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A teacher of teachers

Wayne DyerBy now you might have heard that renowned spiritual teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away on Sunday. Words of love and thanks were all over Facebook and Twitter as the Lightworker community responded to the news. For many of us, he was our first teacher as we started down the road of consciousness.

He certainly was mine.Once I stepped into his world, I never looked back.

Interestingly enough, so much of what he taught comes from Divine Law and old world traditions. But he was able to put it in such a way that it drew in people who wouldn’t ordinarily listen. I was looking into different paths and beliefs when I found Dr. Dyer and I saw so many similarities between what he taught and the teachings of all those paths. He was so down-to-earth about it and helped me understand how to put it into practice in my life.

“Detach from the good opinion of other people” – this one taught me that no matter what others said about you (good and not-so-good), let it go. It’s not about you, it’s about the other person.

“What you think about expands” – thoughts ARE things and as you think, it creates your actions and what shows up in your world.

I had spent so much time listening to him in my car to and from work that his voice lived in my head. When I had the opportunity to see him live at a conference, I jumped on it. What I remember most about it is this: He walked up on stage, no notes, no teleprompter – just him and a microphone and spoke for about 90 minutes off the top of his head. That was amazing to me.

And then I realized that when you live what you teach, no notes are ever required.

So many of my generation (and beyond) have been touched by this man’s willingness to share his truth. His spirit and soul live on through his words and the actions of those who followed his teaching.

Rest in peace, Dr. Dyer. You will be missed.

(UBC) Day 6: Dogs as spiritual teachers – are you kidding me?

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

PJ (left) and Brogan - my spiritual teachers

PJ (left) and Brogan – my spiritual teachers

Nope, not kidding you. My dogs are my spiritual teachers. (It helps that I can hear them, it’s true!)

If I had children, perhaps they and not the dogs would have been my teachers. No children for me this go-round so the job had to go to the dogs (ha!).

We got Brogan a year ago after our sixteen year old dog Max left us. Getting a puppy after having a older dog was like watching my head spin off my body and come back again.

Patience? hahahah I had none. Brogan aggravated the hell out of me.

Many, many days I wondered what I had gotten myself into. But here’s the thing: my husband loves this dog so completely and when I see that love, it spills out onto me. The bond between them is amazing to me and I know that Brogan was just what he (we?) needed when we needed it.

Lessons from Brogan:


It’s easy when it’s done being hard

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

easy when done

That line, from a song called “Therapy“, has long resonated with me. (And not just because sekrit boyfriend is singing it, either!) I think I understood the deep truths shining through those seven words.



You need both to grow spiritually.


Self-authority, the ability to discern what is truth *for you*, is imperative to guide you through the many faces of everyday life: religion, politics, sex, relationships, raising children – you need to be able to look inside and know, with enormous certainty, what is right for you. That deep inner knowing that comes without much intellectual analysis – the knowing that just ‘is’.

You can’t truly grow and ripen into your soul without this.

You can’t.

Because you need to be able to discern inner truth and allow it to guide you. If you are constantly at the sway of other voices, you’ll be pulled into things that may not fit you. And how can your soul experience true growth if you are not listening to its call?

And you need perspective– the ability to view things through a different lens. “it’s easy when it’s done being hard” is just that. You decide when you’re done allowing the “hard” to rule your life.

A while back, my coach suggested that I stop pushing so hard to make things work in my business. She said “why not step back and ALLOW the Universe to do its part?” I didn’t much like that. If I didn’t push, who would? Who would make things happen??

Turns out, the Universe, when allowed to step in (and I allow myself to step back!) can work miracles. That’s perspective. I gave up the need to push and decided to look at things a bit differently.

You were given free will by Creator of All. How can you use it wisely to support you? Self-authority and Perspective are just two keys but two pretty big ones clanging around on your spiritual keychain.

Are you done with it being hard?

Ready for it to be easy?

You’ll find that working on the energetic and spiritual plane (like what we do releasing cords of attachment) are amazingly easy. The changes, though, are BIG!

What are you ready to release with ease? Email me and let me know. Help is as close as your fingertips!

A simple prayer


Today, I take each step with joy, knowing that my joy lights up the world.

Today, I take each breath with peace, knowing that my peace creates peace for all mankind.

Today, I feel my connection with all that is and know that I am an important part of the all, that I make a difference, that I matter deeply.

I am light, peace and joy. I am love. I feel this deep within and share it, shine out with it, for all to feel and share.

My love is boundless, my peace immense. I know the power of love and peace and feel it within me.

I am powerful. I am love. I am one with all.


Co-dependent no more – a personal story

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted someone to love her. Really, truly love her and see her soul.

But she felt she wasn’t worthy of that love in some way and always had to jump through hoops and “dance” for it. The more she danced, the more she hoped they’d find her worthy of their time and love.

As it happened, this girl with the desperate need to be loved met someone with a desperate need to be taken care of. Like voracious, can-never-ever-be-filled need.

She danced, oh how she danced, to fill that need so that she’d get his love in return.

And the more she danced, the larger the need got. Almost like she was feeding a monster who could never be satiated.

In time, she found that the work of filling that hole in him took over her life. Her job was in peril, his job was also because they both spent a lot of time on the phone giving (her) and taking (him).

There was nothing more important in her life than taking care of his need.

Because she hoped that once she was able to give enough, he’d return the love that she so desperately wanted. (more…)

Gurus need not apply!

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

plateHave you ever had a teacher that was just amazing? And found yourself hanging on to every single word they said as if it contained all the wisdom of the Universe?

I have.

In fact, I’ve done that a lot and not just with teachers.

I’ve done it with boyfriends. I’ve done it with friends.

But mostly with teachers.

Because I have an insatiable curiosity about things I’m interested in and love learning, I am sort of prone to making these people into a guru of some sort.

Or placing them on a pedestal.

Trouble with all of that is … they’re human. Like all of us. (more…)