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Podcast #5: I’m in your aura stealin’ your energies! Self-protection from negative astral energies

Astral entities aren’t ghosts or demons – they’re just lost souls hitching a ride on your energy. That can make it hard for you to have all the energy you need for your own stuff.

In today’s podcast, I talk about what they are, how they jump on (and why) and most important of all, how to keep your energy clear so you pass them right by on the energetic superhighway!

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As mentioned, here’s the verbiage I refer to in the podcast:

“I close off my aura to all but my own higher self and those beings of only the highest vibration who are with me at the choice of my soul. Thank you and so it is.”

For more info, check out my earlier post on astral entities here: Astral Entities: Friend or Foe?.

If the player above doesn’t work for you, you can always visit the Practically Intuitive Podbean page where all the podcasts are archived.

Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi and welcome back! I’m Lisa from Practially Intuitive talking to you once again about all things intuitive and how to make them practical.

August is giveaway month at Practically Intuitive and each Thursday I’ll be posting a new offer. You just missed one where the winner got a 25 minute listening session with my pal Patricia at WiseEars.com. Don’t miss this one coming up – a chance for a free copy of my Ebook “Trust What You Get”. All you’ll need to do is leave a comment and you’re entered! How easy is that?

Now, onto today’s topic: astral entities – what are they and how are they junking up your energy field if you’re not practicing good spiritual hygiene.

Astral entities are not ghosts or demons or anything bad at all. Mostly, they are souls who have not quite made the transition from this physical incarnation back to source. There are all kinds of reasons why a soul chooses not to fully transition: unfinished business on Earth, not wanting to leave their loved ones, perhaps they don’t realize they’ve transitioned (if the death was sudden, for example). For whatever reason, they’re sort of stuck here in a non-body kind of way.

And this affect you how, you ask? Well, in order for them to continue hanging out and chillin, they need some life force energy. And that’s where you all come in. Astral entities seek out those with lots of light and attach themselves to those individuals.

That can affect people in many different ways: you can feel tired and drained, apathetic, confused, easily swayed, etc. Even if you can’t totally feel it, they are taking from you what is really yours like your life force energy and using it.

When I began doing email readings for people, I’d notice those who had a preponderance of entities because when I’d tune in, all I got was static and fuzz. Nothing was coming through clearly at all. Or else, I’d actually get the words, “There of things you know not of” in my head right as I’d start the reading and I just knew that was my signal that entities were chatting and not the Guides.

When your energy field is open (as most people’s are), it’s easy for them to hitch a ride. It’s especially easy for them when there’s alcohol and drugs involved as well as rage and hatred. The latter two are very, very low vibrations that makes it easy for them to reach and voila! Instant entity sandwich.

Practicing good energetic and spiritual hygiene involves not only being aware of these little critters, but making it very difficult for them to hop a ride on you. As I said in my very first podcast, intention is everything. All you have to do is state that your aura is closed off to all but your own higher self and those beings of only the highest vibration. That’s it. (Things are so darn easy on those energetic planes, aren’t they?)

I’ll print this verbiage on the post for this podcast but here’s what I say each day and before each reading/healing I do for clients to ensure my energy is clear:

“I close off my aura to all but my own higher self and those beings of only the highest vibrations who are with me at the choice of my soul. Thank you and so it is.”

That’s it. Do this every day as you think of it and you won’t be offering astrals any rides on your own energy that’s needed to do your work here on Earth.

There is something called an “Astral Entity Healing” that I learned from a former teacher and the purpose of that is to assist the lost soul on to its next place of light calling in Archangel Michael to help. It’s a lovely healing and is what I use should I come across any entities while I’m doing readings. That’s something you most likely wouldn’t need unless you’re a practitioner who does that kind of healing work for others.

For your own self, though, closing off your aura is sufficient to keep your energy nice and tidy. If you’re feeling maybe not yourself, drained all of a sudden or just feeling kind of wonky, give that practice a try. It’s made a difference for me. It could for you, too.

