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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Have you noticed I’ve been absent for the past week or so? I think I fried my head during July with the Ultimate Blog Challenge!  Thing is, though, I made a commitment to doing it and come hell or high water, I did it.  I found time every single day to write.

But when I didn’t “have to” any longer, well, I didn’t find the time.

Interesting, that.

There are days when I feel like I just don’t have time to do certain things.

And yet, if I really want it, I will make the time.

If I really want it, I will make the effort.

He looks great and I look like a dork. But that's okay.

He looks great and I look like a dork. But that’s okay.

Back in the day when I was completely obsessed with my sekrit boyfriend (aka: David Cook), I did things I never would have done before:  I walked in a 5k on a very rainy Sunday morning, stood in the blazing hot August sun just to get his autograph and a picture and drove three hours squished in a van with women I did not know to see him from front row seats.  When I love you, I LOVE YOU! heh

I’d maybe do some of that again (I do still dig him) but not with the intensity I had before.

And it all has to do with commitment – I was committed to being in “Dave energy” and did whatever it took to be there.

Same with the Ultimate Blog Challenge – I set my mind to doing something and I was going to do it – no matter what.  (And I really did want to quit in the middle – after all, no one was holding me accountable except me.)

I think this is one of those “hidden in plain sight” kinds of thing – look at what you are willing to spend time on to see what’s important to you.

What are the things that call you to jump through hoops to do them?

So many want to know what their soul purpose is or what they came here to do.

Take a look at what you put energy toward – real, heartfelt energy.  There you will find at least part of the answer. 

I am pretty sure I did not come here to be a fan-girl to guys named David (Cassidy, Cook, whatever) – but perhaps part of it is understanding what about that whole experience allows me – CALLS ME – to step out of my comfort zone without much hesitation.

Whatever I have that deep passion about (be it writing, COOKie, or teaching The Woo), it seems to move me forward in my own evolution, closer and closer to what I came here to be.

Let me ask you this:  take a look at the last year of your life – what pops out at you as a passion you followed without much question? Was it something that surprised you? What did that passion tell you about your purpose?

I’d love to hear what you find when you look at it with a new perspective.  Please share in the comment box, if you’d like.