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10 Sure Signs Someone Is Working From Ego

This is a post by Lisa Turner – you find her at Psycademy where she teaches all about psychic knowing, spiritual work and other fun things I think you’ll like.

Ego or Enlightenment

10 Sure Signs Someone Is Working From Ego

Here is a light-hearted look at the many faces and phrases of ego. Have a read and notice where your clients or prospects use these. Read through to the end where you’ll learn a simple way to deal with it.

1. Blaming others – going into victim mode

Any time someone blames other people, events or circumstances it’s a sign they’re not taking responsibility. They will give plenty of very good reasons why their life isn’t perfect, and it’s never anything to do with them, their choices or their responses to events. There’s just nothing they can do about it. They also like to spend a lot of time grumbling about it.

An enlightened person looks at the situation, decides what they would like to be different, and then go and put into action those things necessary to make that happen.

2. Blaming themselves

It goes like this “it’s all my fault! I’m not a good enough… I should have…. I shouldn’t have…”

It can look like being evolved, but really it’s an excuse to stay in the past, and to not make changes in their behaviour, beliefs and attitudes. It’s also very attention seeking.

An enlightened person will say “hmm, well, that was interesting… and here’s what I’m going to do differently next time” and then quietly get on with making best of the situation.

3. They are always right (and never wrong)

The inability to admit a mistake ever is a sure sign of ego. This person will defend, argue and use all kinds of evidence to demonstrate they are right.

An enlightened person will know that there are many truths, and it’s for each person to find what works for them. They allow others their own truth, are willing to experiment with other ideas and then make up their mind what works for them.

4. They know everything ABOUT everything

You know the type. They know everything. They’ve read every book, know every spiritual theory and will gladly tell you about them all the time. Often they are so full of knowing that there’s no room for new ideas.

A sign of true enlightenment is the ability to learn from everyone and anyone in any situation. They will ask questions. They will seek to understand others.

Why Affirmations Sometimes Don’t Work

Some ponderings on affirmations from my good friend Anni who blogs over at Becoming Extraordinary

Saying affirmations is one of the earliest healing techniques that we spiritual students practice.

Like many others, I began with reading books from Louise Hay and even bought many of her affirmation card decks. I started writing down the affirmations I got from her and from Florence Scovel Shinn (the Louise Hay of the early 1900s) on index cards and taped them all over my bathroom mirror, leaving myself with just enough room to check out my reflection.

Every morning and night, I read those cards up and down, left and right, trying to extract the juice I’m supposed to get from reciting those glorious words. I treated them like medicine, believing that when I combined this word and that thought together, I produced a potent magical formula that is going to rewire my whole brain and change my life so I can change the world!

Except, it didn’t work that way for me. I was hoping it was the quick fix to get me from miserable point A to enlightened point B, but many affirmations later, I still felt the same feelings, and the same people and memories still had an intense hold over me. I still couldn’t envision that joyous future, no matter how many times I affirmed that I was already there.

I started looking deeply and inwardly into what affirmations are and aren’t, and what promises they hold and what its limitations are.

In my personal experience, affirmations CAN:
• Temporarily disengage your mind from negative thinking by your replacing them with positive thoughts
• Offer a glimpse into how you truly feel on the energetic level (more on that later)
• Temporarily raise your vibration
• Strengthen a belief that is already there

In my personal experience, affirmations CAN’T:
• Change your behavior for the long haul if you’ve really got big issues to heal from
• Guarantee that the formula of words can permanently shift you into the vibration of those words
• Make you into a whole new person with just affirmations alone
• Turn you into a positive thinker
• Change your entire outlook on life
• Be comprehensive enough to direct major inner transformation

When I first started working with affirmations, I found out some crucial surprises about myself. For example, I looked into the mirror and said, “I deserve to be treated fairly.” I noticed how much that statement didn’t resonate with me. I thought, “No, I don’t deserve to be treated fairly at all.”

