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What happens to someone on the other end of an energetic cord of attachment?

Lisa Wechtenhiser

Let’s say you have a friend and for fun, let’s call her Gladys.

Well, she used to be your friend but lately something has happened and she’s turned against you. She’s been hanging out with your group of friends and not asking you along.

Come to find out, she’s also undermining your efforts at the job where you both work. Out of nowhere, your life has begun to suck and suck hard thanks to whatever Gladys has going on.

You decide that you can’t take it anymore and would like to just be rid of this whole mess. But you still have to see her at work. And your friends still want her to hang out when you all get together.

Outside of hiding in your house forever, what can you do to shift that situation? There’s no changing Gladys, right?


There’s only changing you.


So, you engage me to do a session of healing where we sever the energetic cord of attachment with your former pal. We call in the wonderfully amazing Archangel Michael to do the big work, Archangel Raphael to help with the healing afterwards and any other Divine Being you wish to have there as well. It’s a beautiful process where the cord that contains all the crappy toxic stuff between you and Gladys is removed, leaving only the nice stuff (memories that you cherish, unconditional love, etc.). We look at the patterns that were active between you both and often come to understand the underlying dynamics of the relationship.

Having both energetic healing and the conscious understanding of what was going on is a powerful way to shift this situation. It can make a huge difference in how you handle things because Gladys’s behavior may no longer poke you in quite the same way as before. Pretty cool, eh?

But, what about Gladys? Will she know we did some psychic level surgery that involved her aura? Will she look at you sideways as you walk past her at work?

Short answer: NOPE.

Longer answer: Your pal Gladys won’t feel a thing. That’s because, as far as her aura is concerned, nothing has changed. We know a LOT has changed on your side. But on hers? Nothing.

This is because of a little something called Divine Homeostasis. It’s a lovely balancing act the Divine Being in charge of your healing work does as a part of the job. Archangel Michael ensures that nothing happens to the energy of the other individual because they did not give conscious permission to sever that cord.

You did give that conscious permission (as part of our work) so you are the one who will feel the effect of it.

Gladys continues on, unaware that you’ve done anything at all.

Removing a cord of attachment is sort of like unplugging something from the wall socket. The power may still be on but there’s no cord there for it to flow through. The cord is still attached on Gladys’s side, but that energy is no longer being pumped into you.

How will your life change as a result of removing that cord of attachment?

That varies from person to person but one of the things I see most often in my clients is a feeling of distance from the situation. In the case of your friend Gladys, it could mean that her behavior no longer hurts the way it did before. We’ve removed the toxic stuff between you so it’s almost like you were watching her actions on a movie screen. You see them, but they don’t affect you the way they once did.

This is the most profound healing I facilitate in my work.


I’ve experienced having many of my own cords released and have seen first-hand the changes that can come from something seemingly so simple. And I’ve seen it with my clients as well. Big changes happen when you work on that energetic plane.

For more information on Cords of Attachment, what they are and why it serves you *now* to release them, check out these links

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Questions? Please comment below and I’ll answer them all.

Or, email me to discuss your situation privately and see if this healing would help you.

Podcast #30: Intuitive Readings: What’s the point??

In today’s podcast, I ponder why someone would get a reading and what they can expect from it – well, at least what they can expect when they get a reading with me! (Beware: I’m on a soapbox on this one!)

And I announce details of my newest class for those intuitives who want to learn how to give professional level readings coming in March.

Lots to talk about this week!

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Podcast #30: Intuitive Readings – What’s the point?

Hi everyone and welcome back to the weekly Practically Intuitive podcast. This is Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com – thanks for listening in.

Let me just tease you a bit with a new class I’ll be offering in March – if you’ve ever thought you’d like to do intutive readings for others but are not sure how to do that or where the heck to start, this one is for you. I’ll be offering an eight week program that will not only teach you how to do those readings at a professional level, but help you find your own way of doing it. It will be limited to six people who will work together over the two month period, supporting each other and growing their skills. At the end of it, you’ll be confident in what you get and ready to take your skills out into the world. Whether you want to do it professionally or just as a way to be of service to others, you’ll know where your guidance is coming from and how to help people put that guidance into action. (Can you tell I’m excited about it?? I can’t wait to get this going!)

Look for more information and a free Q&A call to talk more about it.

