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Podcast #19: Spiritual healing is way better than therapy! The faster and more direct road to healing

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Spiritual healing is better, faster and effects change much more than traditional talk therapy.

Listen in to see why I make that bold claim in this week’s podcast.

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi everyone, and welcome back (or welcome for the first time if you’re just joining me) to the weekly Practically Intuitive podcast. I’m Lisa from Practically Intuitive – thanks for listening in.

Today’s topic is near and dear to my heart: How spiritual healing can help you move through your stuff much faster than traditional therapy.

I am a big believer in therapy. I was a counseling psych major in college and had my heart set on doing that work as a career. But time and circumstances seemed to preclude that and I never did make it back for my master’s in social work much less set up a private practice. But I did avail myself of therapy for much of my 20s and 30s. I liked it a lot. Someone to listen to my stuff, help me see things I might have been missing and offer a safe place to open up. What’s not to like, right?

Somewhere along the line, though, I began to use my therapy sessions as an hour of whining about my life. I would look at the same situations over and over and over. One thing I didn’t do was make many concrete changes in my life. Mostly because I liked talking about it but not so much doing anything about it. Because doing something involved risk and scary changes. And I’d rather talk.

I’m sure my wonderful therapists tried to get me to move into action but looking back, I think I resisted that. This one was squarely on me.

In my early 40s, I began to explore coaching and used that in tandem with therapy. My coach was more proactive about getting me to take action but as with my therapist, our sessions evolved into more whining, less action. Again, this one is on me. I had trouble taking action. Much easier to whine for an hour and then go home and think about what I whined about.

Can anyone relate?

At some point in there, I learned about spiritual healing – clearing astral debris, cutting cords of attachment, aura cleansing and protection, Reiki and more. As I delved more into it both from a client perspective and that of a practitioner, I began to see real, concrete changes in my life.

For example, having cords of attachment permanently removed allowed me to clear my own energetic field of a lot of accumulated junk that belonged to others and once freed from that, I could figure out much more easily what I needed and wanted and moreover, move toward it.

Energetic healing with the assistance of a divine being (Archangels, Buddha, Mother Mary … those who reside on that highest of vibrational planes) is amazingly easy because they do all the work. Really. They do. You don’t have to spend 37 hours agonizing in therapy for change to occur. With their assistance, you can feel it and release it all in an hour. And once those blocks and restrictions are removed, things flow more easily into place.

My current coach, Jaelin Reese, is all about action and while she allows me to ramble now and again (because that’s just who I am!), she also gives me steps to take to move out of whining and into action. One of her favorite methods of healing is called “writing and burning” where you write a letter to someone with whom you have an issue and just pour it all out. Then, take it outside and burn it. That’s it. You don’t have to call that person, confront them or anything else. You often need to just release it from your energetic body.

She’s even had me write about past life experiences that are hindering me in this life, burn the writing and take it to a cemetery and bury it. That sounds kind of odd (well, it did to me) but this simple ritual allowed me to move through and finally resolve an issue I’ve been struggling with for 10 years. All because I buried it at a cemetery.

I am still a proponent of therapy. It does a lot of good and who’s to say that my years of it didn’t lay the foundation for the work I’m doing now from an energetic perspective. But my experience has shown me that energetic healing is faster, more effective and moves one into action easier than talk therapy.

If you’ve been in therapy for years without much shifting in your life, I’d invite you to try a session of spiritual healing and see for yourself. I offer sessions of aura healing involving cutting cords of attachment, removal of astral debris, and more. Please check out the readings and healings page of my site to see if something fits. Or you can contact me to talk about what you’re struggling with and let’s talk.

That’s all for this podcast. Thank you so much for listening. This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive. Have yourself a lovely week. Bye for now.

To book a session with Lisa, click here.

Podcast #16: Loosen the chains that bind you: How to finally let go of the past

Wanna loosen the chains that bind you?

What’s stopping you from moving on in your life?

Find out more about what energetic cords of attachment are, how they show up and how things are different once you remove what no longer serves you!

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Previous posts and podcasts about cutting energetic cords:

Three Reasons to Cut a Cord of Attachment

Weekly Podcast #4: Toxic Cords and Why They Need to Go

Q&A on Cords of Attachment

Learn more about it and order a session here.


Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the Practically Intuitive podcast. I’m Lisa from Practicallyintuitive.com. Thanks for tuning in.

