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Well, that’s exhausting!

I’ve just returned from Luminosity in Utah, a 2-day training focused on how to put on a successful event and it was eye-opening in about a million ways.

I saw how easily and fluidly I slipped right back into Supporter mode. I was only too happy to be in the background taking care of others. After all, it’s been my work for over thirty years in my former job. Second in command is my sweet spot.

Yet, I had to remind myself that this is not where my true brilliance lives.

Can I do it? Yes.

Am I good at it? Yes.

Is it where I shine? NO. It’s where I hide. 

(Insert screeching sound here)

It’s not who I am at soul level but it’s who I can be without much effort. The effort? Oh, that comes when I stretch out of my snuggly zone o’comfort and show up as my real self. (Bleah. That feels scary just saying it.)

Thing is (and maybe this is true for you, too), I have spent most of my life in compartments. There is one person in the world who knows me down to the core and we’ve been friends for over thirty years. Everyone else gets a version of me. But not all of me.

And at the ripe old age of 55, I’m finally getting just how damn exhausting it is to have to remember who sees what side of me.  It’s exhausting pretending that I have all my stuff together all the time.

(Anyone there with me? Raise your hand!)

When you are the face of your business, there’s some sort of quiet pact that you don’t show all the stuff going on behind the scenes. Who wants to work with someone if they run around looking like a hot mess all the time?

Truth: We are all hot messes some of the time. We are all raging brilliant stars some of the time.

We are *all parts* of who we *are all the time*. 

If you’ve been compartmentalizing parts of who you are, is that still serving you? Is it supporting your intention of where you want to go (or who you choose to be)?

If not, here are a couple questions to think about, journal on or talk about with a friend for increased clarity:

1) What’s the value of hiding parts of myself from others? We never do anything without some sort of payoff so if you’ve been doing it, there’s a reason. Bring that reason (or reasons) into awareness so you can choose something different that serves you NOW.

2) What if the only thing that’s stopping you from creating the future you truly desire is every limitation about yourself that you bought as real? What’s possible if you were to release those limitations and look at what you truly desire?

Truth be told, I’ve been working on this whole compartmentalization thing for six years, peeling away layers and layers of stories I told myself or were given to me and I believed. It doesn’t happen overnight that POOF! the box is gone. It happens action by action, intention by intention.

By bringing awareness to it (as in noticing how easily I slipped into that supporter role and disappeared into the woodwork), I can make a different choice.

So can you. 


By Lisa Wechtenhiser


Is your email overflowing with the 8,000 newsletters you subscribed to over the years?

Are you being bombarded with “experts” telling you that their class will solve all your problems and make you an internet millionaire?

Is your Facebook feed littered with “friends” talking about the most inane things imaginable?

I say “Stop the Noise!” – just turn it all off.

You cannot hear that “still small voice” inside you with so much noise going on all around you.


Why aren’t you asking for help? It’s right there!

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

I was talking with one of my wonderful clients today and she asked me this question: “If people know that there’s support and help from their Guides and the Universe, why don’t they take advantage of it?”

Good question!

personal_and_professional_coaching_1_Why wouldn’t someone open up to the love, wisdom and company that they offer?

There are probably many, many reasons but the first one that comes to me is just plain fear.

Fear of:

*Being disappointed – what if I start to rely on them and then something big happens and they’re nowhere to be found?? I’ll feel like a fool for having trusted in something I can’t see AND I won’t have anyone to walk with me when the going gets tough.

*Asking for what I want and then it doesn’t show up.

* Walking a different path than those around me – what will people say if I tell them I can hear (feel, see, talk with) my Guides? Will someone put me in the nuthouse?

Just because we can sit here and say all that sounds silly and none of it happens (or I’d be blogging to you from ye olde nuthouse on the corner!), it still feels very real. It’s hard to trust in what you cannot see and know for sure. That need to know FOR SURE stops a lot of people right in their tracks.

It stops them from asking for help.

It stops them from receiving that help when they have asked.

Your Guides and Teachers can only help you if you ask. Period.

And, as I talked about a few posts ago, they cannot and will not play the part of your master. They are your partners. That means you have to step up and do your part by asking AND then taking action.

Don’t let fear stop you from stepping up and asking for help.

Don’t let the need to know WHY things happen as they do stop you from taking action on the guidance you get. Sometimes, you can only see the ‘why’ in hindsight (sometimes, not at all!) – the trick is just acting in faith. (I call it “Faith-Walking”)

The help is there.

