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Practically Intuitive Turns 6!

This month, Practically Intuitive turns six – I can hardly believe it’s been that long and yet, here I am! When I started offering readings in 2010, I was doing it because I was guided to and because it spoke to the part of me that wanted to support others in their personal development. (Yes, I wanted to be a therapist back in the day. That should surprise no one who knows me, right?)

As my business grew, I began training others how to do intuitive readings that were focused on being practical rather than what I considered ‘airy-fairy’ (‘your aura is pink and that means you are filled with love’ kind of thing that is nice to know but how does it help you?).

Out of that experience came the business side of Practically Intuitive. Combining 33 years of work in the financial services world with my super intuitive skills, I was able to guide those who wanted to start a business offering readings or other healing work.

All of those things came from following the next step. Setting an intention and watching for what opens up. Stepping up even when it’s scary, hiding when it’s too scary and making my way forward. If you’ve been with me a while you know that there were a lot of bumpy roads and there was even a false start with a whole new business last summer.

Whee! Entrepreneurship is fun, right?? 


At the end of last year, I decided it was time for a much tighter focus so you know exactly how I can help you. And that’s where “Aligned and Unleashed 2016” came from. I realized that as you’re creating a business, you also need to build a foundation that will support you through all the twists and turns.

If you’re constantly in your own way, getting out there to talk about what you do will feel like swimming through mud. If you’re not sure what you offer or how you help others, it’s worse than swimming in mud.Clarity is king. Knowing what you offer that is truly and uniquely yours and ways to take that out into the world makes it so much easier and much more fun.

Image-1 (4)“Aligned and Unleashed 2016”  helps lay the important groundwork for creating a business YOUR way. There’s no ‘right way’ to do it, there’s just what works for you. (I learned that one the hard way!)


I’m excited to share this program with you because it will give you tools and processes along with specific strategies to build your business and take care of your self.Look for more information coming soon but if you want to get in on the fun earlier, click this here linky and hop on the email list.


Here’s to finding YOUR focus this year!
PS: Yep, intuitive readings are always available to you should you need some extra insight and guidance on your path. Read more about them and book yours by going here: Intuitive Readings  – 30 minute sessions now open!

What happens when you just show up?


I’m starting off this post with a question for you: have you ever had a moment where you felt completely and fully in your element? Like, time stopped moving and all that was left was you and your groove? They don’t come often, that’s for sure, but when they do, it feels amazing.

I experienced such a moment at a retreat in Utah recently where I am lead coach in a year-long program for other soul-preneurs. We had a ‘get stuff done” night and I spent about 90 minutes helping someone create their opt-in pipeline (a series of emails that someone receives to welcome them to your list). Now that may not sound like big fun to you but it made my creative brain go all buzzy. brilliance

Writing emails is sort of my thing (had you noticed?) and in fact, I once wanted to write a book that was just emails back and forth between two people. (I’ve read two like that and yeah, there’s a fine art to doing it.) So, helping her write the emails for the opt-in is like breathing to me. Time passed but I hardly noticed it because I was so focused on just being in that space and creating.

easy wayAnd that’s what’s called “just showing up” in all your brilliance. Not in an arrogant way but in a way where it’s light and natural for you. I had no idea what we’d create together but I knew that I had the ability to do this with her. And it applies to almost any situation in life. How do you ‘just show up’ and trust that you know what you know?

One of the other women at the retreat is an AMAZING healer. She has powers that put Superman to shame (no lie). Her fear was that she wasn’t fully prepared for her sessions or that she needed still more training. Her Guides spoke through me and told her to “just show up”. That was it. She’ll know what to do. (I admit, it took some convincing before she accepted that was all she needed to do. Oh stubborn ego, why must you badger us so?)

Where do you need reminding to just show up? That it’s enough, that YOU are enough? How can you be in your brilliance today and own it?

What else is possible for you if you open up even more to your flow and joy?


It just stopped me in my tracks!

This week, I received an email from one of my dear readers that really stopped me in my tracks.

