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Book Review: Extraordinary Psychic – Proven techniques to Master your Natural Psychic Abilities

If I knew nothing about what it means to be a psychic and got all my information from movies and television shows, I would imagine that it’s a non-stop, uncontrollable carnival of images, thoughts and random dead people showing up anytime they felt like it.  

Well, except for the dead people showing up randomly.  They make appointments.

Let me share a secret: all of your natural psychic abilities are under your control.  All of it.  If you have clairvoyant gifts, you get to decide what you see and what you don’t.  

In her earlier book You Are Psychic: The Art of Clairvoyant Reading and Healing, Katz lays the groundwork for how to work with this wonderful skill.  

extraordinary psychicExtraordinary Psychic: Proven Techniques to Master Your Natural Psychic Abilities takes this work to the next level.  She goes into a greater depth about what clairvoyance is and what practical application it can have in your life.  Katz also gives some guidance about other natural intuitive skills such as clairaudience (hearing with the “mind’s ear”) and telepathy.

My own skill is clairaudience and I wouldn’t have said I was clairvoyant until I started working with clients.  I find if they tend to be visual, the information shows up for me in a more visual way.  Katz’s book was helpful in learning to open up and work more with clairvoyance as a tool for my own professional work.

Broken down into four parts with emphasis on techniques to ground the information,  Extraordinary Psychic covers quite a bit of material but at a very easy and understandable pace. If you’re drawn to know more about remote viewing, for example, there’s a nice overview of what it is and how you can learn to do it or better your own skills.

Most interesting to me was the section on “Healing and Working with Non-Physical Entities” as I run into them now and again in my own work. When things don’t resonate with me, I hear a loud CLANG!! in my ear as if someone were banging pots and pans together.  (A fun way to go through life, I assure you.)  This was the chapter where I heard that sound all through it.

It’s not that her information is wrong, necessarily.  It’s more that there’s an odd “fear” vibration that I don’t carry doing this work and it tends to ping me when I see it in others.  I cannot speak for all clairvoyants and psychics but I can say that in my own experience and that of others I’ve spoken with, fear has no place when working with non-physical entities. The vibrations are too high for that to even enter.

That led me to wonder why she chose to include it in this book which otherwise holds a high, peaceful energy.  I am all for being realistic about this work and I have come into contact with much lower vibrations than I was used to but there was no need for fear.  I used my skills (and help from Archangel Michael) to move them to a different plane.  That’s it. I didn’t analyze it, didn’t engage with it, nothing.  So, why give it thirty or more pages in a work that holds a higher vibration?  It took me out of the experience and I put the book down for quite a while.

I did pick it back up, though, because Katz offers a lot of good advice and guidance around using these skills to improve your life.  Not everyone wants to be a professional psychic (really? why not? it’s fun!) but most who are naturally intuitive (not just clairvoyant) can use these techniques to improve their every-day life.

It’s not the information that helps you grow; growth is found by trying on different ways to bring through the information you seek and finding what works for you, reliably. Extraordinary Psychic: Proven Techniques to Master Your Natural Psychic Abilities gives both information and activities to help you find that perfect fit as an intuitive.

Extraordinary Psychic:  Proven Techniques to Master Your Natural Psychic Abilities

Debra Lynne Katz

Author website: http://www.debrakatz.com

(review originally published in Pathways Magazine)

BOOK REVIEW: Conversations with Jerry

Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead
Seven compelling dialogues that will transform the way you think about dying … and living
Irene Kendig
Grateful Press (Publisher)
2010 323 pages
Author website: www.conversationswithjerry.com

Lisa’s note: I wrote this review of “Conversations with Jerry” for Pathways Magazine Fall 2011 edition where I am the Metaphysical book reviewer. I get tons of books to look at each month (and that makes this girl very happy!) and choose two or three to publish.

This book, as I note, came in right before deadline but it resonated so strongly with me that I had to put it at the front of the line. In fact, I liked it so much I purchased a copy and gave it to a friend who had recently lost her mother in the hope that it would offer some comfort.

I received this book in the mail right before my review deadline but the title so intrigued me that I started reading it. About sixty pages in, I knew I had to include it on this list.

Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead is pretty much just what it says. The author, Irene Kendig, had the opportunity to speak to some dearly departed friends about what life is like once they transition out of their physical body. Medium Jana Anna, a clear and conscious channel facilitated the conversations between Irene and those in Spirit.

Having done this work for others, I don’t have a skeptical bone in my body about what’s on the “other side” but for those that do have such bones, this book is really enlightening. Jerry goes into great detail about what it’s like to move out of his physical body and what really happens in a “life review”.

He also shares his perspective on many of our challenges. In this excerpt, he and Irene were discussing the responsibility we all have for what shows up in our life:

“Jerry: You’re not only a participant in your life, you’re an active creator. No experience is ever forced on you. It’s always by choice.

Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening through you. By the very nature of it coming through you, you’re in agreement to experience it. … The main focus of the soul is expansion through experience.”

In addition to Jerry and his measured, even-tempered wisdom, we also get to listen into conversations between Jared, a family friend of Irene’s who died at the age of thirty, Beba, her mother, Bill who committed suicide at age thirty-five and a few others.

Each shares their perspective on the choices they made while in the physical and how it affects them in the hereafter. Irene is a wonderful interviewer, going in-depth on different subjects with each individual.

In one of my reviews last time, I mentioned that whenever I hear something that doesn’t resonate with me as a truth, I hear a loud clang, much like pots and pans.

This entire book?

The sound of pots and pans NOT clanging!

It affirmed for me so much of what I’ve already learned about the nature of the soul and how death is not the end of things at all. It’s really just the beginning!