ASK for it to reveal itself to you in whatever way is for your highest good.

And act on what shows up.

Are you looking for a partner or a master?

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

So, it’s 2013, right? Things are different than even just last year.

New energies.

New vibrations.


Are you still hanging out in the old paradigm?

The one that says someone else knows better than you do?

The one that says you are but a lowly sinner who has to be saved?

The one where you can just take orders from someone else “in charge” thereby sidestepping any responsibility?


Are you looking for a master?

Think about it.

What’s stopping you from being the master of your own life?

Let’s talk about that because for you to be able to step into the new, higher-resonating energies, you have to (HAVE TO) understand a few things.

First, the only way to really, truly change things in your life is to take ownership of them. The good, the bad, the meh. All of it is through your own (most likely unconscious) thoughts and actions.

Second, even though it seems like it a lot of the time, no one else knows what is best for you. Only you (your higher self and your soul) know the lessons you chose when you incarnated and what experiences offer you those lessons.

Third, learning to trust that you really DO have that knowledge within you and acting on that knowing is the single biggest thing you can do to change your life.

Really. It is.

Until you really get that you are the master, you cannot have a partnership with your team of Guides and Teachers in Spirit.


Because you are looking for a master and they will not accept that role.

They CANNOT accept that role. It is not their right to do so nor is it yours to give them.

But plenty of people sure want to give it away.

I mentioned in an earlier post about how I created a “Coaching with your Spirit Guides” program several years ago. The intent was for me to channel messages from someone’s team and we’d discuss actions they could take to put it into play. Yeah. No. It didn’t work out that way at all in real life. What ended up happening is that people were waiting to see what their Guides said about everything, not making a move until they cleared it with them.

When I saw that pattern emerge, I stopped the program and started working with my clients on why they wanted so desperately to give away their power.

Your Guides cannot fully help you to the best of their abilities until you start calling the shots.

So, what’s it going to be?

Follow the old rules, trust someone else to tell you what to do?

Or, are you willing to create a partnership with your Guides and Teachers? Are you willing to accept the role of master of your own life and all that comes with it?

Which will it be?

Only you know the answer.

Are you breathing death into someone’s aura?

breathing fire

“Breathing death into someone’s aura” – that’s some imagery for you, right there.

It’s a turn of phrase used by David Neagle in his course “Art of Success II” as he’s talking about why one needs to stop gossiping.

Now, we all know that gossiping is a crap thing to do and we all still do it. (I admit it. I do it, too.) Yet, as a highly conscious person (or someone striving to be highly conscious), it’s one of those habits that needs to stop.


You really ARE “breathing death into someone’s aura” – that is a perfect explanation of what gossiping is on an energetic level.

From my perspective, gossip energy feels like “I need to bring you down so I feel better about myself”. It’s low vibration because it comes from a place of feeling “not good enough” (for what or whom is a question only you can answer). It’s just a way to make yourself feel better about what’s going on inside you – a way to manage the feelings you don’t quite want to deal with. So you shoot them out the side in the form of gossip and you feel momentarily better.

And now, Lisa’s true life story #874


Let me learn to fly

learning to fly

Let me fall like a stone in the water
Let me fall like a plane out of the sky
Let me crash, let me burn my heart out
Let me learn to fly – David Cook

I woke up with this refrain in my head at 3am this morning. I often wake up with songs going through my head – like my inner radio is stuck on “WWTF- all confusing snippets, all the time” but this one felt different.

Let me  fall like a stone in the water

A stone in the water … sinking, having no recourse but to sink. To give in, to yield, to accept its new home.

Let me fall like a plane out of the sky

A plane out of the sky …. something going wrong, no giving, no yielding, fighting desperately to right itself

Let me crash, let me burn my heart out

Let me crash – acceptance, can’t change the situation, “I give ….”

Let me learn to fly

Let me learn what I can and run with it, all on my own. Let me fly now.

A short while ago I started writing a post about what it feels like to break with a teacher who had been a major influence in my life and all the mixed feelings that come with that. It was such an emotional topic for me that I stopped in the middle of writing it to create a Facebook page for my cat so I didn’t have to deal with everything that got stirred up by it. And I never went back to finish that post.

Sometimes, outgrowing the need for a certain kind of teacher is a smooth process. You both realize that the relationship has run its course and everyone just sort of moves on.

And other times, (more…)