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Podcast #6: The Importance of Self-Authority

You’ll just have to listen to find out why I’ve got a genie bottle on this post, won’t you? 🙂

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi again, and welcome back to the weekly Practically Intuitive podcast. This is Lisa and hopefully you know by now that you can always find me at Practically Intuitive.com where I write about how to make your intuition work for you and lots of other things.

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The Podcast only Cord Cutting session special is still on and I’ve gotten such a nice response from my listeners on it. You can order a session with me for $25 off the usual cost. The payment link is on the weekly Monday morning email about this podcast. (Note: This promotion has since expired, but you can still order a cord-cutting session with Lisa here.)

This week’s topic is Self-Authority and why there’s no such thing as a Permission Genie.

As I was mulling over what to talk about I thought back to when I first started doing something called “Coaching with Spirit Guides” where I’d take your weekly concerns to your Guides and bring through some action steps and ideas for you to take. A lovely idea, or so I thought. In practice, well, it turned out to be different.

I began to see a growing dependence by my clients on what the Guides and Teachers had to say. Each week, I’d get emails asking me “What do the Guides think about this thing or that thing” and it was as if they were waiting for some Permission Genie in the sky to take action. That was not the intent of the whole program but that’s how it seemed to evolve. I realized that I was fostering that dependence instead of assisting them in their own self-growth. I stopped offering that service and realized I needed to speak more openly about self-authority.

So, let’s speak about it, k?

You are your own permission genie. You are.

When you work with your Guides and teachers in spirit, YOU always get to decide what action yto take. They are there to offer suggestions, ideas, maybe point out some opportunities that you overlooked but they cannot – and will not – definitely tell you what to do. That gets in the way of your free will and that’s not something they do. Period.

One of most important reasons I wanted to share the information in my “Trust What You Get” class was so that you could learn how to bring down guidance you get and then decide for yourself how or even if you were going to put it into practice. It has to ring true for you. And if you’re not listening to your higher self, you’re not going to be able to tell what is true for you.

In one of the book reviews I wrote for Pathways magazine, I mentioned that when something doesn’t ring true for me – authentically true – I hear a sound sort of like someone’s banging pots and pans together.

I first heard it when I was in a class with my cousin to study Catholic doctrine. The priest teaching the class said that the only way you could speak with God was to come to church and be in the presence of the tabernacle on the altar. That is certainly what the Catholic church teaches but it is not what is authentically true for me. I can speak with God, The Universe, whomever I choose wherever I choose.

I trust what I know to be authentically true for me and I don’t need a priest or a president or a permission genie in the sky to tell me that.

And so it can be for you too. If you choose to work more closely with your Guides and Teachers, don’t put it on them to make decisions for you. They can’t do that. Only you can because you’re down here in the physical and they’re not. The action has to be done by you.

Further, though, learn to trust your Higher Self. It’s the most evolved part of your soul and shares wisdom and guidance from that perspective. Don’t assume that someone out there knows more about you and your path than your own higher self does.

Your Guides and Teachers can give you small clues, something to think about, ponder, or look at through another perspective so you can come to it yourself.

They will also support you in learning to work with your higher self so that your need to look outside that self for validation slowly falls away.

And that’s how learning to work in tandem with your Guides in a balanced way can assist you in your everyday life.

My Ebook, called “Trust What You Get” has lots of ways for you to start learning to trust your own higher self. Check out the free excerpt available on practicallyintuitive.com and you can also purchase the full version there as well.

Every Thursday during the month of August, I’ll be posting a contest for a free giveaway – so far we’ve given away a 25 minute session with Patricia at Wiseears.com and a copy of my Ebook. Check back on Thursday for this week’s giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win!

That’s all for this week. Please feel free to post your comments about this podcast on the blog or on my Facebook page. And if there’s a particular topic you want me to cover, email me. I’m happy to add it into the list.

Have a wonderful week and remember: you are your own permission genie even if you don’t quite look like Barbara Eden! Bye for now!

