small library and the best money I’ve spent is working with someone directly to help me get stuff done in my own business.

What about you? Do you find one size fits your all?

And speaking of that, have you checked out my new “Work With Me” page? I’ve created a program that lets you get what you need when you need it because there really IS no “one size fits all” in the coaching world! Let me help you get moving in the right direction with lots of support, strategy and fun!