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Slamming face first into the terror barrier

(Thanks to my good friend and nudge-giver Christine for the inspiration!)

“You will either step forward into GROWTH, or you will step back into SAFETY.” 

– Abraham Maslow

Doesn’t it suck that this is true? I think it does because moving forward is hard. Especially when it feels like the densest of fog ahead of you along with quicksand beneath your feet. (Oh hai, Lisa’s current state of mind!)

David Neagle has often mentioned the “terror barrier” – It pretty much shows up any time you are on the verge of breaking out of your comfort zone. That voice that says “OH HELL NO! I’m not doing that!”

Sometimes the terror barrier shows up as a wall you slam into – the project that leads you down 50 dead end roads, the post you can’t seem to finish for your blog (is this just me?), the way you try to stall your crossfit appointment until another day (again, just me?).

Other times, it’s the slow slide into sloth where you decide that you didn’t want that thing anyway (whatever “that thing” is) or how it doesn’t make sense for you to do it; better to continue doing what you’re doing already.

However it shows up, it’s about your ego keeping you safe. That’s its main function anyway – keeping you alive and safe. When your ego self perceives what you’re about to do as being “scary and unsafe” it goes into overdrive. All the “Danger Will Robinson” flashing lights come on and it tries seven ways to Sunday to get you to stop in your tracks NOW.

According to Nancy Roberts at Q&A with Nancy:

Once you hit a certain level of success (or income, or weight) if your new state doesn’t match your sub-conscious belief of what you deserve, you will unconsciously sabotage yourself. And since the sub-conscious mind controls about 96 to 98% of our behavior (sad but true!), even if your conscious mind wants to sustain the goal, the sub-conscious wins out.

I’ve been struggling with this stupid thing for a week or so now. I wanted to write a post about how important your teacher’s vibration was and when it’s time to move on from a teacher.

I tried three times to write that post.

The last time I tried, right in the middle of it I decided it would be really fun to create a Facebook page for my cat. So I spent the next 90 minutes doing that, taking pictures of her and writing (what I thought was) witty commentary to create this fictional character.

Post? Unwritten.

FB page for my cat? Lovely with lots of new fans.

Clearly, there’s something about writing that post (because it has to do with my very own break a couple years ago from one of my most influential teachers) that scares the hell out of me. It also scared me into bailing on my Thursday Crossfit session because I just couldn’t get my butt off the couch. I forced myself to go Friday but cried my way through the session. That terror barrier is tough, I know it.

So, how do you get past it because it doesn’t just show up once. (Dammit!) It shows up every. single. time. you move out of your comfort zone into new, uncharted territory.

David Neagle’s mentor, Bob Proctor, shares his thoughts about how to get past it:

How to be a wrecking ball on your own Terror Barrier

“1. Bulldoze through it scared. That’s right … just keep marching, no matter how badly your feet want to stay rooted to the ground. Refuse to permit this negative demon to control you, your emotions …your future.

2. Remember – the Terror Barrier rears its ugly head every time we attempt to make a major move in life into an area we have never traveled before. It’s as natural as day and night. Where before you used to let it stop you cold, now you can simply shrug and tell yourself, “Oh, there it is again. Well! This must really mean something great to me!”

3. Then, further remind yourself that it might be an unknown, but the other side of that Terror Barrier will have you that much closer to your goal. I’d encourage you to fall in love with THAT feeling of accomplishment, get wrapped up in it! I often say that if your goal doesn’t scare and excite you at the same time, you’re going after the wrong goal!

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” That is excellent advice. By following her advice you will liberate yourself from the crippling emotional state that the Terror Barrier causes.

Do it scared. Begin to visualize yourself successfully being a wrecking ball on that Terror Barrier of yours. Mentally see yourself winning. Remember, perception IS reality!”

Perception IS reality, indeed.

Where is YOUR terror barrier?

How does it stop you right in your tracks?

What is ONE NEW ACTION you can take to navigate it today? (Even if that’s just the awareness that it exists, that’s one step forward.)

Let us know in the comments – we all can use some support in this!

Podcast #51: What’s Simmering Inside You?

What goes on in your unconscious when you’re not paying attention?

Are there clues that you can pick up that things are about to bubble up?

Today’s podcast talks about clues you’re already getting that something is ready to come into your consciousness. Bring it out – with consciousness – and then act on it!

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi everyone – this is Lisa from Practically Intuitive.com and welcome to the podcast.  I do these short little ones every other week on topics ranging from the woo-woo to the practical and all areas in between.  If you’ve got an idea or a topic you’d like me to bring up in one of these, drop me a note and let me know!