Don’t forget that the Cord Cutting special offer is going on all month – a $25 discount off the usual price for this life-changing session. You may want to listen to last week’s podcast if you missed it to find out how it all works. (Note: This promotion has since expired, but you can still order a cord-cutting session with Lisa here.)

If you’re not yet on my email list, join up over at Practically Intuitive.com and snag your free excerpt of my ebook. Each month I offer specials to email peeps only so join in on the love and save a few dollars!

I’m working on getting these podcasts up on iTunes so you can subscribe and have them automatically download each week. More info on that to come.

Thanks, as always, for listening. Enjoy your mid-august week and I’ll talk to you again next time. This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive. Bye for now!

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The Akashic Records and *you*: Discover your soul purpose

Have you heard the term “Akashic Records” before? It sounds so serious and solemn doesn’t it?

I first learned about the Records in-depth while studying Soul Realignment, a modality created by Andrea Hess. In a nutshell, the Akashic Records hold energetic information about all the lifetimes your soul has incarnated.

In fact, everything has a record – businesses, pets, events, and even objects have a record.

Imagine the kind of information you can receive from it all!

So Lisa, how do you get all this information? What do you do with it, anyway?

You ask the best questions, reader dear!

Soul Realignment uses dowsing to get specific bits of energetic information. Linda Howe, founder of Akashic Studies uses a more free-form method to pull down the information beginning with a specific prayer to open the records.

Depending on your gifts and skills, one method may resonate with you over the other. That’s how it was when I heard Linda Howe on a podcast from two nice ladies called “Psychic Teachers“. My little scholar self spent hours listening to audio courses on how to use Howe’s method to access the records for information and healing. (I also admit that it was a huge nudge from my higher self and I’m all about the nudge, dontchaknow?)

Knowing how easily and well I can translate information from the Guides, I thought I’d take a shot at trying out this process.


A friend of mine offered to be my guinea pig and granted me access to his records. I went in with specific questions and the information that came through felt very different energetically than what I usually pick up.

While I find that the Guides, Teachers and loved ones in Spirit are very gentle and compassionate, the information passed down to me through the Akashic Records had a high vibration of love attached to it. Pure unconditional love. It was the energy of Guides and Teachers taken to the power of infinity.

(I know that’s not the best explanation so let me say it simply: the energy was really high in vibration, all-loving, all compassionate and actually made me cry while writing what I got. Okay, it’s true. It’s easy to make me cry but still. The tears were more about knowing on a deep level that the information shared was true.)

And that was confirmed when I shared what I got with my friend. He said “I can’t argue with any of it.”

(You’d have to know him to know that’s a huge admission. Just trust me on this. He’s my woo-pig precisely because he is sort of skeptical and not easily swayed.)

Well, that’s all interesting. What can it do for me?

Ah! Now we get to the good stuff. What can an Akashic Records reading do for you?

This is the place where you get to ask your questions:

* Want to know why you made some relationship choices in your life?
* Need some insight regarding career options?
* What’s blocking you from moving forward in your life right now and how can you clear it up?

And lots more information!

How cool is that, right?

I’m offering these readings as part of a package starting April 1st (no foolin’!). A written reading and 30 minutes of conversation to go into more detail about it.

Remember that my emphasis is helping you put the guidance into action right now. It’s not just a lot of words with me. It’s actions, too. Because what good is guidance otherwise?

Are you on my email list?

Oh lovely people – you all get a very special not-advertised anywhere-else offer on a reading. Check your email ’round about Wednesday.

GASP! You’re not on my email list?

(proceeds to the fainting couch)

Well, what are ya waiting for? Signing up is easy as pie – look at the top right side bar under the words “I love my email peeps!” and join in the fun (and discounts!)

There are so many ways we can use the Records to assist us with decisions we make every day and I’ll be talking about those ways in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!