After some intense hypnotherapy and journaling, I went back to the mirror and said the affirmation again, and this time, I thought, “Ah, yes, yes I do.”

That’s when I understood what affirmations are and aren’t. There is power in using an affirmation to find out where you are energetically in the before and after stage, but often, we need so much more than words alone to help us heal the layers and decades of wounds within.

Thus, affirmations might temporarily change your thoughts of the moment (and only if you are always conscious of what they are), but it may not be enough to change your fundamental beliefs.

It’s even more confusing when we say affirmations while studying the Law of Attraction. I remember a time not very long ago where I worried over every bad thought I had by picturing the horrible consequences I would attract from that thought.

The unintended effect is that the fear of thinking the wrong thing adds another layer of negativity to the whole mix. Strangely, it reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George Costanza kept repeating, “Serenity now, serenity now” only to have Lloyd Braun warn him of the consequences of saying that affirmation: “Serenity now, insanity later.”

In my personal experience, affirmations DON’T work when:
• These are words you merely say ritualistically, rather than a behavior you truly integrate into your Being
• You use the affirmation to will yourself or the Universe to make something so (i.e., the affirmation “my income is constantly increasing”)
• They are used alone without other forms of spiritual healing that resolve wounds at the root level

In my personal experience, affirmations DO work when:
• You use them to gauge where you are energetically, like a thermometer that measures how much you resonate with one statement over another
• You realize its limitations and combine affirmations with other ways to advance your healing, for example, through chakra healing, cutting cords of attachment, reading the Akashic records, EFT, etc.
• You integrate the spirit of the affirmations into your Being fully
• The words are charged with emotion from the heart and resonate with your entire Being

A fabulous way to check if you’ve fully integrated the affirmation is to watch your consciousness during knee-jerk reactions. If you still react in fear the same old way as you always have, is it because you simply haven’t repeated that affirmation enough times to make it stick? No, affirmations are not prescribed medication with dosage instructions. Nor are they meant to function as crutches to prop yourself up emotionally.

If the affirmation doesn’t resonate with you (and be totally honest with yourself), it simply means that you are energetically not where you say you are. And that’s okay. It’s a prompt to seek other forms of healing and to take rightful courses of action to get to where you want to Be.

Ironically, as a spiritual Being, you already know it all. So what is our problem, really? Where we don’t know it yet is in our bodies and in the physical, and hence that is why we all incarnated to Earth. Now, wouldn’t it make sense that to integrate what you already know, you have to actually put it into action? Yes, actions are louder than words!

So, what could you do?

As for me, I removed the affirmations from my mirror and unsubscribed from all the affirmation-of-the-day emails. I simply tuned out of that conversation as a whole.

Then, I paid very close attention to my consciousness by screening every thought that passes through. As a habit now, I file in a mental inbox all the thoughts and beliefs I would like to change or heal. I don’t write down what I should think anymore.

Instead, I now look at the bigger picture, from a broader perspective, at 50,000 feet going up, and also digging 50,000 feet going down, asking soaringly and deeply of myself, what is this thought really about? Why is it there? What’s underneath?

When you address the issues at the root level, you are literally excavating the icky foundation that might be there and starting over, instead of getting new curtains (affirmations) to shield your reality.

Spiritual friends, reality is not a bad word. Your present circumstances hold many clues as to how you are going to shift to the next place of thinking and Being. If something is holding you back, don’t cover it up with affirmations or will yourself with words. Instead, go deeper and find a mode of healing that works for you.

Do that inner work, make those outer changes in the physical dimension, and then go back to the affirmation to see if you still need it. Talk to your Guides (who will often give you homework that is action-oriented, not mental-oriented.) Make an intention to fully integrate the spirit of the affirmations you love into your entire Being.

Above all, recognize that the place where you really want to be is a state of inner knowing where affirmations aren’t necessary at all.