Just a reminder that I’ll be shifting over to a fuller program to better help you navigate the shifts and changes in your life soon and will be stopping one-time readings.   I was going to stop  October 31st but since my birthday is right around the corner, I decided to start the new program when I start my new year!

So, the last day for you to purchase a one-time reading (either 30 minutes or 60) will be October 22nd.  These readings are especially good for when you have an important decision to make and need some input from your guides and teachers, or if you just need some support to know you’re moving in the right direction.  There is a lot that comes through in the time we talk and the great thing is that the calls are recorded and sent to you afterward so you can just be on the phone and take it all in!  If you want to book a reading before October 22nd, you can click the “Work with Me” link on my site and do it all right there.  You don’t have to get your reading before October 22nd but you do have to book it before then.

And now, on to today’s topic which is …. Well, I don’t know what it is, actually.  All week long I’ve been waiting for something to jump up and hit me and so far, no jumps, no hits.

It made me wonder what I have to say that isn’t yet ready to be said.  I’ve mentioned one or thirty times that I’ve kept journals all my life and when I go back and look at them, what usually pokes me is what I didn’t write about.

Sometimes feelings were too big for me to put into words and all I have are journal entries many months apart instead of a few days apart.

When it gets quiet inside me, I know that things are simmering but I often don’t know what things or why they’re simmering.

Have you ever had that experience of knowing that something was going on right underneath your consciousness but it eluded you?

And the more you tried to bring it out, the more it ran away.  Almost like a dream – the harder you try to remember, the more it disappears?

That sign, that inability to know what’s bubbling, tells me it’s something big.

What signs do you experience when you know a shift is underway?  Do you get quiet also? Or do you write more or talk more to your friends, thinking it out along with them?

We all have our patterns and part of living a life with consciousness is understanding your patterns and how to work with them.

For example, my husband sleeps a lot when something is bothering him.  If I notice that he’s napping quite a bit or going to bed really early, I know that it’s more than being physically tired.  Yet, when I ask him what’s up, he’ll say “nothing” because what’s up is buried deep in his unconscious.  All he knows is that he wants to sleep.  It’s possible he’s not ready or willing to deal with what he’s feeling.  And it’s times like this that he probably isn’t thrilled living with an intuitive because I always ask  if something is bothering him that he’s not talking about.

These patterns can tell you a lot about yourself or someone else if you pay attention to them on a consistent basis.

And maybe that’s what this podcast is about – paying attention to what goes on when you’re not paying attention.

That’s where the answers lie.

Caroline Myss has often posed the question “Where does your mind go when you’re not paying attention?”  She suggested we start tracking that because it shows what you are giving energy to.

Same principle here – what are you giving energy to that is right below your consciousness?

How do you begin to let it bubble up?

To start with you have to be aware that a pattern exists before you try to figure out what it means.  And that takes some self-reflection.  If you’re not naturally that way, it helps to write down some notes about what you’re feeling or doing so you can see a picture emerge.  If you have a friend or a partner who knows you well, perhaps you can ask them some of the things they notice that you do – like me noting the husband’s nap time.

Once you have an idea of what your particular pattern means, ask your higher self or your team of guides to bring the meaning of that pattern into your consciousness for processing.  It’s there to show you something and once you know that, figuring out what that something is gets a lot easier.

Don’t force it into a box of what you think it’s supposed to mean – let it come to you however it does.

Mine was an offhand comment someone made many years ago saying “When you’re not talking, something is out of whack!”  One of my early nicknames was Motor Mouth (and that surprises no one who knows me well) but this comment was said at the right time for it to pop into my consciousness that yeah, something IS going on and it’s showing up as me not wanting to engage with anyone.

Next, set the intention to notice when it happens and what’s going on around you.  That will give you a clue what kinds of things trigger that pattern and since you have the meaning already associated with it, you can get an instant diagnosis right from your own soul about what is going on deep inside you.

Just like learning to work with your intuition, this takes practice and trust.  It takes you observing a repetitive action and then opening up to the underlying meaning of that action.  Once you are able to get this down, you have honed your inner GPS to an even higher degree than before.  Look for it to give you feedback and then use that feedback to understand what’s happening in your life and what things you want to shift, change or remove altogether.

