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Special Offer: Removing Energetic Cords of Attachment + Meet Your Spirit Guide Team!

mooring-rope-238925_150Imagine you have two ropes between you and another person – one white and one gray.

The white rope is chock full of all the fun you’ve had, nifty vacations, and the joy you both have when with each other.  That’s the Spiritual Tie.

The gray rope is full of the arguments, the time she was snitty with you and it hurt your feelings and the three times you didn’t really listen when she was sad.

That gray rope? It’s a crappy cord of attachment.

While you will never, ever lose the spiritual tie with another, you can release that blasted cord of attachment any time you like.

Yes, you can let go of your end of the gray rope and by doing so, release all the energy that’s flowing back and forth between you – the hurt feelings, the anger, even the competition.

Just drop that end of the rope.

But you get to keep holding on to the white rope and continue to feel all the joy that’s between you two.  You don’t have to hold both ropes – just the one that makes you happy.

Energetic cords of attachment (that yucky gray rope) hold the energetic patterns between you and someone else – primarily the toxic patterns between you. Even when you end the relationship with someone, the patterns set in place during the time you were together flow back and forth in that cord 24/7.

When you remove the cord you essentially unplug from that toxic energy and opens you up to hold your own feelings without being influenced by the toxic stuff of another. It’s like unplugging a noisy air conditioner that no longer works well. It’s just noisy and you’re hot all the time, right?

Wouldn’t it be nice to just turn that off? Instant relief!

If you’ve got these patterns going on in your energy field all the time, they are affecting you on several levels – many of those levels are unconscious. But whether conscious or not, they affect you. How could they not?

Common cords of attachment are between parent and child, current and ex-spouses and partners, co-workers, friends — anywhere you feel a big “charge” around a person.

Three reasons to remove energetic cords of attachment

NUMBER 1: You are being affected every single minute by these toxic energies

Whether the flow of energy is into you or out of you, you are being affected on many levels – mentally, emotionally, intuitively … and in ways you might not see.

By removing that energy flow (in whichever way it’s going) you take back what is yours and use it for your own benefit.

Example: Let’s say that Sally and her friend had a big fight over that boyfriend from ten years ago. And while Sally has forgiven her friend for her part in the mess, secretly (in a place no one wants to admit to) Sally is still mad at her. She feels betrayed and angry.

Which way is the energy flowing in this case? Most likely FROM Sally TO her friend and in that cord are all those things Sally doesn’t want to talk about: betrayal, sure. Anger, yep.

But what about sadness, and feeling “less than” her because her boyfriend left for her friend? All that and so much more are running around in Sally’s energy field 24/7.

Really. It is.

By removing that cord, Sally is able to stop all that yuck from flowing out of her into her friend. She gets to use that energy she was putting out (on an unconscious level) for her own benefit. How nice to get a big WHOOOSH! of your own energy back, eh?

NUMBER 2: You come to an understanding of the dynamics that play(ed) out in the relationship.

When I peer into the cord and the energies it contained and share that, it helps validate for you what was really going on between you and that person. Where was the flow of energy? What did it say about the relationship overall? Lots of light bulb moments show up in this part of the healing work.  

“Awareness is 99% of everything” says my coach Jaelin Reece.  And it is.  Having an understanding of the energetic dynamics helps you see where else that’s going on in your life.

NUMBER 3:  You are just ending the toxic flow of energies between you and another. By cutting the cord of attachment, you’re not taking that person out of your life.

Sometimes, I get asked if cutting the cord means you’ll lose the relationship.

Not at all.

You now get to make that choice now FREE of all the yuck clouding the picture.

Example: Say you cut the cord with that annoying co-worker. You’ll still see them and can choose to engage with them on any level you want. What’s different, though, is the *charge* between you now is removed. Maybe it bugged you whenever they left early while you stayed and worked.

After removing this cord, it might feel like you’re just watching a movie of someone leaving work early rather than hearing the same old refrain in your head “How come she gets to do whatever she wants and I’m stuck here. My life sucks. I need a new job.” and on and on and on. Much easier to deal with from a distance, I think.

A session of energetic cord removal won’t make you taller, thinner (damn!) or smarter. But it will help you get rid of some toxic junk floating around in your energy field and allow you to see even more clearly what you want. I think that’s a lovely benefit!

Want to know even more about energetic cords of attachment? Here you go! Read on, McDuff!