February is all about love

So, here on Practically Intuitive, I’m going to do something really special for the month because you know me when I get a “nudge”, right?

I’m part of a group of people who donate each month to It Starts With Us, dedicated to ” building a global community of individuals focused on making a positive impact in the lives of the people around them.”

Here’s what they say about this month’s mission:

“In January we brought in around $5,000, of which we gave Jill around $2,500, as well as many other gifts of goods and services from team members all over the world. For this month, February, we chose a recipient family that really, really touched our hearts, and in doing so we took on a challenge that is well beyond the strength of our team at the moment.

Here’s the story in a nutshell: The Rewolinski family consists of a mom, a dad, and three children. The two older boys (Ethan, 7 and Alex, 6) are autistic and need constant attention. The family has been trying to obtain a specially trained service dog to help with the boys . . . especially to stay near Alex, who will attempt to run away at any time. They’re all ready to have a dog placed in their home by a wonderful organization called 4 Paws for Ability. I know it’s a fantastic organization because J. and I took a trip down to Ohio to inspect the facility and make sure it was awesome (which it was).

4 Paws works with the family to place a dog in their home, free of charge and with no waiting list. The one thing the family must agree to do is provide $13,000 worth of fundraising for 4 Paws, which is a non-profit organization.

And that’s where Love Drop comes in.

We made it our goal this month to help them raise the $13,000 necessary to get them started training with their dog and get it placed in their home as soon as possible. Great goal, powerful story, amazing thing our community can help out with this month, right? Right. Except with our business model, we’d have to bring in double that revenue in the form of contributions to make it happen. And we’re simply not there yet – we just launched this project a month ago, and our membership is still small.

Good cause, eh?

Here’s where we come in: I am donating all proceeds from readings now through February 28th to help them reach the $13,000 goal. But I’m going to make it really, really easy for you to jump in and help!

How you can help

For a donation of $25 to 4 Paws for Ability, you will get a 30 minute phone reading with me (use whenever you want)

For a donation of $50, you will get a one hour session with me (can be a reading, cord cutting … whatever you wish to use whenever you want)

For a donation of $100 or more, you will get a 2 sessions with me: one 30 minute and one 60 minute to use whenever you want. (Reading, healing, coaching, mentoring … your choice)

How you can donate

1) Give money through Love Drop
You can do this quickly and easily on our site here: http://www.lovedrop.us/get-involved. There are directions provided to subscribe monthly via PayPal, to do a one-time donation via PayPal, or give by credit card or physical check. We will make sure that everything we get this month (up to $13,000) goes straight over to 4 Paws and is accounted for correctly. If you’re an individual or business that gives a significant amount, we will include your information on our “Friends of Ethan and Alex” page here.

2) Give money directly to 4 Paws
If you want to make a larger, tax-deductible donation directly to 4 Paws, you can do so here: http://www.4pawsforability.org/donation.html. (Just make very sure to note that the money goes toward the Alex Rewolinski account.)

Once you’ve made your donation, please email me and send me your paypal receipt or other proof of donation and we’ll get your appointment on the books.

(email address is Lisa [at] practicallyintuitive.com)

Please check the Love Drop site to read more about their mission and work.  They are truly “being the change” in this world.

We can do that, too.

Q&A with The Woo Sisters

Clip Art

Kara (from Conduit of Joy) and I just finished up our latest podcast and did something a little different. We solicited questions from those on our email list and answered them right there on the call. It was a lot of fun! We also talked about intuitive readings in general and what kinds of readings fit different situations.

Thank you to all who participated by putting their questions out there! Feedback on what we got is more than welcome in the comment box below.

If you feel drawn to getting your very own reading, I invite you to check out what I offer here and see if something fits for you.

And consider this your official invitation to jump onto my email list by using the box at the top right of the page. I’m gearing up for a tele-class to be announced soon as well as a focused study group coming in the spring. Email peeps get first dibs and discounts, of course! I’m not a spammy type so you’ll just hear from me when I have something to share with you guys.