For more information on working with your Guides, cutting cords of attachment, chakra healing or reading your Akashic records, please consult Lisa Wechtenhiser at Practically Intuitive.

Copyright © 2011 Becoming Extraordinary

This article contains the writer’s expression of personal opinion. The information presented in this article is not a substitute for any kind of professional, medical or psychiatric advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you suspect you need any kind of help, always seek advice from a professional provider.

The Cost of Being President: What Obama May Never Admit to about Killing Bin Laden

Today I am sharing a post which was a collaboration between me and Anni


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the realm of human energy, that couldn’t be more true. Last Sunday on May 1, 2011, I stood in front of the television with my arms crossed, listening to the speech by President Obama telling the world that he ordered the successful killing of Osama Bin Laden. Many spilled onto the streets in rejoice of the news, while others began concocting theories to explain why this is one big fabricated lie. I had a different reaction, which became the impulse for me to put this essay together. I prompted my good friend, teacher and professional intuitive, Lisa Wechtenhiser at Practically Intuitive, to help me try to explain why I felt something was deeply off about our President. (And on that note, we studied Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden as well).

Lisa and I gathered the photos of President Obama that were released by the White House (referenced below) and we reviewed them separately. What we were reading was the energy and the aura of President Obama that is captured in those photographs. If a person develops the skill of energetic literacy, which is the ability to read and interpret energetic language contained within a person’s aura or spirit, then he or she can read any person like a book.

Why would anyone want to develop such a skill? Well, to me, it’s obvious. Before you get involved with anyone on a financial or romantic level, wouldn’t you want to be able to tell if you can trust that person? If your car needed a fix, could you pick out the right mechanic? What about the right nanny or babysitter for your children?

Whether we are ordinary citizens or a significant leader like President Obama, we attract people, situations and spiritual crises into our lives that call us to step up, grow and evolve.

I am by no means a professional intuitive or skilled face reader. In fact, this is only my second attempt at doing something like this. Lisa, on the other hand, is a skilled and professional intuitive, who has the ability to read energy with sharp accuracy. Partially, I wanted us to do this to provide some insight into the human and spiritual aspects of President Obama, so that we can learn what we may of him and also of ourselves by using him as a mirror. I also want to help amateurs like myself to practice this skill and to encourage others to try their hand at this, by bringing this conversation out into the open. We are doing this from a space of love and light, and our intent is to teach and heal. We welcome you to post any of your own intuitive comments that are in keeping with this spirit.

Our Findings
The first time I felt something was off about President Obama was when he roasted Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner. There’s no question that President Obama is great at delivering comedic punch lines with impact. I went back in time to watch his speeches from past Correspondents Dinners. This particular evening though, was not the same. There was a moment when President Obama chuckled after showing the audience a superimposed photo of what Donald Trump would do to the White House. I heard his chuckle come through with foot notes that said, “This is so stupid. I have better things to do.”

When news of Bin Laden’s killing broke, I didn’t piece two and two together right away. However, I knew I hit upon something more concrete when President Obama delivered his announcement to the world. Seven minutes and sixteen seconds into his speech, he emphatically remarked, “Justice has been done.” I thought to myself, these words don’t resonate at all. This is not how he feels. These are not his words. Something is not right. There was a deliberate emphasis to his words that felt like it was compensating for something. His words and the tone are not a vibrational match to his energy. This is not how he feels!

So, what exactly was going on with President Obama? To the conspiracy theorists out there, I am sorry to have to disappoint you, but President Obama was NOT lying about killing Bin Laden.

