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(UBC) Day 21: Why trusting your intuition 100% will change your life

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

If I didn’t believe that learning to use your intuition in the fullest way you can could change your life, I would be a pretty crappy professional intuitive, right?

But I’m not a crappy intuitive (I’m quite good, actually!) so let me share with you three reasons why I believe this one skill could change your life for good.


Three Reasons Intuition can change your life once and for all

1) It’s your inner GPS programmed with all the coordinates you need to not only get on purpose but to flourish there. No sense knowing what your soul came here to do if you don’t set about doing it! Your intuition is the dag map, y’all! Why would you NOT want to use it? Do you like driving around in the dark, lost, no headlights and no one to help you? That is not quite how things were set up. The trick is you have to ask for it. YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR IT to be present in your life. Even in the asking (or listening and taking action) things shift.

2) It really helps you know who is telling you the truth and who is lying to your face. Wouldn’t you think that might be a useful skill when doing business deals, entering into romantic relationships and deciding on a course of action? How many times have you said “Geez, if only I had listened to that voice that tried to get my attention, I wouldn’t be in this situation”? Lots, probably. I know I did until I started truly listening to and acting on my inner guidance.

3) Just like the graphic up there says – when you listen to your intuition, you become more empowered. And here’s why: you become your own authority. No more looking outside you for someone to tell you what is the “right” thing to do! You have it all inside you. Learn to pay attention and *listen* (feel / see / “know”) to the answers that bubble up. Since I started consciously (key word) following my inner guidance, the only time I go off the rails is when I ‘hear’ but don’t ‘listen’. Yeah, I don’t do that much anymore having seen what shows up afterwards. It ain’t pretty.

It all boils down to trust

It totally does. Without the trust born of experience, everything is just words in your head, right? So why not take your intuition for a wee test drive and see? Start with small things – ask for guidance and an action step and then do whatever it is you get. Just do it. Don’t analyze it or judge it. Just freaking do it!

And keep doing it.

Do it until it’s almost an automatic reaction: check in and go do. Check in and go do. Time after time after time. That’s how you build the trust.

Trust Your Intuition Bootcamp starts August 1st!

Gin White (of Subtle Harmony) and I are running a bootcamp (but a fun kind!) to take you deep into how to get that trust in your own inner guidance.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Four (4) one-hour recorded calls with Gin and Lisa where you’ll have time to ask questions that relate to your own growth and skill set (Thursday August 1, 8, 15 and 22 at 8pm Eastern)

Specific, practical exercises and worksheets to use again and again to gain deep trust in the guidance you receive when you tune in all in a nice done-for-you workbook that’s yours to keep.

• A private Facebook group to discuss your questions, concerns, and progress with active input and participation from Lisa and Gin and the support and encouragement of other highly-conscious people walking the same path.

• An overall focus on how to use your intuitive skills in your work, home life and relationships.

You can read all about it and the outline for the topics we’ll cover over at Trust Your Intuition Bootcamp.

($50 savings ends Thursday so hop on it!)