She shared that with all my talk of re-branding, her concern was that I’d leave behind all the unique things that made Practically Intuitive so dear to her heart.

Things like intuitive readings, helping connect people with their Guides and Teachers and being open to guiding people where they are, whether they are in business or not. Things I’ve done since the very beginning of Practically Intuitive in 2010.

Maybe from YOUR perspective, too?

In all my excitement about expanding, I didn’t really make it clear that Practically Intuitive isn’t going away. I’m just creating an addition to what I’ve done all along with an even clearer focus on guiding people to imagine, believe in and achieve their biggest vision.

And I’m doing it the way I always have – by getting on the phone with you and holding the space for what’s possible. So many amazing things can come from being in a space where someone sees your heart and soul and reflects that back to you.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ve watched my path open up and it’s because I was willing to get in there and look at myself, my life and what I know I’m here to do AND make changes as I go. I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide all my visibility issues or fears of not being good enough were gone.I talked, thrashed and cried my way through. I have someone who holds this space for me and it’s thanks to her that I am where I am in my life.

with you all the way
I can be that person for you – the one who meets you where you are, takes your hand and walks forward with you.

(I use this picture a lot because it carries the energy of my work with my clients.)

Whatever that vision is for you – whether it’s a more empowered life, a business that makes your soul sing, or a relationship that supports you fully, I’m here to help in a way that lifts you up and supports your growth.

It’s what I’ve done in many different ways over the past five years.

If you’d like to talk with me – about anything and get perspectives, guidance and support, you can do that now at a significant savings.

How does it get better than that? 


This is not a special and it has no expiration date. Buy it now, buy it later, it’s all good. While it’s on the site as a reading with your Spirit Guides still, you can use it for anything you want. (Truly!)

A 60 minute recorded session with me is $150.  Period. 

That’s it. I’m here, I’d love to help if you need that and I’m not going anywhere. I promise.

I send a huge hug and my sincere thanks to the person who wrote me that email. I heard you.

Here’s the link to the page to purchase your session: >> CLICK HERE << and I hope to connect with you soon.

Called What I Instagrammed vs. What Was Really Happening -or- My Entire Life is a Lie, the writer talked about how the story the picture tells is often quite different than what’s really going on.

Isn’t life that way, lots of times? The stories we tell ourselves (and show others) can sometimes be very different than what’s going on. I find it’s that way in the entrepreneurial world, too. Look behind the curtain of flashy websites and claims of $10,000 months and it’s all there.

This is why alignment of your inner and outer self is so important, not just in business but in your life. When you go with the flow (of your skills, of your inner desires, etc.) life seems to get a lot easier. Not saying it’s all easy but easier.

As I’m studying Beth Grant’s Archetype Alignment Grid for Certification, I’m looking at all the different natural styles (Truth Guide, Guru Star, Connector and Supporter). Where I see people run aground is trying to market in a style that isn’t natural for them. In other words, they’re trying to be what they’re not. And it shows. (And it shows up really big energetically. If your clients are highly conscious people, they’ll know right off the bat.)

Whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook or some other online platform, jut be who you are. I don’t mean you have to wander around in your pajamas with messed up hair all the time (is that just me?) but show us the real you.

That’s what people crave. Authenticity. 


So, here you go – an authentic picture of me, messy hair on the beach and all.  Enjoy! 🙂


lisa beach

It’s all about alignment!

Alignment, baybee! That’s where it’s at!

If you’re a member of my free Facebook group “The Business of Intuition“, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you’re not (horrors!), here’s the scoop. Beth Grant, of Truth and Consciousness has created a brilliant way to work in your business. It’s called the “Archetype Alignment” grid and focuses on using your natural style rather than trying to force yourself into a way that feels uncomfortable to you.

Some of us are lucky to intuitively know which archetype is our natural one and that’s really when marketing gets easy and a lot more fun. Some of us follow the big names and are instructed to do it their way and then feel frustrated when our business just dies on the vine.And some of us have no clue at all and wander around in a dark closet, feeling for the doorway.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which marketing style works with your own personality so that there’s a lot more ease and joy in putting yourself out there? 