As a spiritual student, I thought it was timely to use President Obama as a case study to learn about our spiritual paths, and to point out the situations and people we encounter along the way in order to expand our consciousness and our understanding of life. Ultimately, this writing is about spirituality. And President Obama, I believe, is a deeply spiritual person. While reading his energy in the photographs, I got the sense that he was experiencing deep inner conflict, but it wasn’t about guilt nor was it a garden variety integrity issue. Rather, I felt the energy of a man who is saddened. Intellectually, we know of him as a person with visionary ideals. Because of his idealistic nature, I got the sense that — in an existential kind of way — it saddens him that he even has to do something like this at all, that we live in a world of “evil”, that Bin Laden and Al Qaeda exist, that it is even necessary to do this at all. I feel that he is much more spiritually evolved than the current state of our planet, and I can hear him begging the Cosmos, “Can’t we all just be better people than that?”

Lisa agrees and says, “This decision caused a great toll on him. He was very energetically closed in almost all the photographs. This was far harder for him to do than he will ever, ever, ever show, maybe except to Michelle Obama. This has taken a bit of his soul and he’s not sure he can get that back. And these were the roles that Obama and Bin Laden chose to play when they incarnated. They have probably met in other lifetimes before. President Bush could have gotten Bin Laden but he didn’t. Spiritually, this is Obama’s work to do. That struggle is part of his growth.”

Here are a few select photographs of President Obama where we read his energy in depth. The first comments are mine (as an amateur), and the comments following mine are Lisa’s (professional and skilled intuitive). We invite you to participate in this aura reading too, and you can click on the photographs to enlarge them to its full size.

Anni: He is very focused, objective, cautious, treading carefully, reasonably confident, concerned about the safety and consequences of the operation.

Lisa: His third chakra is alert, engaged and focused. His energy is not repellant. It feels okay to dip into his energy when he’s like this. It feels much “cleaner” energetically in this photo.

Anni: Obama’s pressure to be right. Time stops. Holding breath. “This is it.” Determined. A quiet fierceness. This is very personal for him. I’m not getting anything else about President Obama in this photo. Joe Biden looks like he is in over his head.

Lisa: Obama is very, very energetically closed. He has to be, in order to get through this. I couldn’t pop into him at all. CLOSED. Joe Biden, on the other hand, was cool, calm and collected. Hillary Clinton, with her hand over her mouth, was also energetically pulled in tight. Can’t get much there.

Anni: Grim reality. Killing isn’t eloquent, inspirational or pretty. He knows the action has to be done but he’s not a killer. He says, “It’s the right move. I’ve talked about doing it and now I’m actually gonna do it — holy shit.”

Lisa: This was a hard picture for me. I kept being energetically repelled and didn’t get a lot of information. I didn’t like diving into it. It’s almost as if he was shut off to anything else going on.

His third chakra (Solar Plexus, personal power) says, “It’s a race for time. This is not a joke. I am serious and this has consequences. I don’t want to act in a hasty manner or in a way others will perceive as hasty but this is of utmost importance. It is for the best that this happens. I am the one who can pull the trigger and it’s a lot of responsibility but I am up to the task. I am surrounded by others who can also assist me with it. I am not afraid.”

Heart chakra: Closed. There is a sadness about having to do something like this but it is what has to be done. Resignation.

Throat chakra: Shaking his head and thinking no, no, no. Wincing at inevitable change.

Anni: I don’t sense any trace of ego–maniacal–ness from President Obama. He doesn’t feel glorious or victorious about what he did. The words he used, “justice has been done” doesn’t resonate with the heart and soul part of him. He is a spiritual person and it crossed his mind more than once how killing fits into the spiritual picture. This is something he had to do as President of the United States but his heart and soul reside much higher vibrationally than the word “justice.” I think President Obama is an empath. I feel he was moved to do this from a place of empathy for the families of the 9/11 victims. Both times when he mentioned the victims’ families in his speech, his voice got quieter and softer. His compassion came through. This is his duty, like a father protecting his children. It was a personal thing. He is overwhelmed to realize that this deed has taken him way out of his ideals and his love of ideals. He’s surprised by his own power and what he can do.