Here’s a special offer good through February 28th, 2014:

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Small Print

1) You do not need to have your session(s) before February 28th. You just need to schedule the appointment before that date.
2) Offer expires midnight (eastern time) February 28th, 2014
3) Questions? Feel free to email me with anything you’d like to ask.

Are you hanging out with astral entities?

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

The short answer: Don’t. Not that they’re evil or bad or anything remotely like that. But you are allowing another entity to drain you of your precious energy and if you’re living here on planet Earth (and let’s just assume you are!), you will need all your own energy.

The long answer: Yeah, don’t hang out with them.

Let’s talk first about what astral entities are so if you’re new to this topic, you’ll be on the same page.

I’ve blogged about them before but as a refresher, astral entities are energetic pieces of a deceased’s astral body. For whatever reason, those parts have not made the transition from the Earth plane and sustain themselves by glomming onto the life force energy of other humans.

star man

Again, let me stress that there’s no possession or evil intent on the part of those energetic pieces. They are just not ready to leave here.

Those who shine big lights out into the Universe (most if not all Lightworkers) are welcoming beacons for these energies precisely because our lights are so bright. And if you don’t take care of pulling in your energetic boundaries, you could be the unwelcome recipient of a visit by them!

They also like to visit those who may not be sending out big lights but who have holes in their auric field, allowing bits of their energy to peek out. I’ve learned that those who are addicted to alcohol, drugs and other lower-vibrational activities offer an especially rich environment for these entities. They feed off the energies of shame, rage, compulsion, fear and self-pity (among others).

Now, onto why you might not want them hanging out with you.

As I mentioned above, they feed off your energy. That’s how they exist. It’s also how YOU exist. You don’t need to be providing energetic sustenance to anyone but yourself, right?

Here are a few examples of how hosting these energies takes away from your daily life:

1) Are you experiencing intense cravings for junk food, sugar, drugs, sex, etc? That might be a result of having an entity (or multiple ones) in your energy field. Especially if this craving is new or hits you out of the blue.

2) Ever feel “not like yourself”? I have that happen every once in a while where I’m bored inside and nothing makes me happy or brings joy. Like that Bruce Springsteen song “Dancing in the Dark”, you just get “tired and bored with (your)self” – that’s when I know I need a nice clearing of my aura.

3) Violent thought forms (this is, obviously, on the extreme side of the scale) – if you are feeling especially hateful toward others or find yourself driving aggressively when you usually don’t, it’s definitely an indication that something is going on. It could very well be that you’ve got some energies skulking around who are causing some of this.

These are just a few examples of how you can be affected by these energies. There are lots more all up and down the continuum. I’ve heard it said that a good deal of what looks like mental illness is caused by extreme forms of astral entity possession and I would not be surprised to find out the truth of that.

What you can do to avoid hosting these lovely little critters

It’s so important to have good energetic boundaries. So, so important. And especially so if you are one who works with others in that arena. I was fortunate (thanks, Universe!) to find excellent teachers at the beginning of my journey who taught me habits to keep my aura in good shape. (And if you’re an empath, oh lordy! That goes double for you!!)

Here are my suggestions for hanging out your “closed for business” sign to astral entities:

* Start by consciously closing off your energy every day. Here’s a snippet of an affirmation I use (found in a book by Susan Shumsky): “I close off my aura to all but my own higher self and those beings of only the highest vibration who are with me at the choice of my soul” – note the free will piece in there – “at the choice of my soul” – you are taking conscious ownership of your energetic boundaries.

* Note any time you feel “not like you” and look back to see if you’ve been visiting a lot of bars, hospitals, nursing homes, cemeteries – these are all places astrals like to hang out. Even if you’ve not been visiting those establishments, if you’re feeling not like yourself, start doing the affirmation mentioned above several times a day. When you start routinely denying them space, no one will be knocking on your (auric) door after a short time.

* Everything is by intention so if you feel like there’s some stuff in your energy field that doesn’t belong to you, say outloud 3x “All that does not belong to me, please leave.” Call in Archangel Michael if you wish – he’s aces at removing what no longer belongs. Ask him to take what does not belong to you and transmute it with love and light and power for the highest good. He’s always at the ready to help. Take advantage of that help – he can’t intervene without you asking for it.

There’s lots of info out there on the web about astral entities and I’ve listed a few below that I find are accurate according to my experience. If you happen across information that frightens you or intimidates you, click off that page.

There’s no need to be afraid of any of this, truly.