Today I’m revisiting the topic of energetic cords of attachment because there’s a lot of interest in this subject in the woo-woo world but not a whole lot of information. I’ve had many clients say how much it’s changed their life and they hadn’t even realized that something like this existed until they tried it. It’s a game changer, I will agree. And in many ways, both subtle and not-so subtle. So, let’s talk about this again.

First, let me define what an energetic cord of attachment is for you: an energetic cord of attachment is an energy structure between two people that causes patterns from the past to continue into the present. Cords distort thinking and feeling, moving people around like puppets.

Just because you can’t physically see the cords doesn’t mean they arent there, allowing the energy to move back and forth between you and another person.

So, how does a cord of attachment show up in someone’s life? In an earlier podcast, I talked about my mom and how one thing her mother said to her had a profound effect on her life (and not in a positive way). Her mother made an offhand remark about my mother’s lack of skills in mathematics and for whatever reason, it stayed with my mother all her life – coloring her feeling about her own self worth. It seems strange in retrospect that one comment like that could affect self-worth to that degree but I bet you can relate. We all have our vulnerabilities and that comment just pinged my mom in one of those places.

Now, had she known about this wonderful healing, she could have cut that cord with my grandmother – the cord that recycled those comments, vulnerabilities and pain all day, every day – and been able to move on without hearing the words “you’re a dummy” in the back of her head.

Imagine you were stuck in a room with the most horrendous music playing all the time until it’s in your brain permanently and you think you’re going crazy. And then one day, the music stops. All of a sudden. And you’re no longer being tortured by it. You can hear your own thoughts again and everything isn’t crowded out by this sound.

That’s what it’s like when you cut a cord of attachment with someone. You can hear YOUR own thoughts again; feel YOUR own feelings. Uncolored by their influence. Makes a big difference.

The results of not having that influence? Good question. It depends on what each person chooses to do now that things are different.

When I’ve had cords cut with various individuals in my life, the feeling I was left with was as if I were watching it all on a movie screen. It created a lot of distance for me so things didn’t ping my vulnerable spots so much and I was able to make different, better choices in my life. It’s not a magic cure-all but it is an amazing gift to give yourself if you want to create something new in your life.

Just to be clear: each cord holds the toxic energies between you and that person and only those toxic energies are removed. All the nice lovey feelings that were once there or are still there remain – those are called spiritual ties and they always remain. Just the yucky stuff goes.

When I facilitate the cord cutting (working with Archangels Michael and Raphael along with your choice of a high vibrational divine being), not only is the cord cut, but I’ll look at some of the dynamics within that cord – how it showed up in your life and how things can change now that the energy is no longer running around in your auric field.

We also do a nice before and after picture of your aura so that you can see how things have changed on that energetic level. As I said, since it’s done on a whole different plane, it’s easy to think that nothing has changed because while you may feel lighter and happier as we end the session, the real shifts come later on down the road. Just because it’s easy, don’t be fooled into thinking nothing has happened. That’s how things work on that plane – easy and permanent. Nice, eh?

I’ve been on both sides of this healing and I can tell you that it’s made a big difference in my own life. The more I release of what no longer serves me, the faster I move through my work and the higher I evolve on my path.

Don’t live your life dragged down by someone’s bad juju with you – free yourself to be the very best YOU you can be. That’s what you’re here to do, after all.

I’d love to help empower you to make these changes in your own life. If cord cutting resonates with you, let’s set up a session. There’s lots of testimonials on my site from those who have have cord cutting sessions with me that speak to what a difference it’s made in their life. Trust in that, trust in yourself to know when to make a change. I’m right here when you’re ready.

A quick heads up for you all – I’m working on a new tele-class to be offered soon taking what I taught in “Trust What You Get” even deeper. In March of this year, I taught a 3 part tele-class about learning how to trust what you get through your intuition and working with your Guides and Teachers. In this new class, I’ll be taking you all a bit deeper into that work so that you won’t need to ask for signs – you’ll know what to do after tapping into your higher self. Look for a newsletter in the coming weeks announcing the dates of the class as well as a couple other goodies.

Thanks for listening, as always. Have a wonderful week! This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive. Bye for now!

To book a cord-cutting session, click here.

Weekly Podcast #4: Toxic Cords and why they need to go!

Get rid of those toxic cords of attachment that are affecting you every single day.

You don’t have to have someone else’s yuck running around in your energy field. (Why would you want it, anyway??)