Lisa: The key word here is FAÇADE. I still feel a repellant energy at the third chakra. He’s projecting out big time in his POWER chakra. He’s holding a big, big space, like a cat that puffs itself up when it is threatened. There’s some damage in his third chakra, as if he really does not like or want to do anything like this. This is hard for him. Yet he feels he cannot back down or show any weakness. It’s not about Osama Bin Laden, as it is about the act of assassination. He really is having a very hard time with all of this. Big façade projection here about how he feels, but he’s not lying about what he’s saying.

Heart chakra: Here, he is wincing again. Feelings of hurt are there. Pain.

Throat chakra says, “This must be as it always is…” Again, I feel his façade of hiding his feelings. He’s not telling the truth about how he really feels inside of having to assassinate another.

Anni: Hillary Clinton looks out of it, exhausted, running out of gas. Not just the day the picture was taken, but in general. Also, her energy is saying, “I wonder if I would have been able to do the same thing if I had won the election?” She was ready to go home yesterday. This is still over Joe Biden’s head.

Lisa: Agree with you – Hillary is totally out of gas in general and is very glad (not that she will ever admit) that she didn’t win the nomination/election. She is glad she is not the President. She’s on fumes, at this point. It is much easier for her this way. Her third chakra says, “This is mine to do even as I don’t want to.” Again, huge repellant energy here. I don’t feel Biden is in over his head – he just holds a much more “been there, done that” peaceful energy in his own self, and when contrasted with Obama’s can appear as if he is clueless but he’s not. Biden holds a different energetic space (one of support). His third chakra doesn’t have repellant energy at all. With him, he feels in the flow, and he understands what’s going on and knows how to act. He’s very used to this kind of thing and while he doesn’t feel comfortable with it, it doesn’t repel him either. He’s cool, calm and collected. He’s been doing this all his life. The contrast of his energy to President Obama’s may be why you think it seems this is over his head, because this is much easier for him.

The SEALs on the ground may have been the ones carrying out the operation, but it is our President that carries the memory of making a decision that cost him a piece of his soul.

Moving Forward
So, what does all of this mean, and what do we do with this information? The first thing I would ask you to do is to check your judgments of President Obama and the others at the door, and then to open your heart and mind to see how much do you see of yourself in him and the others. It is easy to criticize our leaders because we often hold standards for them that are impossible, even for us, to reach. It is true that life is a big mirror, and every time we see something in others it is an invitation to see how it reflects in ourselves. Whether we are ordinary citizens or a significant leader like President Obama, we attract people, situations and spiritual crises into our lives that call us to step up, grow and evolve.

Let’s think about this. In President Obama’s case, could he have honored his spirit by acting in accordance with how he truly feels about killing, yet at the same time protect his country and fulfill his presidential duty? What does one do when he or she has polar opposite values, whereby one value says ‘I am not a killer’, and the other value says he must fulfill his duty as a protector at all costs? What are the consequences of a global leader admitting how hard this was for him inside? Would it ever be possible for a leader to be his or her authentic self, especially in times of crisis, and would our world ever allow it? Could we allow our leader to be human? Could we ever allow someone we entrust our lives with to take off his or her mask, or to get in touch with his or her human side? In what circumstances do we expect President Obama to strip off his human emotions, and in what different circumstances are we afraid that he doesn’t care enough?

Even with Bin Laden gone, I suspect these are the kinds of spiritual questions that hum in the background of our President’s subconscious mind. But he isn’t alone. In our individual quest to live up to our potential, what spiritual compromises do you make along the way that go against your values? How much personal sacrifice do you make in order to just do your job? How seriously or unseriously do you live out your vows to others? What price do you pay spiritually in exchange for safety or protection?