And all that leads me to today’s topic: What is the point of getting an intuitive reading? Why would someone seek that out and what can they hope to come away with?

Several years ago, I did a Spirit Guide reading as a gift for a friend. I spent hours and hours talking with her guides to get their names, how they worked with her, and anything else that came through. I typed it all up (about 15 pages worth) and made it all into a pretty presentation. I gave it to her and several days later she came back to me saying “This is lovely, thank you so much. Now, what do I do with it?” and it really made me stop to think – Yeah! What DO you do with that? How would all that information help her with things going on in her life?

And out of that one question she asked me, Practically Intuitive was born. I wanted to bring through guidance that could help people resolve issues in their life or illuminate the next step. What good is it knowing your Guide’s name is Malcolm and he reaches you by touching the tip of your nose? How does that help you figure out what’s the best road to take on your journey?

It doesn’t.

I have had many a reading in my day. In fact, I was quite the afficianado of intuitive readings – if it looked cool, I’d try it. And I have to tell you, I spent quite a few dollars on readings that were of little to no help to me at all. I will never get another reading at a psychic fair, for example. And not because the practitioners weren’t decent readers but because I cannot take in and process information in that atmosphere. I know that about myself.

I’ve had readings that told me what star seed planet I’m from without giving me any information about what that means to me here and now. Or readings that talked about what I’ve done in other lifetimes…how does that help me now? The information may be useful but it was left to me to interpret and figure out what to do about it. That’s like a doctor going “Yep, you’ve had a heart attack. Good luck to you!” and leaving you to find out more. That’s not what I’m paying the doctor for and it’s not what you pay for when you engage an intuitive reader.

When I started doing intuitive readings for others, it was with the very clear intent that the information I brought through, whether from Guides, through the Akashic records or whatever – had to be applicable to every day life here on earth. Otherwise, what’s the point?

I consider what I do very sacred work. Sure, in these podcasts and even in readings with me on the phone, I show my dorky, goofy side. Because there’s no reason it all has to be so solemn. But I do take the fact that those who engage me for a reading allow me access to their soul very seriously. And I treat it that way, working to help move them a few steps more down their path.

People come for readings to bring to light things they may not be able to see. They know something isn’t quite working but can’t figure out what it is. I’m able to hear their Guides so well that I make getting the messages, the cues and the guidance really easy. Not only that, but I’ll make sure they come away from our work with steps and guidance to create some movement.

Intuitive readings and working with practitioners who do energetic work is an investment in yourself. It’s your way of saying to the Universe “I’m open and ready to do the work I’ve been called to do.”

Make sure your investment is one that pays dividends – seek out an intuitive who understands that it’s not just pretty words from far away Guides but validation, support and most of all, things you can put into action to continue the work.

I know I’m a bit militant but that just shows you how strongly I feel about it as a practitioner. And for those I train to do this work, that will be my focus as well. The information you bring through has got to have some application to the person you’re reading for or you’ve wasted your time and theirs.

Whew! Okay, I’ll get down off my high horse here. But this is an important topic and one I’ll probably talk about in future posts or podcasts.

Please feel free to comment on this podcast either at the Practically Intuitive Facebook page or on the post for this podcast itself. I’d love to hear what you think makes for a good intuitive reading and what experiences (good and bad) you’ve had in the past.

That’s all for this podcast – enjoy your week and I’ll see you next time! This is Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com, bye for now.

Podcast #20: Gratitude for the hard things

It’s easy to be thankful for the good things – but can you be thankful for the not-so-good things too?

They are all a part of your soul’s journey here on earth. Listen in to this week’s podcast to hear more about it!

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Remember, you can always listen in via iTunes or go to the Practically Intuitive Podbean page for all the podcasts.

Trust What You Get E-book on sale for $19.99! Check it out right here: “Trust What You Get”.

Book a session with me! I’ve got some daytime appointments available this week only, so don’t be shy!

Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi again, and welcome to the weekly Practically Intuitive podcast. I’m Lisa, your host now with the froggy voice. Kids, don’t go stand on line in 37 degree weather for five hours without a coat to see your favorite musician. Just saying. So please excuse any pre-pubescent squeaks in my voice this week.

As we’re coming upon Thanksgiving here in the United States, it’s common for us to speak out loud about all we’re thankful for. Jobs, health, family and friends – these are all wonderful things for which to be grateful.