I’ve been in this realm for over ten years and have never, ever been afraid of anything I’ve come across in personal experience. Remember, too, that fear is one of those lower vibrations that allows entities to sneak their way in, so turn away from that energy and keep moving in the direction of Light and Divine Power.

Here are some resources I recommend should you want to read more about astral entities:

Clearing lower astral entities – excellent article on how to remove them once you realize they’ve gained entry into your precious energy.

Freeing yourself from Entity Possession – don’t let the word “possession” freak you out. We’re not talking Exorcist here, K? This is a good site with lots of info on what astrals are, how they affect you and ways to help them move along.

Astral Entities and Spirits: Can they make you go insane or do crazy things: by the marvelous Anna of Psychic But Sane. Anna and I studied with the same teacher and we hold similar views on these topics. I know and respect Anna a lot and you can’t go wrong with any information she shares on a variety of topics.

Have you had an experience with an astral entity? Please share in the comments section.

And if you think you might have some hanging out with you and need some help identifying them or getting them gone for good, email me. I can help.

Why aren’t you asking for help? It’s right there!

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

I was talking with one of my wonderful clients today and she asked me this question: “If people know that there’s support and help from their Guides and the Universe, why don’t they take advantage of it?”

Good question!

personal_and_professional_coaching_1_Why wouldn’t someone open up to the love, wisdom and company that they offer?

There are probably many, many reasons but the first one that comes to me is just plain fear.

Fear of:

*Being disappointed – what if I start to rely on them and then something big happens and they’re nowhere to be found?? I’ll feel like a fool for having trusted in something I can’t see AND I won’t have anyone to walk with me when the going gets tough.

*Asking for what I want and then it doesn’t show up.

* Walking a different path than those around me – what will people say if I tell them I can hear (feel, see, talk with) my Guides? Will someone put me in the nuthouse?

Just because we can sit here and say all that sounds silly and none of it happens (or I’d be blogging to you from ye olde nuthouse on the corner!), it still feels very real. It’s hard to trust in what you cannot see and know for sure. That need to know FOR SURE stops a lot of people right in their tracks.

It stops them from asking for help.

It stops them from receiving that help when they have asked.

Your Guides and Teachers can only help you if you ask. Period.

And, as I talked about a few posts ago, they cannot and will not play the part of your master. They are your partners. That means you have to step up and do your part by asking AND then taking action.

Don’t let fear stop you from stepping up and asking for help.

Don’t let the need to know WHY things happen as they do stop you from taking action on the guidance you get. Sometimes, you can only see the ‘why’ in hindsight (sometimes, not at all!) – the trick is just acting in faith. (I call it “Faith-Walking”)

The help is there.

ASK for it to reveal itself to you in whatever way is for your highest good.

And act on what shows up.

What happens to someone on the other end of an energetic cord of attachment?

Lisa Wechtenhiser

Let’s say you have a friend and for fun, let’s call her Gladys.

Well, she used to be your friend but lately something has happened and she’s turned against you. She’s been hanging out with your group of friends and not asking you along.

Come to find out, she’s also undermining your efforts at the job where you both work. Out of nowhere, your life has begun to suck and suck hard thanks to whatever Gladys has going on.

You decide that you can’t take it anymore and would like to just be rid of this whole mess. But you still have to see her at work. And your friends still want her to hang out when you all get together.

Outside of hiding in your house forever, what can you do to shift that situation? There’s no changing Gladys, right?


There’s only changing you.


So, you engage me to do a session of healing where we sever the energetic cord of attachment with your former pal. We call in the wonderfully amazing Archangel Michael to do the big work, Archangel Raphael to help with the healing afterwards and any other Divine Being you wish to have there as well. It’s a beautiful process where the cord that contains all the crappy toxic stuff between you and Gladys is removed, leaving only the nice stuff (memories that you cherish, unconditional love, etc.). We look at the patterns that were active between you both and often come to understand the underlying dynamics of the relationship.

Having both energetic healing and the conscious understanding of what was going on is a powerful way to shift this situation. It can make a huge difference in how you handle things because Gladys’s behavior may no longer poke you in quite the same way as before. Pretty cool, eh?

But, what about Gladys? Will she know we did some psychic level surgery that involved her aura? Will she look at you sideways as you walk past her at work?

Short answer: NOPE.

Longer answer: Your pal Gladys won’t feel a thing. That’s because, as far as her aura is concerned, nothing has changed. We know a LOT has changed on your side. But on hers? Nothing.