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February is all about love

So, here on Practically Intuitive, I’m going to do something really special for the month because you know me when I get a “nudge”, right?

I’m part of a group of people who donate each month to It Starts With Us, dedicated to ” building a global community of individuals focused on making a positive impact in the lives of the people around them.”

Here’s what they say about this month’s mission:

“In January we brought in around $5,000, of which we gave Jill around $2,500, as well as many other gifts of goods and services from team members all over the world. For this month, February, we chose a recipient family that really, really touched our hearts, and in doing so we took on a challenge that is well beyond the strength of our team at the moment.

Here’s the story in a nutshell: The Rewolinski family consists of a mom, a dad, and three children. The two older boys (Ethan, 7 and Alex, 6) are autistic and need constant attention. The family has been trying to obtain a specially trained service dog to help with the boys . . . especially to stay near Alex, who will attempt to run away at any time. They’re all ready to have a dog placed in their home by a wonderful organization called 4 Paws for Ability. I know it’s a fantastic organization because J. and I took a trip down to Ohio to inspect the facility and make sure it was awesome (which it was).

4 Paws works with the family to place a dog in their home, free of charge and with no waiting list. The one thing the family must agree to do is provide $13,000 worth of fundraising for 4 Paws, which is a non-profit organization.

And that’s where Love Drop comes in.

We made it our goal this month to help them raise the $13,000 necessary to get them started training with their dog and get it placed in their home as soon as possible. Great goal, powerful story, amazing thing our community can help out with this month, right? Right. Except with our business model, we’d have to bring in double that revenue in the form of contributions to make it happen. And we’re simply not there yet – we just launched this project a month ago, and our membership is still small.

Good cause, eh?

Here’s where we come in: I am donating all proceeds from readings now through February 28th to help them reach the $13,000 goal. But I’m going to make it really, really easy for you to jump in and help!

How you can help

For a donation of $25 to 4 Paws for Ability, you will get a 30 minute phone reading with me (use whenever you want)

For a donation of $50, you will get a one hour session with me (can be a reading, cord cutting … whatever you wish to use whenever you want)

For a donation of $100 or more, you will get a 2 sessions with me: one 30 minute and one 60 minute to use whenever you want. (Reading, healing, coaching, mentoring … your choice)

How you can donate

1) Give money through Love Drop
You can do this quickly and easily on our site here: http://www.lovedrop.us/get-involved. There are directions provided to subscribe monthly via PayPal, to do a one-time donation via PayPal, or give by credit card or physical check. We will make sure that everything we get this month (up to $13,000) goes straight over to 4 Paws and is accounted for correctly. If you’re an individual or business that gives a significant amount, we will include your information on our “Friends of Ethan and Alex” page here.

2) Give money directly to 4 Paws
If you want to make a larger, tax-deductible donation directly to 4 Paws, you can do so here: http://www.4pawsforability.org/donation.html. (Just make very sure to note that the money goes toward the Alex Rewolinski account.)

Once you’ve made your donation, please email me and send me your paypal receipt or other proof of donation and we’ll get your appointment on the books.

(email address is Lisa [at] practicallyintuitive.com)

Please check the Love Drop site to read more about their mission and work.  They are truly “being the change” in this world.

We can do that, too.

It all comes down to the doing: The key to the Law of Attraction

Have you ever attended a weekend workshop and came back brimming with ideas and inspiration? And then watch it all ebb away as you resume your day-to-day activities? This kind of thing happens to us all, at one time or another. It’s hard to carry that high vibration back to a life that doesn’t match that new vibration. Much easier to just let it slide away, slowly, into the ether of “if only I had time” land, isn’t it?

When I think about all the things that happened in my life this past year, I can see that the thread running through it all was about taking action. No longer content to daydream about my intuitive practice, I got real about putting myself out there in the public eye. I learned the basics of manifesting and how it all comes down to doing something in the physical to anchor the energies. This year was all about “Doing”.