But what about being grateful for the hard things, the crappy situations you find yourself in, the relationships that didn’t work out, the jobs you didn’t get? Can you find space in your heart to be thankful for those, too?

That’s when gratitude is the hardest, isn’t it? But can you consider for just one moment that you’ve created all of it – the good and the bad – on a soul level in order to gain lessons and to evolve and grow?

People get very touchy when this topic is broached – that you have created every single experience in your life in order to grow and evolve. They’ll argue that they didn’t ask to get breast cancer or to lose their home to foreclosure – who in their right mind would even ask for that?

If you can step back and look at things with your spiritual eyes, as Tom Jacobs calls it, you’ll begin to see the truth of this, though. Before we incarnate into the physical, we make contracts and agreements with others on a soul level to experience certain things in this life so that our soul can truly evolve and move forward on the path. Many of these experiences are wonderful and life affirming. Some are not.

My dad became a type 1 diabetic at age two, studied to be a priest and was asked to leave the monastery because he became ill while caring for alcoholic priests, went blind at 32 and lost both legs to diabetes at 44. Who would choose a life like that?? That’s a bowlful of hardship, isn’t it? What lessons could he possibly have asked for in this incarnation that warranted that? I don’t have an answer to that. Only his soul knows.

I can tell you, though, that he was truly grateful for every moment of it. He told me that. He knew that in all the hardship and pain was a gift of growth and something he asked for at soul level. My dad was able to see things through his spiritual eyes and that’s helped me do that, too.

It’s not easy to look at the pain and suffering that’s occurred in your life and understand the choices that were made to get to that place (again, on a soul level). But they’re there. And understanding why and how those choices came about, what you learned from them and how to move forward with that knowledge is so important.

Please don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that a 3 year old child consciously asks for a debilitating disease or that we’re all wishing on bad things to happen. What I AM saying is that everything that occurs in our life and everything we will create in the future is a part of the soul’s learning path. In order to evolve as that soul, we are here on earth creating different experiences for just that purpose.

Being grateful for the good things and the not-so-good things allows us to understand that it all happens so that we can fully experience everything we incarnated to do. And being in gratitude acknowledges that we see the bigger picture.

Just a reminder that my e-book “Trust What You Get” is on sale for $19.99. You can find a link to it here. And I’m off this whole week so if you’d like a daytime session, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to work with you.

That’s all for this week. It goes without saying but heck, I’ll say it “I’m thankful for all the friends I’ve made this year, all the clients I’ve worked with and for being able to do the work of my heart.” I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family or even if you like to sit in the quiet and read a book and nibble turkey sandwiches – whatever you do, I wish you peace.

This is Lisa, who is thankful her voice held out for the podcast, from Practically Intuitive – have a wonderful week. Bye for now.

Archangel Michael to the rescue! The work of Divine Beings in Cord Cutting sessions

I did two readings today and in both, my good friend Archangel Michael came galloping in to make his presence known. And in each, he specifically asked my client to actively call him into action so he can assist them.

Those who have had energetic cords of attachment removed with me know that I always call in Archangel Michael to do this work because his specialty is removing what no longer belongs. He slices and dices those cords for clear, permanent removal.

But he also does a great job offering protection to your house, land, even your beloved iPad! 🙂 He has an amazingly high vibration and a loving presence. You couldn’t ask for a better ally.

And remember: all you have to do is ask him (or any Divine Being) and POOF! They’re right there with you. Would I lie to you???

I’m off work all next week so if you’re itching to have a session with me, now’s a great time! I can do daytime or evening. This freedom doesn’t come around often (well, until I start doing this full time!) so shoot me an email if you’re up for some pre-holiday insight and healing.

Podcast #16: Loosen the chains that bind you: How to finally let go of the past

Wanna loosen the chains that bind you?

What’s stopping you from moving on in your life?

Find out more about what energetic cords of attachment are, how they show up and how things are different once you remove what no longer serves you!

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Previous posts and podcasts about cutting energetic cords:

Three Reasons to Cut a Cord of Attachment

Weekly Podcast #4: Toxic Cords and Why They Need to Go

Q&A on Cords of Attachment

Learn more about it and order a session here.


Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the Practically Intuitive podcast. I’m Lisa from Practicallyintuitive.com. Thanks for tuning in.

Today I’m revisiting the topic of energetic cords of attachment because there’s a lot of interest in this subject in the woo-woo world but not a whole lot of information. I’ve had many clients say how much it’s changed their life and they hadn’t even realized that something like this existed until they tried it. It’s a game changer, I will agree. And in many ways, both subtle and not-so subtle. So, let’s talk about this again.

First, let me define what an energetic cord of attachment is for you: an energetic cord of attachment is an energy structure between two people that causes patterns from the past to continue into the present. Cords distort thinking and feeling, moving people around like puppets.

Just because you can’t physically see the cords doesn’t mean they arent there, allowing the energy to move back and forth between you and another person.

So, how does a cord of attachment show up in someone’s life? In an earlier podcast, I talked about my mom and how one thing her mother said to her had a profound effect on her life (and not in a positive way). Her mother made an offhand remark about my mother’s lack of skills in mathematics and for whatever reason, it stayed with my mother all her life – coloring her feeling about her own self worth. It seems strange in retrospect that one comment like that could affect self-worth to that degree but I bet you can relate. We all have our vulnerabilities and that comment just pinged my mom in one of those places.

Now, had she known about this wonderful healing, she could have cut that cord with my grandmother – the cord that recycled those comments, vulnerabilities and pain all day, every day – and been able to move on without hearing the words “you’re a dummy” in the back of her head.

Imagine you were stuck in a room with the most horrendous music playing all the time until it’s in your brain permanently and you think you’re going crazy. And then one day, the music stops. All of a sudden. And you’re no longer being tortured by it. You can hear your own thoughts again and everything isn’t crowded out by this sound.

That’s what it’s like when you cut a cord of attachment with someone. You can hear YOUR own thoughts again; feel YOUR own feelings. Uncolored by their influence. Makes a big difference.

The results of not having that influence? Good question. It depends on what each person chooses to do now that things are different.

When I’ve had cords cut with various individuals in my life, the feeling I was left with was as if I were watching it all on a movie screen. It created a lot of distance for me so things didn’t ping my vulnerable spots so much and I was able to make different, better choices in my life. It’s not a magic cure-all but it is an amazing gift to give yourself if you want to create something new in your life.

Just to be clear: each cord holds the toxic energies between you and that person and only those toxic energies are removed. All the nice lovey feelings that were once there or are still there remain – those are called spiritual ties and they always remain. Just the yucky stuff goes.

When I facilitate the cord cutting (working with Archangels Michael and Raphael along with your choice of a high vibrational divine being), not only is the cord cut, but I’ll look at some of the dynamics within that cord – how it showed up in your life and how things can change now that the energy is no longer running around in your auric field.

We also do a nice before and after picture of your aura so that you can see how things have changed on that energetic level. As I said, since it’s done on a whole different plane, it’s easy to think that nothing has changed because while you may feel lighter and happier as we end the session, the real shifts come later on down the road. Just because it’s easy, don’t be fooled into thinking nothing has happened. That’s how things work on that plane – easy and permanent. Nice, eh?

I’ve been on both sides of this healing and I can tell you that it’s made a big difference in my own life. The more I release of what no longer serves me, the faster I move through my work and the higher I evolve on my path.

Don’t live your life dragged down by someone’s bad juju with you – free yourself to be the very best YOU you can be. That’s what you’re here to do, after all.

I’d love to help empower you to make these changes in your own life. If cord cutting resonates with you, let’s set up a session. There’s lots of testimonials on my site from those who have have cord cutting sessions with me that speak to what a difference it’s made in their life. Trust in that, trust in yourself to know when to make a change. I’m right here when you’re ready.

A quick heads up for you all – I’m working on a new tele-class to be offered soon taking what I taught in “Trust What You Get” even deeper. In March of this year, I taught a 3 part tele-class about learning how to trust what you get through your intuition and working with your Guides and Teachers. In this new class, I’ll be taking you all a bit deeper into that work so that you won’t need to ask for signs – you’ll know what to do after tapping into your higher self. Look for a newsletter in the coming weeks announcing the dates of the class as well as a couple other goodies.

Thanks for listening, as always. Have a wonderful week! This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive. Bye for now!

To book a cord-cutting session, click here.