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Over on Kara’s blog (Conduit of Joy), she’s running a series talking to psychics about their experiences “coming out of the closet” with their skills. 

Guess who’s featured today?  Me!  Here’s what she said as an introduction:

Lisa offers individual intuitive readings, as well as intuitive email and phone coaching. Lisa’s style of reading blows me away, as her clairaudience is instantaneous. This means while she is talking to you, she can also ask your guides questions and hear the answers instantaneously.  I have had the benefit of her gifts in several readings myself.  Her messages are not only accurate, but she gave me information from my guides I could use in my life immediately, in a very concrete way.  She is also a very funny, caring, down-to-earth person.

Kara  also recently featured an interview with Anna Conlan , a wonderful psychic and the author of the course I just reviewed called Psychic Awareness.

If you’re a psychic/intuitive/healer and just pushing your toe out of the closet, go check out Kara’s series and get some courage to come the full way out.  It’s not as scary as you think!