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As I was doing an email reading the other night, I thought it might be kind of fun for me to let you peek behind the curtain and see how it all comes together.  Readings done via email are a bit different from those done in person and it depends on what you’re seeking as to which kind of reading might be more appropriate.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to read, digest, come back, read some more and then take action then an email reading is probably just the right fit.

On the other hand, if you are someone who can take in a lot of information at one fell swoop and move on it, a call is a better choice.  One is not better than the other – just different.  I have found it so helpful to record the readings so that I can listen back to them later on (even years later) to get a big picture overview of where I was at that particular time.  And because I think a recording is so valuable, I am in the process of getting that set up so I can offer these along with the phone readings in the near future.

But, getting back to an email reading – let me share some of the process I go through as I’m doing them.  Each intuitive has their very own way of doing this so I’m speaking only for myself here.

I have two affirmations that I use to “set” the energy before I do a reading which create the energetic space for me to do the work.  It’s not a necessity but more of a nice energetic ritual I use.  

Hands poised above the keyboard, I invite the Guides and Teachers of the person for whom I’m reading to join me.  (I can often feel them gathering ahead of time, actually.)  Then, I move my rational mind out of the way and start typing.  

(By the way, moving my “Lisa brain” out of the way is the hardest part of this work.  Fears, doubts, worries …. those all belong to Lisa because when I’m pulling down guidance none of that exists.)

Each reading starts with the words “Dear One” as a salutation from the Guides.  They speak in a unified voice, identifying themselves as “We” and can sometimes sound stilted and overly formal.  I’m not sure why that is but I see it often through other channels and recognize the energetic vibration as the same.  
In these readings, the Guides will address questions the reader has given me and will often elaborate on other topics as they deem necessary. I have absolutely no idea what they will say before I begin nor do I have a sense of where they will end up. Basically, I’m just the transcriber, not the author.  

As I’m doing the readings, I will sometimes make a note of what kinds of feelings, thoughts, energies I’m getting as I’m doing the reading and always clearly note that they are from ME and not the Guides.

Here’s an example:

(Guides: We suggest you ask us for a sign that will be your SIGNAL to take a step forward.  It can be anything from a flower, to a song, to a particular kind of car. Tell us what you wish to see as that sign and then look for it.  

Ah! But here’s the hard part – what will you do when you see it? Will you take it as a sign or will you just say “That’s a coincidence.” and remain in your cocoon?  You must make a deal with us as you ask for that sign – the deal is that when you see it, you must take an action that will help you bring your idea out of your head.  Let’s say that you want to tell a friend about your idea but are worried that s/he will think you’re not being serious. Take a risk and share it with them.  It’s important that you anchor your faith in us and trust with action in the physical. Otherwise, it’s all just lovely fluff, isn’t it?

 (Lisa’s note again: I am getting the feeling that bringing out this idea of yours is pretty pivotal. It feels to me as if a very strong and positive path hinges on it, even.)

 (Your Guides laughed)  Yes, that is correct, it IS pretty big.  We know you know that but don’t want to acknowledge it.  That’s okay.  Just sit with the idea a bit and you will become more comfortable with it.

another example:

(Guides:) And now, to your most pressing question (or the one that has the most energy behind it):  a romantic partner.   First, we want to acknowledge the inner work you’ve done to remove blocks, change patterns of behavior and to generally look hard at *your*self and what shifts are needed.  

 (Lisa says: they bow as one. Like a group of five monks saying “Namaste” to you in unison.  It feels very sacred and that they are truly honoring your big work.)

and one more:

Lisa’s final note:  “Even-keeled” is the key word for your Guides.  Balanced and peaceful but willing to nudge you harder when needed.  The energy shifted when I was writing about the clairvoyant skills – harder edged – like they were literally pushing me to push you.  Not as floaty as earlier.  Interesting shifts.

I wish I could invite you inside my head as I am bringing through the information because it’s pretty cool.  It just flows from a place that is not me.  That’s the only way I can describe it.  Often, it comes too fast for my “thinking mind” to process.  For one reading in particular, the energy was so blazingly quick that I couldn’t type fast enough to get it all written as it was coming through.   I had to ask them to slow it down just a tad so I could get it all. (They did.)

In the third example above you can see where I comment on any energy shifts or changes that occurred and what I felt as I was doing the reading, hoping this adds to the picture that’s presented.  The readings can take an hour or more, depending on what comes through.  I just type until I feel the energy naturally draw to a close.  (I sometimes hear the words “Peace out” which means they are done transmitting.)

Each reading is unique to the person I’m reading for – I don’t use a template or anything else like that.  My agreement is that I share what I get – exactly as I get it.  Early on, I tried to change a word in a reading claiming that the person won’t know what that word meant.  Yeah. The Guides were having none of my editing.  “This reading is NOT for you so it doesn’t have to make sense to you.” they said.  OH.  Alrighty then.  🙂   And so, nowadays, what I gets is what I types. To.  the.  letter.

A quick but important note:  your Guides will never tell you what to do.  Ever.  

To do so negates your free will. It’s the same reason they don’t just pop down and announce themselves in big Hollywood movie fashion. The nudges and suggestions are just that and you are free to follow them or not.  What I find is that Guides offer options to follow the path of your soul because they see the larger picture.  The choice is always yours to take action. (or not!)

If you’re interested in what your Guides have to say or you need a bit of clarity on a particular issue, schedule a reading now.     I can help put their words into your action right away.

(Dontcha know there’s a LOLcat picture for everything?)