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If only it was this easy!

A couple weeks ago, I saw someone in an entrepreneurial group talking about how, as a new coach, she made something like $15,000 in the first three months. Good for her, I thought. It’s always nice to see people do well.

Then she launched a program to teach others how to do exactly that. And that’s where I furrowed my brow a bit. She posted in this group about how it was a myth that it takes a while to build a solid business because she did it in under six months. And had everyone high-fiving her and congratulating her.

Hmmm. Here’s the thing: each person’s success depends on about 800 different factors. And to promise to show someone the way you did it presupposes that they are just like you. Which is not the case, unless you’re an alien of some sort and then maybe, right? Who knows?

Someone could have zero clue about anything but have the right energetics and BOOM! $15,000 in a few months. Someone could be doing every single thing the “experts” tells them to do and month after month goes by with zero business because there’s some underlying stuff getting in the way.

But saying that doesn’t get you clients, right?

It’s so much sexier to say “I made this much money in a short time with little training and you can, too” because we all want to BELIEVE. We want to believe that it’s possible for us. And that building a business doesn’t have to be difficult.

It bothers me when programs or courses are put out there telling you how easy it is to build a “six figure business”. The truth of the matter is that anyone can follow all the “right” marketing steps – it’s no secret. You can find all that information online if you want to look for it.

You can have all your marketing down pat but if you’re busy jacking things up because you’ve got some inner yuck going on, ain’t no $15,000 gonna drop in your lap. It won’t. Your energy won’t allow it.

You can take course after course after course and if you’re hell-bent on being invisible, then all that information is just that. Information sitting on a shelf while you’re busy hiding. (And $15,000 doesn’t show up for invisible folk, you know!)

The real work and the part that cannot be quantified is how willing someone is to face their fears, fight through their resistance, get out of their own way and deal with whatever comes up.

If you want easy, this isn’t it no matter what the big names tell you. If you want money to fall in your lap, you better do the work to BE the energy that can receive that (which means clearing and releasing all the things that are blocking the way). magic fairy

I’m not here to bash anyone or any program. I’m saying that there is no magic bullet to success. I would even bet that this nice coach has done a buttload of inner work to get to the place where it all just came together as if by magic. Maybe she doesn’t realize it (or does and doesn’t mention that part) but no one escapes this requirement.

As you build the foundation of your business, know that your inner work MUST be part of that. No program can do it for you, no matter how sexy they make it sound.

So, how’s your business going?

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Does one size fit your all?

one_size_fits_allHave you seen those dresses in the store labeled “One size fits all” and you just laugh and laugh because that one size? It ain’t fitting your all! (Just me? Okay then.)

(Wait! Not just me! Check out this article called “This is what One Size Fits All looks like on all” and thanks to Lindsay for sending it to me!)

I find the world of coaching (business, life, etc.) is like that, too. What’s perfect for one person may be all wrong for another. In my Business of Intuition Facebook group we were discussing the merits of Marie Forleo’s B-School program.

One of the group members mentioned that she was a B-School alumni and found herself overwhelmed by all the information but not a lot of specific guidance on how to put it into practice.

What she’s found “to be the most helpful in my business is having a strong connection to your intuition. And having a personal business mentor that’s connected to their intuition and guidance.”

YES and yes and oh gosh, YES!

My first real business coach flat out told me she really didn’t trust her intuition much. Red flags aloft! My business went south quickly because she was guiding me to ignore my own intuition (which was screaming loudly at this point). I trusted her over my own intuition and got a good and very costly lesson.

I didn’t make that mistake the next time I hired a coach and have worked well with her because she listens to her inner guidance AND knows the strategic pieces to put into place.  Finding her felt like Goldilocks sitting in the exact right chair and being able to exhale.

My point to you is this: whether it’s in business, a relationship, or something else entirely, find what fits FOR YOU.

It doesn’t matter that all the cool kids do it or if every single person you know does it this one specific way.  You MUST find *your way* and someone to support you in the way you need that support.

If you’re an info hog and just want to do it all yourself, an informational based program is likely a fit for you. If you love info but get tripped up on the implementation, then a hands-on coach will work better than a large group program.

It’s all in what works for you and you won’t know that until you try something on for size. I’ve taken enough DIY courses to fill a small library and the best money I’ve spent is working with someone directly to help me get stuff done in my own business.

What about you? Do you find one size fits your all?

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(UBC) Day 24: Wise words

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

100 percent

“When any of us puts our intention out there, and we make a 100% commitment to that intention, and we make every step a step of impeccability, a step of integrity–then somehow the universe opens up a way where before there was no way.” – Edwene Gaines

What are you 100% committed to doing?

The Universe is waiting for you!

Standing in the truth of energy

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

OhottoIt’s no secret I’m a fan of the Ohotto.

Robert Ohotto, that is.

One of my very favorite podcasts is his “Soul Connexions”

He manages to share more wisdom in one hour than many other teachers do in a year.

As I was listening to his latest show called “Simplicity – Your Key to Self-Care” while driving to work, I was bowled over by something he said. Like “come smack me in the face with the (leather) glove of truth, whydontcha” bowled over.

He said (and I’m paraphrasing here): If you want to know the answer to a question, ask it. Even if the person you’re asking cannot be truthful about it, energy doesn’t lie. Open up your intuition when you ask and you will receive the answer.

Thwap! (That was me getting smacked with that aforementioned glove.)