Learn why it’s so so so beneficial to remove cords of attachment that are bogging you down in this week’s podcast.

And – there’s a special offer for podcast listeners only so if you’re ready to release what no longer serves you, let’s go!

FYI: If the link below isn’t working for you, you can always listen to this podcast and all the others right here at the Podbean Practically Intuitive page.

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi again, and welcome back to the weekly Practically Intuitive podcast! I’m Lisa from Practically Intuitive and thanks for tuning in.

This week’s topic is Energetic Cords of Attachment: What are they and how will your life be better once they’re gone?

First, let’s talk about what they are. Cords of attachment hold the energetic patterns between you and someone else – primarily the toxic patterns between you. Even when you end the relationship with someone, the patterns set in place during the time you were together flow back and forth in that cord 24/7.

Here’s an example: when my mom was younger, she had some trouble with math. Her mother told her “you are dumb when it comes to math” (yes, Grandma was not the most enlightened being in her early years!)

My mother believed this even as she grew quite proficient in math. She always heard the words “You are dumb” and grew to accept herself that way when she was anything but that.

So, in the cord of attachment between my mom and her mother, the energy of “you are dumb” flowed from my grandmother to my mom. All the time. All her life.

Let’s say that my mom chose to remove the cord of attachment from her mother. What do you think would be the benefit of NOT having the “you are dumb” file running in the background all the time?

It might have allowed my mom to see the truth of the situation rather than a judgment from her own mother.

And she could have owned her intelligence, especially around math, in her life.

When you remove the cord you essentially unplug from that toxic energy. It’s like unplugging a noisy air conditioner that no longer works well. It’s just noisy and you’re hot all the time, right?

Wouldn’t it be nice to just turn that off? Instant relief!

If you’ve got these patterns going on in your energy field all the time, they are affecting you on several levels – many of those levels are unconscious. But whether conscious or not, they affect you. How could they not?

When I do this work, I call in Divine Beings because they are the ones who have the highest vibration and can move energy like nobody’s business. Divine Beings include (but are not limited to) Archangels, Ascended Masters like Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, etc.

I always work with Archangel Michael because his strongest ability is to remove what no longer belongs. During a session, I will ask you to call in a Divine Being of your own choice who will assist us.

It’s the divine being who actually removes the cord – I’m just the facilitator down here in the third dimension. Once the cord is removed, that’s where I jump in and look at the patterns that were flowing in the cord itself, the dynamics of it and we talk about how it’s affected you. We also look at how things may be different for you now that the energy isn’t flowing into or out of you all the time.

That’s my favorite part of the process because sharing that information helps make not only the pattern conscious but illuminates the shifts that could happen for you as a result of removing it.

I’ve had many cords cut using this process and I’ve cut many more. It’s a beautiful and powerful process. Common cords of attachment are between parent and child, current and ex spouses and partners, co-workers, friends — anywhere you feel a big “charge” around a person.

My mom was 76 when she left the earth plane and she still talked about how her mother made her feel dumb. Think that’s not a cord of attachment that affected her all her life?

If you’re ready to release some toxic yuck and take back your own energy to use however you want, I’m ready to help you do that by cutting a cord of attachment.

And, as a special offer to my podcast listeners only, I’m taking $25 off the price of a cord cutting session. For the entire month of August, the sessions are just $125. Look for a special link to order these sessions on the Monday Morning email. (Note: This promotion has since expired, but you can still order a cord-cutting session with Lisa here.)

If you’re listening and you’re not on my email list, you’re missing out! Sign up for it right on the home page of Practically Intuitive. You can get the special price too – just shoot me an email saying you signed up and want the podcast price. That’s all you have to do!

Cords of attachment are real even though you can’t see them. Can’t see radio waves either but you sure do hear music when you turn that knob, right? They affect you in ways you don’t even realize. See how things can change for you by moving them out.

That’s all for this time but I’ll be back next Monday – this is Lisa from Practically Intuitive – thanks so much for listening! Have a wonderful week!

To book a cord-cutting session with Lisa, click here.

3 Reasons to cut a cord of attachment

We all have them.

You know what I mean. Don’t pretend you don’t.


** Relatives who manage to get under our skin.
** Co-workers who get away with murder while we dutifully do our jobs and get passed over for raises.
** That friend from ten years ago who stole your boyfriend right out from under your nose.