The SEALs on the ground may have been the ones carrying out the operation, but it is our President that carries the memory of making a decision that cost him a piece of his soul. I sensed that the May 5th ceremony at Ground Zero was healing not only for the families of the 9/11 victims, but it was for President Obama as well. There, he was able to connect his heart energy to the families. I read in the papers that the President didn’t even mention Bin Laden’s name that day. He and the victims’ families now share a pain that is so unique. In the words of Caroline Myss, I want to see President Obama “call his Spirit back” and to make peace with this, which he may not be able to focus on right now but eventually, and to return to the inner serenity that he always radiates generously and outwardly to the world.

To learn how to develop energetic literacy or to sharpen your intuitive skills, please consult Lisa Wechtenhiser at Practically Intuitive for more information.

Copyright © 2011 Becoming Extraordinary

This article contains the writers’ expression of personal opinions. The information presented in this article is not a substitute for any kind of professional, medical or psychiatric advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you suspect you need any kind of help, always seek advice from a professional provider.

Who Are You Without Your Story?

Today I am sharing a guest post by the wonderfully creative Patti Foy.  You can find her at LightspiritedBeing where she shares her many talents, writing foremost among them!


Do you have a story?

Something tells me you do. We all do. Oh boy, do we have stories!

And I’m not talking about just the ones we tell, those that amuse, or elucidate.

I’m also talking about those we drag around with us like a ball and chain.

Have you ever wondered who you would be without your story? Would you be anything at all? Or would you just be like the hole in a doughnut?

You would be free, that’s what.

Let me tell you a story about stories. 😉

Culture Shock

About 15 years ago my husband and I packed up and moved from the bustling San Francisco Bay Area where we were software engineers to a laid-back remote area in the high desert of NM.

We bought a mobile home to live in while we planned our straw-bale dream house and moved onto our property.

We were ready for something different but were totally unprepared for just how different it was. Sometimes we walked around in a daze wondering what we’d done.

Identity Crisis

In many ways, though, different was good. I had the luxury of not having to work right away, and enjoyed volunteering for lots of different venues.

One of the most rewarding was that I helped found an animal rescue organization in our rural area.

But it wasn’t long before I noticed something. My fellow volunteers treated me different than I was used to. They kind of talked down to me, didn’t really listen to me, ignored my great ideas.

One day it hit me why: No one knew “who I was”. Or what I had accomplished. Or what I could do. Those laurels I’d been resting on were gone.

To these people, I was just some unemployed female who lived in a trailer over in a less developed area that people in “The Village” kind of looked down on.

That was my first revelation.

It was soon after that when I realized I wouldn’t return to software engineering. We didn’t have much room so I was sorting through books to donate, and came across all my programming books and lots of college math books.

I loved math (yes, I was a little nerd), but I would never use these again. Still, I’ll never forget how hard I cried while I packed them up to give away. All I was really letting go of was my self-image as a smarty-pants. But it was tough, and I was surprised how much it hurt. It was like a part of me was being torn out. Really.

I did some serious soul-searching with that one.

Letting Go Of The Old Story

Soon after that, it dawned on me that I was trying to be a character in my old story. I decided to let go of it. I didn’t want to have to feel the need to validate myself like that any more.

At first I thought I had to start a new story, a new character, and maybe I did, in a way. But at the same time, I knew I didn’t want to trade one story or identity in for another.

To some extent, we all live a story automatically, by definition. But oddly, my new story included wanting to learn to live without a story.

I wanted to lose the need for a story and I wanted to be free of the context.

What the heck does that mean?

The Freedom of Life Without A Story

My first introduction to this idea was the experience of moving and not being able to carry who/what I thought I was with me very easily.

And then the resulting epiphany that it’s best not to.

Although our stories have some benefits, for the most part they’re a handicap because they shape our idea of who we think we are. This might not sound so bad, but we are sooooo cheating ourselves if we live that way.

Especially because usually we aren’t aware how much identity we have tied up in them.

You might be a wife. A mother. A savvy businesswoman or man. A kind person. A smart person. Reliable. Strong. Weak. Struggling. A screw-up. Whatever.

But all of these things, although roles or characteristics, really are not who/what you are. Not at your core.

