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Why yes, I AM still here, thankyouverymuch for asking! Spring is finally here and I am getting a rush of creativity! My promise to myself (and my guides) is to write at least one new post a week so consider this a start on that promise.

One of my favorite places to talk with my guides is when I’m floating around in the pool at the gym. It’s a physical therapy pool mostly so the water temp is set at 90 degrees and it is heavenly! After walking on the treadmill, it’s like sliding into a warm tub (only others are there which doesn’t happen much at my house!).

Anyway, as I was floating in the deep end, noodle under my arms for balance, I heard my Guides say: “See how supported you are in this water?” I nodded yes (as casually as I could since others were there). They continued: “This is how it feels to be completely and utterly supported by your Guides. You barely even notice it yet it’s there. And still? You are free to move around as you wish, fully and completely in control of your body and mind. This is an analogy for how we work with you. Lovingly supportive and respectful of your free will. Now, go blog about that.” And poof! They were gone.

I kicked my legs under the water, feeling how they moved so easily there. No effort, no struggle. I could feel the warm water all around me, moving with me as I flailed about, giving me space to do my own thing and still holding me up. It was a nice feeling, I have to admit, and one that made sense to me as it relates to how my Guides and I work together. We are truly a team. I give them a direction, they help me go toward it. Make a wrong turn? Getting on the right track is as easy as moving around under the water. Effortlessly. That’s their help, that’s their energy. Peaceful. Kind. Always loving.

So, ponder on that scenario – you in the nice warm water, deciding where you want to swim to and knowing that you are effortlessly supported by your Guides no matter which way you go. It’s a nice one, isn’t it?