Every time you think about them you get annoyed and pissed all over again. All the old feelings get stirred up out of nowhere.

Cases like these (and a bunch of others) are really good reasons to sever those energetic cords of attachment. Why? Because it helps remove that *charge* you feel when thinking about them or the situation. And how nice is it to have that neutralized so you can put that energy toward fun stuff?

Back when I was practicing my cord-cutting skills on some lovely volunteers, it was a common occurrence for them to remark that they had no idea how helpful cutting those cords could be. I think that’s the beauty of the work, though. Theoretically, it makes sense, but until you experience how it works for you – in your own life – you might not see how powerful this healing work can be.

I’ve written about just what cords of attachment are here and here but in a nutshell, a cord of attachment is an energetic structure that allows patterns from the past to continue into the present affecting your daily life.

*** Three good reasons to remove those cords permanently ***


NUMBER ONE:  Either energy is flowing OUT of you INTO another – or – flowing INTO you FROM another. Either way, you are being affected on many levels – mentally, emotionally, intuitively … and in ways you might not see.

By removing that energy flow (in whichever way it’s going) you take back what is yours and use it for your own benefit.

Example: Let’s say that Sally and her friend had a big fight over that boyfriend from ten years ago. And while Sally has forgiven her friend for her part in the mess, secretly (in a place no one wants to admit to) Sally is still mad at her. She feels betrayed and angry.

Which way is the energy flowing in this case? Most likely FROM Sally TO her friend and in that cord are all those things Sally doesn’t want to talk about: betrayal, sure. Anger, yep. But what about sadness, and feeling “less than” her because her boyfriend left for her friend? All that and so much more are running around in Sally’s energy field 24/7. Really. It is.

By removing that cord, Sally is able to stop all that yuck from flowing out of her into her friend. She gets to use that energy she was putting out (on an unconscious level) for her own benefit. How nice to get a big WHOOOSH! of your own energy back, eh?

NUMBER 2: You come to an understanding of the dynamics that play(ed) out in the relationship.

When I peer into the cord and the energies it contained and share that, it helps validate for you what was really going on between you and that person. Where was the flow of energy? What did it say about the relationship overall? Lots of light bulb moments show up in this part of the healing work.

NUMBER 3: By cutting the cord of attachment, you’re not cutting the person out of your life. You are just ending the flow of toxic energy between you.

Sometimes, I get asked if cutting the cord means you’ll lose the relationship. Not at all. You get to make that choice now FREE of all the yuck clouding the picture.

Say, for example, you cut the cord with that annoying co-worker. You’ll still see them and can choose to engage with them on any level you want. What’s different, though, is the *charge* between you now is removed.

Maybe it bugged you whenever they left early while you stayed and worked. After removing this cord, it might feel like you’re just watching a movie of someone leaving work early rather than hearing the same old refrain in your head “How come she gets to do whatever she wants and I’m stuck here. My life sucks. I need a new job.” and on and on and on. Much easier to deal with from a distance, I think.

BOTTOM LINE:  A cord-cutting won’t make you taller, thinner (damn!) or smarter. But it will help you get rid of some toxic junk floating around in your energy field and allow you to see even more clearly what you want. I think that’s a lovely benefit!

There’s so much more to say about this subject.  Look for another installment of  “As the Cord Turns” on a future podcast.  🙂

If you want to read a few testimonials from some of my clients about this healing work, check out the Testimonials page.

And if you’ve had a cord cut and you want to share how it affected your life, I’d love to hear about it!  (Doesn’t even have to be from me – lots of practitioners do this work!)

Finally, if you think this might be something you’d like to try, I welcome your email.  Big shifts happen through this work all the time.  Are you ready?

Be who you are: Unleash your inner self

“Be who you are.” – I remember giving that advice to an ex-boyfriend during a job hunt. He was padding his resume with all kinds of things that he had not yet done and I said that he would end up with a job where neither he nor his employer would be happy with the match. When he would go to interviews, I’d kiss him goodbye and say “Be who you are. It’s enough.”

That was many years ago but that story floats back into my head now and again as I think about what it truly means to “be who you are” whether it’s for a job interview or just hanging around the house. We all wear so many masks, don’t we? Most of those masks, I think, come from being told that we are not good enough, smart enough, attractive enough ad nauseum. So, we put on our biggest smiles even as our hearts are breaking or cry when we’re mad because we don’t know how to express anger. After a while, it’s difficult to know what’s a mask and what is you just “being who you are”.