At the core you just are. You are in this moment, fresh and new. Imagine yourself in this moment, without a past … without a future. Just now, who you are.

Got it?

Isn’t that different? Doesn’t that feel kind of great?

All that other stuff is just conceptual. Even the so-called “good” stuff becomes a noose around your neck if that’s who you think you are. It defines you at some level.

When you let go of that and allow yourself to just be in the moment, you are so much more responsive to life. You can literally feel it moving through you, as you move through it. Life becomes a fascinating, spontaneous dance.

As you become more and more present, you are more in touch with your surroundings. More aware of what is really happening instead of just seeing what you expect to see. And you become much more intuitive.

Glowing Recommendations

I recommend you play with this idea, with trying it out.

You can also learn a lot from those who’ve mastered it. Here are some of the best teachers on the planet right now, IMHO:

1) Eckhart Tolle speaks and writes much about presence. If you’re not familiar with him, I highly recommend his books The Power of Now and A New Earth. They can be life-changing.

2) Byron Katie is quite radical, and I especially love her book A Thousand Names for Joy. But she has a lot of free information on her website too, most of it about “The Work”, a simple yet powerful technique that’s amazing for getting you past your stories.

3) John Sherman’s teaching is the most radical and powerful of all. It’s the ultimate how-to for getting to that space where Eckhart and Katie live. He has a book called Look at Yourself (including a free download of it on his website), and enough videos and audios to keep you busy. All of his offerings are free.

And with that, I’ll bid you adieu! Thanks for reading this far, and thanks so much to you, Lisa, for inviting me into your lovely space. I’ve really enjoyed it.

Do any of you have some stories about stories? Or recommendations for “being” without a story? Or do you disagree and love your story? I’d love to hear!

Guest Post by Lindsay of The Daily Awe

How darling is this girl, I ask you?? This is Lindsay and you can find her over at The Daily Awe – Intuitive guidance for real life.  I met Lindsay in my travels this past year and clearly we have a lot in common.  She’s a woo-woo chick too and a most talented one at that.  Authentic, joyful and full of wonder and love – that’s how I see her.   Check her out – I think you’ll understand what I mean.

Birds of a Feather

A few months ago I was perusing the Internet and happened upon Practically Intuitive. As I eagerly read as much as I could, I marveled over the wisdom that was in each article. I admired Lisa – she was someone with a gift and was using it for her highest good and was enriching the lives of others.  I thought to myself, “I want to be like Lisa!” followed up with a meeker thought, “Well, I kinda am like Lisa”. But, I was embarrassed and shy about it at the time.

Somewhere along the line, Lisa and I became email pals – I guess we could call each other blogging buddies or psychic sisters or some other clever alliterative name I can’t come up with right now. Although she doesn’t know it (until now) Lisa helped pave the way to me no longer being embarrassed by my gifts, but instead, proud.

Telling people about my intuitive gifts used to be scary, embarrassing and even intimidating. Many people think anything to do with intuition or giving readings is weird, crazy or completely delusional. While I think a good dose of skepticism is healthy, those people and their beliefs didn’t make me feel any better about myself! The path I (and Lisa and other intuitives) have chosen in this life is so far from the mainstream. But it feels so natural and brings me immense joy.

Part of what I’ve come to learn is that it is paramount that I release any fear of judgment when people either look at me like I’m the new attraction at the circus or start questioning the validity of my gifts. In a sense, vulnerability and non-resistance helps us to move on and be invulnerable to judgments.  Make sense?

For me to honor my own truth, and out of respect for the gifts I’ve been given, I’m pretty open about being an Intuitive these days. And I’m incredibly grateful for the Internet for allowing me to have fantastic friends like Lisa who share these gifts and “get it” without explanation. Birds of a feather flock together…even when they live hundreds of miles apart!

