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Confidence doesn’t come when you have all the answers. It comes when you are ready to face all the questions.

Hello and happy 2016!

I spent the past two weeks fighting off a weird bout of bronchitis and hoping it didn’t morph into pneumonia so my holidays rolled by in a haze of coughing, random sleep and Netflix. (Who else is watching “Making a Murderer”? OY!)

But before I came down with the sickness, I was feeling all sorts of lost and confused about what I was doing with Practically Intuitive. I even questioned if I should just chuck it all and go back to corporate world and sell my soul again. (And not coincidentally, guess whose old job opened up again? YEP. It did. Oh Universe, you make me giggle!)

It’s been said that being an entrepreneur brings all your junk up like nothing else. I would imagine that there are lots of things that stir the junk pot just as well. Parenthood, for example. Everything less-than-wonderful you feel about yourself can and will get dragged out in ways you can’t wrap your head around.

One of the things I know is that I didn’t study or train or anything to be the awesome Spirit Guide channel that I am. I just stepped into it when the door opened. (Yes, I took lots of classes but the basic ability was just there.) And so I have supreme confidence in my skills there. Don’t question them, don’t doubt them.

But when it came time to expand my capacities big time into the business side. even though I bring those stellar intuitive abilities with me, I got scared. What if I suck and no one is telling me? What if I’m not really helping people the way I know I can? What if, what if, what if?

And the more those voices came out, the stronger they got, like a discordant song playing over another on the radio. Soon, I couldn’t hear anything but the roar of everyone else doing it perfectly and I was not.

So, I turned off all the noise. I unsubscribed from damn near every list I was on and I stopped looking for validation OUT THERE. From clients and friends and anyone. I just stopped.

In the silence, I looked at what brings me joy, where I can truly be a contribution to someone else’s life and what was mine to do. I think being sick for almost 2 weeks helped me take that well-needed break from worrying about it and running after the answer instead of allowing it to show up.
Let me turn this toward you – are there places where you are feeling lost and confused? The answer to all of that resides within you. I can’t tell you, your bestie can’t and even Sherlock Holmes himself can’t.

mojoBe willing to look at a couple things:

1) What is the value of keeping myself in this place? We never, ever do anything without some sort of payoff (even the crap things have a payoff) so what is the value to you of this choice? For me, staying in that space of “I’m lost and don’t know what to do now” was about being scared to move forward. Being scared to be out on my own. The longer I could stay in “I-don’t-know-land”, the less fear I had to deal with, so that’s a win, right? Hah! No.

2) Are you willing to trash it all and start again? Doesn’t mean you have to or even that it’s the best thing. But if you are willing to be open to the possibility that you can trash whatever you want and start again if you choose, more and greater choices open up. Why? Because you are willing to do what’s required in that situation even if it means chucking it all.

If the answer is within you and the choices are within you, then YOU are the key to all of it. How cool is that? 

Yeah, it’s cool so don’t forget it. When you’ve lost your confidence or your mojo or whatever and you think the world doesn’t even notice you’re alive, remember that it all comes from within you. Start there and you’ll find it again.

I did.

Wishing you tons of laughter, joy and awarenesses in the coming year!

PS: I’ve got some goodies coming up in early 2016! (yey!) “Aligned and Unleashed” – because when HOW you share your gifts with the world ALIGNS with who you are, the magic (and money) you’ve been waiting for shows up!

(And you know I’ll hook you up with some special bonues and whatnot, right? Right!)