I knew this was something for me to really look at when part of Andrea’s latest course “Inspired Income Mastery” was titled (wait for it!) “Be who you are.” Yeah, that was a callout from the Universe for me precisely because of that earlier comment to the ex-BF. What happens if you take all the masks off and show your real, true self to the world? Is that thought scary to you? It is to me. Why? Because we are vulnerable and that makes us open to hurt. On the flip side, though, it also frees us up to do our work in this world in the way that only we can do it.

And it’s really a matter of allowing that to shine through. Without knowing what will happen and without fear of whatever does. I’m taking my mask off and unleashing my inner High Priestess self. I have no idea how that will float with those in my life and you know what? I cannot control that. I can only control what *I* do. (I suspect most of them see that inner HP, anyway! heh) Acknowledging who you truly are, underneath it all, is both scary and cool.  And, as I am coming to learn, the only way to be.

Are you brave enough to unleash your inner self?

I’d love to work with you to clear away some of the stuff that’s in the way (cutting cords of energetic attachment is one way to do it) and open up space for your own authentic self to shine! Email me and let’s talk about some ways to do that.

February is all about love

So, here on Practically Intuitive, I’m going to do something really special for the month because you know me when I get a “nudge”, right?

I’m part of a group of people who donate each month to It Starts With Us, dedicated to ” building a global community of individuals focused on making a positive impact in the lives of the people around them.”

Here’s what they say about this month’s mission:

“In January we brought in around $5,000, of which we gave Jill around $2,500, as well as many other gifts of goods and services from team members all over the world. For this month, February, we chose a recipient family that really, really touched our hearts, and in doing so we took on a challenge that is well beyond the strength of our team at the moment.

Here’s the story in a nutshell: The Rewolinski family consists of a mom, a dad, and three children. The two older boys (Ethan, 7 and Alex, 6) are autistic and need constant attention. The family has been trying to obtain a specially trained service dog to help with the boys . . . especially to stay near Alex, who will attempt to run away at any time. They’re all ready to have a dog placed in their home by a wonderful organization called 4 Paws for Ability. I know it’s a fantastic organization because J. and I took a trip down to Ohio to inspect the facility and make sure it was awesome (which it was).

4 Paws works with the family to place a dog in their home, free of charge and with no waiting list. The one thing the family must agree to do is provide $13,000 worth of fundraising for 4 Paws, which is a non-profit organization.

And that’s where Love Drop comes in.

We made it our goal this month to help them raise the $13,000 necessary to get them started training with their dog and get it placed in their home as soon as possible. Great goal, powerful story, amazing thing our community can help out with this month, right? Right. Except with our business model, we’d have to bring in double that revenue in the form of contributions to make it happen. And we’re simply not there yet – we just launched this project a month ago, and our membership is still small.

Good cause, eh?

Here’s where we come in: I am donating all proceeds from readings now through February 28th to help them reach the $13,000 goal. But I’m going to make it really, really easy for you to jump in and help!

How you can help

For a donation of $25 to 4 Paws for Ability, you will get a 30 minute phone reading with me (use whenever you want)

For a donation of $50, you will get a one hour session with me (can be a reading, cord cutting … whatever you wish to use whenever you want)

For a donation of $100 or more, you will get a 2 sessions with me: one 30 minute and one 60 minute to use whenever you want. (Reading, healing, coaching, mentoring … your choice)

How you can donate

1) Give money through Love Drop
You can do this quickly and easily on our site here: http://www.lovedrop.us/get-involved. There are directions provided to subscribe monthly via PayPal, to do a one-time donation via PayPal, or give by credit card or physical check. We will make sure that everything we get this month (up to $13,000) goes straight over to 4 Paws and is accounted for correctly. If you’re an individual or business that gives a significant amount, we will include your information on our “Friends of Ethan and Alex” page here.

2) Give money directly to 4 Paws
If you want to make a larger, tax-deductible donation directly to 4 Paws, you can do so here: http://www.4pawsforability.org/donation.html. (Just make very sure to note that the money goes toward the Alex Rewolinski account.)

Once you’ve made your donation, please email me and send me your paypal receipt or other proof of donation and we’ll get your appointment on the books.

(email address is Lisa [at] practicallyintuitive.com)

Please check the Love Drop site to read more about their mission and work.  They are truly “being the change” in this world.

We can do that, too.