This is because of a little something called Divine Homeostasis. It’s a lovely balancing act the Divine Being in charge of your healing work does as a part of the job. Archangel Michael ensures that nothing happens to the energy of the other individual because they did not give conscious permission to sever that cord.

You did give that conscious permission (as part of our work) so you are the one who will feel the effect of it.

Gladys continues on, unaware that you’ve done anything at all.

Removing a cord of attachment is sort of like unplugging something from the wall socket. The power may still be on but there’s no cord there for it to flow through. The cord is still attached on Gladys’s side, but that energy is no longer being pumped into you.

How will your life change as a result of removing that cord of attachment?

That varies from person to person but one of the things I see most often in my clients is a feeling of distance from the situation. In the case of your friend Gladys, it could mean that her behavior no longer hurts the way it did before. We’ve removed the toxic stuff between you so it’s almost like you were watching her actions on a movie screen. You see them, but they don’t affect you the way they once did.

This is the most profound healing I facilitate in my work.


I’ve experienced having many of my own cords released and have seen first-hand the changes that can come from something seemingly so simple. And I’ve seen it with my clients as well. Big changes happen when you work on that energetic plane.

For more information on Cords of Attachment, what they are and why it serves you *now* to release them, check out these links

Listen to my podcast about cutting energetic cords
3 Reasons to Cut a Cord of Attachment
Purchase a Cutting Energetic Cord of Attachment Session
What happens in a reading?

Questions? Please comment below and I’ll answer them all.

Or, email me to discuss your situation privately and see if this healing would help you.

Are you looking for a partner or a master?

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

So, it’s 2013, right? Things are different than even just last year.

New energies.

New vibrations.


Are you still hanging out in the old paradigm?

The one that says someone else knows better than you do?

The one that says you are but a lowly sinner who has to be saved?

The one where you can just take orders from someone else “in charge” thereby sidestepping any responsibility?


Are you looking for a master?

Think about it.

What’s stopping you from being the master of your own life?

Let’s talk about that because for you to be able to step into the new, higher-resonating energies, you have to (HAVE TO) understand a few things.

First, the only way to really, truly change things in your life is to take ownership of them. The good, the bad, the meh. All of it is through your own (most likely unconscious) thoughts and actions.

Second, even though it seems like it a lot of the time, no one else knows what is best for you. Only you (your higher self and your soul) know the lessons you chose when you incarnated and what experiences offer you those lessons.

Third, learning to trust that you really DO have that knowledge within you and acting on that knowing is the single biggest thing you can do to change your life.

Really. It is.

Until you really get that you are the master, you cannot have a partnership with your team of Guides and Teachers in Spirit.


Because you are looking for a master and they will not accept that role.

They CANNOT accept that role. It is not their right to do so nor is it yours to give them.

But plenty of people sure want to give it away.

I mentioned in an earlier post about how I created a “Coaching with your Spirit Guides” program several years ago. The intent was for me to channel messages from someone’s team and we’d discuss actions they could take to put it into play. Yeah. No. It didn’t work out that way at all in real life. What ended up happening is that people were waiting to see what their Guides said about everything, not making a move until they cleared it with them.

When I saw that pattern emerge, I stopped the program and started working with my clients on why they wanted so desperately to give away their power.

Your Guides cannot fully help you to the best of their abilities until you start calling the shots.

So, what’s it going to be?

Follow the old rules, trust someone else to tell you what to do?

Or, are you willing to create a partnership with your Guides and Teachers? Are you willing to accept the role of master of your own life and all that comes with it?

Which will it be?

Only you know the answer.

Who’s telling you to shut up?

Have you noticed the really intense energies flying around this past week? Between the election, mercury retrograde and a bunch of other things, it’s been a really wild week.

Here’s what’s shown up for me this week: I’ve had a few people tell me (in not so many words): don’t say what you’re saying. Don’t be open about what you believe.

And maybe I’m naive and this is the “thing” to do but I would never tell someone to stop sharing their thoughts and feelings (pedophiles and serial killers are one of the few exceptions and even then, I’d just report them to the authorities.)

If their beliefs are different than mine, fine. There are tons of sites around the interwebz that cater to all kinds of interests.

So I’m not sure what I did to bring this energy to me but clearly the lesson is: what am I not allowing MYSELF to say?

Ever heard the saying “As above, so below. As within, so without”?

If I am receiving the energy of “you shut up over there“, it’s mirroring something inside me that is also telling me to shut up. What is that part of me I don’t want to hear?