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So, let’s talk about what it means to use information you get from your Guides in your every day life, shall we?  After all, that’s sort of what Practically Intuitive is all about.

My Guides are in touch with me quite often.  In fact, it feels like they are just a thought away.  And they are.  For you, too.  I just happen to recognize it pretty quickly and, as mentioned in the previous post on the magical blue balloons, I know it when I see it.

For several years now (oh, probably about six or seven, I’m guessing), I’ve set the intention to listen to that gentle voice and act upon it.

And now, a story:

Once upon a time, I worked for someone who was quite an ogre.  There was a verbal scuffle in the office, things got out of hand and someone quit. (It wasn’t me.)  When this person went job hunting and was asked about her former place of employ, she gave that information to them as asked.  They called and wanted a reference. Ogre got the call and tore her up one side and down the other just because he could. There was no reason to do that, he was just a spiteful man.  I heard all of this happen and I got angry on her behalf. She didn’t deserve that.

I got the idea in my head that I would call the place where she applied and give her a better reference (I was her direct report so I could speak to her work.)  As I reached down to get something out of my purse before I called, I heard these words: “You will NOT interfere!” I sat up, knowing full well where the words came from.  “But, but, but …”  I stuttered back to my Guides  “I can fix this for her. This isn’t right.”  Again, they said “You will NOT interfere.”

Grrrr.  I wanted to interfere.  I wanted to make things right for her.  I know best, don’t I? And yet, I was clearly guided not to do that. Could I have called anyway? Sure.  It’s always my choice.  And long ago, I chose to always listen to my higher self.

After the dust had settled (and I did not make that call, by the way), my Guides told me that I would be taking away lessons that needed to happen.  They don’t always tell me what the reasons behind it are. If it’s mine to know, they share that.  If not, they don’t. I’ve learned to just listen.  Keeps me out of trouble most times.

It’s when I didn’t listen to the nudge or the voice that I ran into some unintended (at least on my part!) consequences.  You don’t have to throw caution to the wind to do this process.  You can start bit by bit (perhaps even just one percent more!) and go from there.

Integrating guidance into your life isn’t hard but it does require you to pay attention and trust what comes through.  And most of all – ACT on what comes through.

There’s so much more to talk about on this topic so look for it to be a continuing theme on Practically Intuitive.

I use my well-honed intuitive skills with great success in my own life and I can help you do the same.

Chat me up and let’s go from there!


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