Anyway, give a listen to the podcast and let us know what you think!

It all comes down to the doing: The key to the Law of Attraction

Have you ever attended a weekend workshop and came back brimming with ideas and inspiration? And then watch it all ebb away as you resume your day-to-day activities? This kind of thing happens to us all, at one time or another. It’s hard to carry that high vibration back to a life that doesn’t match that new vibration. Much easier to just let it slide away, slowly, into the ether of “if only I had time” land, isn’t it?

When I think about all the things that happened in my life this past year, I can see that the thread running through it all was about taking action. No longer content to daydream about my intuitive practice, I got real about putting myself out there in the public eye. I learned the basics of manifesting and how it all comes down to doing something in the physical to anchor the energies. This year was all about “Doing”.

And that’s the key to maintaining that vibration that comes back with you from workshops or classes or even your twice-a-week yoga class. Taking action. Grounding that vibration into the physical because that’s where we live. In the physical.

It was Andrea Hess’s Money Manifesting Mastery that really taught me that part about doing something to anchor the energy. With each class I’ve taken (whether from Andrea or another teacher) I’ve tried to integrate what I’ve learned into my life. Sometimes easy, sometimes not so easy. But change cannot come from doing the same thing. It can’t. Change comes from stepping outside the every day and trying something different, even uncomfortable.

And that’s the theme I’m taking into 2011 – trying something different, even if it scares me. ESPECIALLY if it scares me! 🙂 How’s that for a New Year’s resolution, eh?

I invite you to join me in my year of living outside the comfort zone – if you’ve been wanting to create something new and different in your life, working with a coach (me!) is a great way to have a partner in that process. (One of my clients even told me that she’s had more breakthroughs in the months we’ve worked together than in years of therapy!)

If you need some quick action steps, an intuitive reading (email or a 30 minutes call) might be a good place to start. But remember, YOU must take the action. No one, not even your loving Guides, can do that for you.

I’ll be adding some healing modalities to my services in 2011 – cutting cords of attachment and astral entitity healings in January and others to follow. If you’re interested, check out the WORK WITH ME page for more information.

I’m gonna step out of that comfort zone for sure. Care to join me?

And the winner is …

… Kimberly Gaulthier! Kimberly won the free email reading that I gave away in the October newsletter and I was tickled to do this for her because she befriended me through a comment I left on another site about wanting some blog buddies. She’s a wonderful photographer and I encourage you to check out her site and her blog!

She kindly gave me permission to share her comments on the reading below:

Thank you so much, Lisa This was such a fantastic reading and I truly enjoyed reading it. It was so exciting to connect with my guides. I think they try to connect with me, but I’m blocked due to fear.

About sacrament; although I’m baptised Baptist and Methodist, I grew up in Catholic school, even attended a Jesuit university. What they had to say is exactly how I feel. I love my boyfriend, he loves me, we love our life. My pressure to get married is coming from fear brought about very opinionated people. We’ve both just felt that it wasn’t necessary, because we’re already committed.

I love the analogy of the love bubble. I’ve been trying to envision white light, but it’s been really difficult. The bubble is so much easier for me to get my head around. Before I send any follow up questions, I’d like to read your email a few more times to soak it all in, but for the moment, I’m smiling from ear to ear. I have been for the past hour.
Thank you.

I was especially happy about this because I’m trying out a new(ish) way to bring through information (courtesy of Andrea Hess and her amazing teaching) and it’s opened me up even more than before. YEY! Andrea mentioned that if you feel even a teeny bit scared to do it, DEFINITELY do it! Her mantra is “Change doesn’t happen in our comfort zone.” and she’s so right.

If you’d like to know more about getting a reading for yourself or someone else, please contact me and let’s talk. See what comes through for YOU!

Thanks, Kimberly, for allowing me to post your kind words. You’re a peach!