(Blushes) Wowza! I didn’t expect that but appreciate her words with all my heart.  We ‘Sisters of the Woo‘ definitely flock together!  She’s right, though.  If you’ve chosen the path of an intuitive, it’s definitely not a mainstream one.  But the skills you learn  *will* allow you to express your purpose even more regardless of the profession you choose.

Check out Lindsay’s site  – The Daily Awe – and see if what she shares resonates with you.  (Sends hugs through the ether to a true soul sister!)

The Universe is your dog

I’m sharing another post by Christine Kane because I love it and it’s really applicable to what I talk about here. I hope you enjoy it!

Start by becoming a pack leader in your own world and healing your own world, and the effects will ripple.” – Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer

One of the fun assignments in my Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program is what I call “Mental Dress Up.” This is a game that you can play daily. It is designed to bring intentions to life by literally embodying them in your own being.

Here’s how it works:

Take a few moments throughout your day and Be [Fill in the Blank with Desired Thing].

As you’re driving you can become a published writer. What would that feel like? When you’re at a party, try being someone that everyone wants to talk to. Be wise. Be someone who has so many clients, you can hardly get through a day without turning people down. Be someone who is certain of what she wants. What does that feel like?

Don’t get all scrunchy-faced and try to VISUALIZE – which is a very high-pressure word.

Instead feel the effortless shift in you, and BE successful. BE a fun person. BE wealthy. BE a rock star. Whatever!

My client Isabella started using this technique when she decided to “be someone who loves to run with her dog in the morning.” She was amazed at the results.

Typically after a few blocks of running, she’d start wheezing and feel awful. But when she became “someone who loved running with her dog,” she had more stamina and felt great during the run. She got better and better at this game until she actually began to love running with her dog!

One morning, she was returning from a run. Another dog and his owner were walking in her direction. Isabella’s dog, Bruno, is still healing from an abusive past and can be aggressive with other dogs. So, Isabella started to get anxious, clinging to Bruno’s leash.

Then, she remembered Mental Dress Up.

Instead of getting nervous and reacting to her dog’s bad behavior, she focused on how calm she felt and how much she loved her dog. She also played Mental Dress Up on Bruno, feeling that he was always very loving and peaceful around other dogs.

It worked! Bruno was fine. He followed her energy, and they both headed home without incident. To Isabella, this was a nice little miracle.

At this same time, Isabella was beginning a new business. She had experienced a whole range of emotions from enthusiasm to fear to excitement to disappointment during the process. At one point, she met with her accountant. The accountant was skeptical, issuing warnings to Isabella about the numbers and telling her the reasons why the business wouldn’t work.

During our coaching call, she shared these stories – about the triumph with her dog, and about the discouragement from her accountant. She wanted to know how to deal with her emotions after this deflating meeting.

Here’s what I told her:

I said, “Your accountant is your dog.”


It’s true!

People follow your energy. It doesn’t matter if they are mentors, accountants, lawyers, audience members, listeners, friends, or customers. People follow your energy, just like dogs. You always have a choice to step up and lead them. Just like Cesar Millan has been telling dog owners for years. And just like Bruno showed Isabella in that one situation.

I told her that the success of her business would always be up to her. I told her that every business owner, artist or entrepreneur experiences bad news, good news, depression, loss, gain and insecurity. The decision to quit, fail, or succeed is always hers.

In that moment, her accountant might have sensed her fear and found all the negative stuff he could muster up to dissuade her. He became her dog and followed her energy.

You don’t have to be a Jedi master to tap into someone’s emotional state of being. You just have to be human. Had Isabella been feeling confident, most likely the accountant would have presented his views in a different light.

Ultimately, during our coaching call, I told Isabella this:

“The Universe is your dog.”

Everything and everyone follows the energy and emotional state you bring to it. Decide that you can do something, and the Universe follows that decision. Choose to radiate love and wisdom, and the Universe follows that radiance. This is not always an easy place to go. But it almost always teaches us about our own power to create or transform any situation.

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