Beth’s grid makes it easy and she offers a lot of support on how to use this information (for free) so if you’re curious about whether you’ve been working in a soulfully-aligned way, check out her site at Truth and Consciousness.

I’m telling you all this why?

Mastermind group practically intuitiveBecause I’m currently working my way through the Certified Ambassador program and will soon be using this with my clients in our one-to-one work.

The fun is in putting together marketing programs that feel good, are aligned and help you create the consistent income you want.

I wish that I had something like this when I started. I spent so much money on programs that were way out of alignment with who I am and since they felt so crappy, I abandoned them, tossing tons of money out the window. UGH.

The good news is that I had some pieces of it right (I’m a conversational truth guide – there’s power in my voice) and I was already using that in my podcasts and free training. What I didn’t know, however, was how to make this work in all areas of my business.

Now I do! And you can, too. (It’s not complicated once you know your archetype!) Look for more information coming about how we can get your business truly aligned with your natural strengths in the very near future!

So, how’s your business going?

If you’re not sure what’s going on or need new eyes on a project, I can help.  I’ve got a free no-pitch 15 minute call to troubleshoot what’s going on and it’s all yours.  ♥ 

Just click here >>>this special link<<< and you’re on your way to the next step!

If only it was this easy!

A couple weeks ago, I saw someone in an entrepreneurial group talking about how, as a new coach, she made something like $15,000 in the first three months. Good for her, I thought. It’s always nice to see people do well.

Then she launched a program to teach others how to do exactly that. And that’s where I furrowed my brow a bit. She posted in this group about how it was a myth that it takes a while to build a solid business because she did it in under six months. And had everyone high-fiving her and congratulating her.

Hmmm. Here’s the thing: each person’s success depends on about 800 different factors. And to promise to show someone the way you did it presupposes that they are just like you. Which is not the case, unless you’re an alien of some sort and then maybe, right? Who knows?

Someone could have zero clue about anything but have the right energetics and BOOM! $15,000 in a few months. Someone could be doing every single thing the “experts” tells them to do and month after month goes by with zero business because there’s some underlying stuff getting in the way.

But saying that doesn’t get you clients, right?

It’s so much sexier to say “I made this much money in a short time with little training and you can, too” because we all want to BELIEVE. We want to believe that it’s possible for us. And that building a business doesn’t have to be difficult.

It bothers me when programs or courses are put out there telling you how easy it is to build a “six figure business”. The truth of the matter is that anyone can follow all the “right” marketing steps – it’s no secret. You can find all that information online if you want to look for it.

You can have all your marketing down pat but if you’re busy jacking things up because you’ve got some inner yuck going on, ain’t no $15,000 gonna drop in your lap. It won’t. Your energy won’t allow it.

You can take course after course after course and if you’re hell-bent on being invisible, then all that information is just that. Information sitting on a shelf while you’re busy hiding. (And $15,000 doesn’t show up for invisible folk, you know!)

The real work and the part that cannot be quantified is how willing someone is to face their fears, fight through their resistance, get out of their own way and deal with whatever comes up.

If you want easy, this isn’t it no matter what the big names tell you. If you want money to fall in your lap, you better do the work to BE the energy that can receive that (which means clearing and releasing all the things that are blocking the way). magic fairy

I’m not here to bash anyone or any program. I’m saying that there is no magic bullet to success. I would even bet that this nice coach has done a buttload of inner work to get to the place where it all just came together as if by magic. Maybe she doesn’t realize it (or does and doesn’t mention that part) but no one escapes this requirement.

As you build the foundation of your business, know that your inner work MUST be part of that. No program can do it for you, no matter how sexy they make it sound.

So, how’s your business going?

If you’re not sure what’s going on or need new eyes on a project, I can help.  I’ve got a free no-pitch 15 minute call to troubleshoot what’s going on and it’s all yours.  ♥ 

Just click here >>>this special link<<< and you’re on your way to the next step!