Doing this won’t solve all your problems but it will help you become more aware of your inner workings and when that comes into consciousness, that’s when change can happen.  For me, that quiet signal means I’m working on something big so I know to allow myself time to flesh it out, time to get quiet and space to prepare for what’s coming. It usually means a big breakthrough is right around the corner.

This week, allow yourself to notice the little signals your unconscious sends you. You don’t have to interpret them or know what to do with them. Just notice them.  The rest comes naturally.

Thanks for listening. I hope you have a wonderful week.  This is Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com.  Bye for now.

Leaving doesn’t hurt less even when you know …

… that there is so much more on the other side and that life doesn’t really end, it just changes form.

Source: weheartit.com via Ivonne on Pinterest

One of my good friends from my early 20’s died yesterday from a particularly virulent kind of breast cancer. I haven’t seen her in many years but we often chatted in email once we got back in touch and I was there for this part of her journey. As a writer, she chronicled her illness with brutal honesty that bypassed pretty pink ribbons.

And even though I know that I will see her again, I am carrying a sadness about all of it that I can’t really name.

Before she died, she came to me (telepathically). I knew it was her because she greeted me by my maiden name as was our habit back in the day. I could hear her voice so clearly telling me not to be sad, that she was finally free and loving things now that she was out of that body. Her soul spoke to me with joy and peace and a calm that felt to me like floating on top of the ocean.

Being able to communicate with those on the other side and knowing in my heart that we continue on IS a great comfort to me.

When I *finally* accepted the reality that my goddaughter was dying and it was her soul’s wish to leave, I found comfort in knowing that I’d hear from her.

Same with my mom – the last thing I told her before she passed away was “You know I can hear you so come talk to me.”

And they do speak to us in so many ways if we are willing to stretch and BELIEVE it is from them.

With all my heart I believe there are no coincidences. The song that plays at exactly the right moment or the oracle card that falls on the floor that holds a message you need to hear – messages all.

If you are feeling the loss of someone you love, ask them to make their energetic presence known. Don’t dismiss what shows up. Open your heart and receive the gift you’ve been given, the gift you asked for. It might not come as a bolt out of the blue but it comes.

It comes.

Podcast #48: Faith-walking

I came up with a nifty new term called “Faith-walking” (I like that one! It sounds so woo-woo-ish!).

In today’s podcast, I’m talking about what that is, what it means to do it and how you can continue your work with your Higher-Self when you do this.

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Podcast #47 Faithwalking

Hi and welcome to the Practically Intuitive Podcast! This is Lisa from practically intuitive.com and I’m so happy to have this chance to talk with you today.

As I was pondering the topic for today’s podcast, I played with the idea of what spiritual guidance looks like. I was pouring a cup of coffee this morning when the word “faithwalking” came to me. Walking in faith.

To me, that’s what it is when you act on guidance. You have no idea what to do with the information given but you do know one thing: you can’t NOT do it.

It’s when you are pulled toward doing something for which there is no logical reason. And no, I’m not talking about the cookie dough in your fridge calling your name at 11pm.

I’m going to assume here that you’re comfortable with the idea of Guides and Teachers in Spirit and the fact that you can ask them for help. There’s no special incantation or dance you must do in your yard on the first night of the third quarter moon to get that help. You just ask. It really is that easy.

Some of us hear their response, some feel it, some just know it. However YOU get your guidance is fine. Don’t judge it. Let it just come to you, be open and accept it with love and gratitude.

Remember all the feelings and fear I went through about signing up for Crossfit classes? That was me acting on guidance. I know, without question, that there’s something there for me that’s much larger than just getting a bit more comfortable in my body. I know this because there was no running from it. It was this weird, inexorable pull, almost as if I were being moved without my conscious consent.

It feels very much like I handed my Higher Self the car keys and said “Let’s go for a ride!”.

There have been a few places that this feeling has shown up for me recently. Am I scared? Hell yeah. But I am faithwalking. Because I know that when guidance shows up this way, pulling me forward, something really big is on the other side.

What would faithwalking look like for you?

Would you be able to receive guidance from your team and take action on it even though you couldn’t see the logical reason for doing so?
What about doing that brings up some fear or doubt?

The way through that and on to action is to just acknowledge the fear. Say it out loud to the moon if you have to. Instead of pushing it away or feeling ridiculous and trying to ride over top of it, just say it out loud.

Say “Yep, I hear you and to tell you the truth, I’m scared to death to take this action. I don’t know why I’m doing it and it feels all kinds of weird but I’m going to do it anyway.”

Then, release that fear to the wind. Let it go. Try not to dwell on it.