And that’s the key to maintaining that vibration that comes back with you from workshops or classes or even your twice-a-week yoga class. Taking action. Grounding that vibration into the physical because that’s where we live. In the physical.

It was Andrea Hess’s Money Manifesting Mastery that really taught me that part about doing something to anchor the energy. With each class I’ve taken (whether from Andrea or another teacher) I’ve tried to integrate what I’ve learned into my life. Sometimes easy, sometimes not so easy. But change cannot come from doing the same thing. It can’t. Change comes from stepping outside the every day and trying something different, even uncomfortable.

And that’s the theme I’m taking into 2011 – trying something different, even if it scares me. ESPECIALLY if it scares me! 🙂 How’s that for a New Year’s resolution, eh?

I invite you to join me in my year of living outside the comfort zone – if you’ve been wanting to create something new and different in your life, working with a coach (me!) is a great way to have a partner in that process. (One of my clients even told me that she’s had more breakthroughs in the months we’ve worked together than in years of therapy!)

If you need some quick action steps, an intuitive reading (email or a 30 minutes call) might be a good place to start. But remember, YOU must take the action. No one, not even your loving Guides, can do that for you.

I’ll be adding some healing modalities to my services in 2011 – cutting cords of attachment and astral entitity healings in January and others to follow. If you’re interested, check out the WORK WITH ME page for more information.

I’m gonna step out of that comfort zone for sure. Care to join me?

Coaching by Email? Really?

Yes, really. What? You didn’t think it worked that way? Well, come on out of that box, Myrtle! We’re doing things a new way now.

You know how you can tell how your mother is just by the way she says “Hello” when you call? That’s your intuition at work. I knew all I needed to know about my mom’s state of mind by that one word. Or rather, the way she said that one word.

(What’s that? Not everyone’s like that, you say? I say they are if they’re paying attention – the thing is, lots of people aren’t.)

Well, I can do that same thing with email. As an empath and clairaudient, I can hear and feel the tone of the words you say and the energy behind it. I can also hear what you cannot say underneath the words. It’s what makes me a good coach by email.

I don’t have to hear your voice to know what’s up. It’s all in the energy.

E-mail Coaching Benefits

  • Easier for some people to express their thoughts in writing
  • Don’t have to find a quiet place to do a phone chat
  • Can e-mail any time of the day at a time that works best for your schedule
  • Easier to stay focused
  • Sometimes easier to be honest in writing rather than talking
  • You have a written record of your progress
  • E-mail coaching usually takes less time for you
  • You’ll be working one on one with me
  • Gives you time to think over your answers
  • E-mail coaching works best for people who:

  • Prefer writing to talking over the phone
  • Prefer to be in contact more than once a week
  • Don’t have much time to spend
  • Have difficulty finding a quiet place to talk on the phone
  • Find that e-mail relationships can be personal
  • I’ve always been a great advocate for others. Need encouragement? You’ve got it. Need a bit of a nudge? Right there with ya, baby. How about a hint about your next step? Your Guides and I got you covered.

    Because really, it’s not just me and my awesome intuitive skills working with you. Uh Uh! Your team of Guides are looking over my shoulder, offering ideas, suggestions and little signs here and there that you’re on the right track.

    Each week, your Guides in Spirit and I have a little chat where we review your goals, actions and thoughts (as shared in your emails to me) and send you back some of our thoughts and suggestions for the week ahead.

    When I do a reading for someone, a LOT of information comes flowing through. For many, it’s hard to take it all in AND do something with it. Coaching by email works much better in that bits of information come through at a time and you have an opportunity to put it into practice right away.

    Your investment for one month of coaching is $150. And for a limited time, if you book two months of coaching, the second month is just $100. (See the “Work with me” page for paypal links)

    If this sounds intriguing to you, email me and let’s talk. No cookie cutter coaching here – each plan is designed individually so you get what you need. Your Guides and I wouldn’t have it any other way.