I’ve been dwelling a bit and my Guides keep telling me to just chill and trust. Easy for them to say, right?

Even us hard-core faithwalkers get scared. So don’t be surprised if it shows up for you, too. Just acknowledge it and walk into the action.
Here’s an assignment for you: This week, ask your Guides and Higher Self for one action that requires you to faith-walk. Take the very first thing that comes to mind after asking and go do it. Whatever it is. Do it. It might be big. It might be small. Just do it (to coin a phrase!)

And then witness yourself, almost as if from a distance, as you take that action and see what comes up for you. Do you feel empowered? Do you feel accomplished? Or do you feel something else entirely?

When I talk about being conscious, this is how it’s done. You receive guidance, you act on that guidance and you note what comes up for you as you do it.

After the first few sessions of Crossfit, I drove home crying. And not a sad crying but more of an energetic release. I just let the tears flow. Last week, after a good workout, I drove home and felt not tears but elation. I had crossed a bridge from emotional release to a sort of physical triumph and it felt good. It felt like I had broken through a layer that I didn’t even know existed.

When you start acting on things with consciousness, the flow becomes apparent and it gets immeasurably easier to move into that action. There are fewer questions and less fear about acting on guidance.

And that is how you faith-walk. If you do try it this week, I’d love to hear about it. Please leave a comment on PracticallyIntuitive.com.

Speaking of faith-walking, I am going to be shifting and changing Practically Intuitive around quite a bit in the next few months. I hope you all will come along with me as I begin this adventure. I think you’ll like it!

Thanks again for listening – this is Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com. Bye for now.

Podcast #47: What’s the big deal about coaches, anyway?

Coaching is a pretty big deal these days.
There are business coaches, personal coaches, and of course, the time-tested sports coach.
All of them help us be our best self with some (often tough) love, perseverance and holding a vision for us we cannot yet hold.
In today’s podcast, I talk about how eye-opening it is to have a coach in an area where you are particularly vulnerable.
Listen in!

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Podcast #47  What’s the big deal about coaches?

Hi everyone and welcome to the Practically Intuitive podcast. I’m Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com and on these podcasts I talk about all kinds of things from chit chatting with the dead to how to live your life consciously to bringing more self-authority into your life.

I like to keep the focus on practical matters so you can see that the woo-woo isn’t all ‘out there’ somewhere but right inside you.  All you have to do is decide to use it.

Today I’m asking the question: What’s the big deal about coaches? Good lord, there are coaches everywhere: life coaches, business coaches, sports coaches – well, they’ve been around forever, haven’t they?  There’s a coach for just about anything you want to learn about.

Do you even need one? I mean, you could go to a therapist or talk to your best friend over lattes or journal your butt off. Same thing, right?

No, not so much.

Here’s why: when you engage a coach, you are saying YES to seeing things differently. You are being willing to allow someone in close enough to see you and help you see the things you’re missing.

Well, doesn’t a therapist do that?  Kinda sorta but in general, a therapist has more of a focus on what’s happened in the past,  helping you untangle what got you here and offers strategies to integrate the healing into your life.  It’s a very structured relationship with tight ethical boundaries as proscribed by law.

A coach, on the other hand, is often a less-formal kind of relationship, more of a partnership where they walk along side you, pointing out the rocks and stuff so you don’t fall.  Coaches are more actively involved in your life than a therapist might be.

I’ve had a couple coaches in my life along with therapists (often at the same time!) and each has their role in helping me navigate the icky stuff in my life (and celebrate the wonderful stuff!).

As I’ve said in the past, I don’t fear emotional work.  So, I’m probably an ideal client because I love to get in there and dig around.

But I really came to understand the role of a coach in a setting that was, for me, very different.  And I wanted to share with you how it really brought home how much we thrive with the right support.

Yes, I went to the crossfit appointment and though I felt intimidated, I showed up.  Shannon greeted me and asked a bunch of questions and tried to get a feel for where I am physically. She had no judgment and I felt seen and heard as I sat on the couch and cried. (Still with the crying, I know!)

While I had some little fantasy of being taken to a room off the side where chubby chicks can crossfit without embarrassment, that was not quite the reality.

She put me right out in front of all the grunting, sweaty guys lifting weights.  And she stepped me through a short version of a crossfit work out.

I lost my fear, I lost my intimidation and all I felt was “I can do this!” because she helped me every step of the way.  She truly coached me in a way I’ve never experienced before because I’ve never, ever put my physical self out there that way before.

I signed up right then and there for twelve 30 minute appointments (2x a week) because she helped me see myself through her eyes.

One of the things I do well is see the potential in others. As a coach myself, I hold that vision until my client can see that potential too.  Then we walk toward it together.

This is what Shannon did for me last week.  She held the vision that I can trust my body to do these things.  And while I may not believe in that yet, I believe in her belief in me. For right now, that’s enough to get me to crossfit Mondays and Wednesday.

Can you imagine how much you’d thrive with just the right support?

Do you even know what that looks like?  I’d love to hear what you consider to be “just the right support” to help you move in the direction of your goals.

Please share in the comments below because while coaches are an awesome resource, they’re not the only ones who can give us what we need.  Who has supported you?

Finally, I’m really excited to be part of Jodi Chapman’s E-course called “Coming Back to Life”.  I’m involved in Week 4 which is all about opening to your intuition.  I’ve recorded a video with some hints and tips and things to look out for as you dive even more deeply into your inner wisdom.

You can join before 9/1 for the special earlybird price of 77$ and have this course delivered right to your inbox starting October 1st.  Lots of great people are sharing their stories and it looks to be chock full of information and practical exercises to help re-awaken your soul to the work it came here to do.

That’s a wrap for this week –  I hope you’ll come by the Practically Intuitive facebook page, there’s always something going on there!

Until next time, this is Lisa from Practically Intuitive.com Bye for now!





(UBC) Day 30: Do you do it alone??

There’s talk in political circles these days about how there are many people, services, products and wonderful inventions (oh, internets, I love you so) that helped get you to where you are.

Not surprising to anyone who knows me, I believe that we are a blend of those who have helped and influenced us (for better or worse) and not one of us got where we are today alone.

Not one of us.

Today, I’m thanking a few who have helped me get right here, right now. And wherever else it is I’m going. I am on my path because they helped me get there.

My Mom and Dad

Mom was an intuitive who “just knew things” but didn’t know what to do with that skill.

Dad was an aspiring priest who spent years in the Franciscan brotherhood before they kicked him out because of his health. (And yes, kicked him out – this was 1955, they told him to leave and gave him $50 and put him out on the street. Nice, eh?)

Together, they created me – an intuitive who “just knows things”, talks to angels and lives a deeply spiritual life. I am a blend of both their passions and gifts. I wouldn’t be me without them (literally and figuratively)

My Goddaughter Lauren

From her trip to Italy in 2004 right before she was diagnosed.

I talk about her here often – she’s the child of my soul and the sweetest, kindest, most loving person I’ve ever met.

When I jumped headfirst into the metaphysical, she trusted me enough to go there with me, even though it scared her very Catholic parents.

It was through her that I learned that the soul has lessons and intentions that make no sense to those of us who are watching and praying for other things to happen.

I learned to pray for what was in someone’s highest good and not for what my human self wanted.

And I learned that you can’t offer your life in place of another (I tried, oh how I tried, to bargain my life for hers) because it doesn’t work that way. Her soul had work to do and when it was done, she left.

She talks to me even now from the other side, letting me know that even though she’s no longer in the physical, she’s really *right there* with me like she always was. There will never be one day where I don’t miss her sweetly goofy self.

Mystery Person #33

I got squarely on my spiritual path after MP#33 departed my life quite abruptly many years ago. I had to come face-to-face with who I was and where I was going and in the depths of this depression, out came my intuitive gifts in full bloom.

This classic “dark night of the soul” could have only been put in motion by this person and in this way. For that and a lot of other reasons, it was a pivotal relationship in my life and they remain one of my greatest teachers.

The Hubs

Uncle Bill and nephew Luke

No one supports me more or wants me to succeed more than he does. Even though he doesn’t “get” a whole lot of what I do or even believes a lot of it, he believes in me and makes it his work to support me in mine.

He’s thoughtful, he’s kind, and he has a secret little heart that he shows almost no one. (Except me and the dogs, pretty much.)

I am able to do my work in the world as I want because of his support. He’s my partner, my friend and my greatest ally.

It’s so funny that this post didn’t start out being about these wonderful people. I was going to write about teachers and mentors on my path but this is what came out of my fingers today. I figured somehow my Higher Self bypassed the ego and went straight for the heart. Who knows?

Who are the people who have helped you on your path in some way?

Do you know who they are or what their role has been in that process?

And to show you that I support you on YOUR path, if you leave a comment on this post, I’ll enter your name in a contest to win a 30 minute reading – FREE!